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Spectra Logic and OpenDrives Partnering for End-to-End Storage and Lifecycle Management Solution

Optimizes storage capacities, productivity and costs for workflows.

Spectra Logic Corporation and OpenDrives, LLC announced an end-to-end, integrated storage and storage lifecycle management solution to improve storage workflows, ensure organizational agility and reduce costs.

Spectra Logic And Opendrives Partner

The combined solution integrates OpenDrives’ low-latency primary storage with Spectra Logic’s StorCycle Storage Lifecycle Management software that accelerates workflow productivity and advances business efficiencies.

To stay competitive, organizations must continuously evaluate their existing workflows and modernize their IT infrastructures,” said Jeff Braunstein, director of product management, Spectra Logic. “The OpenDrives and Spectra Logic joint solution delivers a modern ‘next-gen’ combination of primary and secondary storage together with a dynamic storage lifecycle management strategy that ensures data and content is in the right place at the right time.

OpenDrives’ hyper-scalable NAS solutions provide enterprise-grade primary storage that is flexible, scalable and fast, delivering low power consumption and performance. When combined with Spectra’s StorCycle, the joint solution delivers Ethernet-based scale-out storage via StorCycle’s ability to identify and migrate inactive data and finished projects from primary storage to a lower cost tier of storage that includes all tiers of cloud storage, spinning disk and tape.

The solution uses open storage standards such as SMB, NFS and LTFS, and can be installed and configured in only a few hours. By reducing data on the primary tier, organizations maximize primary tier storage capacities while configuring the more economical perpetual tier to be as responsive as their workflows demand.

Any organization experiencing exponential data growth has had to rely on either throughput, software management, or secondary storage for digital preservation, an often fragmented and costly process,” said Sean Lee, chief product and strategy officer, OpenDrives. “By integrating Spectra Logic’s StorCycle software with OpenDrives’ NAS platform, we’re streamlining data usage, access and protection to help IT and storage managers balance the speed of data access with the cost of storage and take a modern storage approach.

All global entities in M&E, HPC, education, research, healthcare and government can experience a solution for end-to-end storage and lifecycle management with the 2 companies.

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