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HYCU: Availability of Protégé for Microsoft Office 365 Backup and Recovery-as-a-Service Solution

Pricing by number of users being protected and $4/month per user, unlimited backup storage capacity included as part of service

Hycu, Inc. announced that Protégé for Microsoft Office 365 (O365) is available.

Hycu Introduces Protégé For Microsoft Office 365 Intro

The latest as-a-service, cloud-native solution fprovides instant backup and recovery for customers and partners that need adaptable O365 backup and recovery.

Microsoft Corp. recommends users regularly backup content that is stored on the ‘Services or Store’ [1]. Protégé for O365, gives users a cost-effective option without the need for additional hardware, software or agents and is delivered as a managed service with round the clock 360° protection, providing proactive oversight and a second layer of protection in the event of data loss.

Until now, enterprise customers who wanted comprehensive protection for all of the O365 services have been limited to the specialists that provide singularly focused O365 backup and recovery or broader solutions that are not cloud-native,” said Simon Taylor, CEO. “Today, with Hycu Protégé for O365, we have extended our multi-cloud, purpose-built backup and recovery for Microsoft’s leading office productivity suite of cloud-based subscription services. For our customers and partners that have been asking for a native, as a service solution, to protect, manage and recover their O365 data, Hycu has delivered.

Protégé For O365 dashboard
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Hycu Protégé For O365 Dashboard

Protégé for O365 provides following benefits:

  • Automated protection as a service: As a managed service with 24/7 monitoring, Protégé for O365 is available with 1-click. The solution is elastic, scaling up and down as users need without limitation.

  • T360° protection: All services offered by Microsoft as part of its its Office product line are supported including Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Hosted Exchange Server, contacts, and chats. All subscription services are protected in one service and under one Protégé management interface.

  • Recover whatever, whenever and wherever: There is no limit for how long any customer can retain data. There is no sizing requirement needed. The company also provides granular recovery for all information under O365 beyond just files and emails. This capability extends to search as well. All data is indexed for search.

  • Added compliance and vigilance, round the clock: Built with compliance and eDiscovery needs in mind, the firm provides both functions as purpose-built with the service. For large enterprises in particular, the company provides the ability to keep constant track of all correspondence and analytics between users and recipients in alignment with corporate policies and adhering to industry privacy regulations.

  • Enhanced security at every level: Customers are always cautious about data on public clouds and the firm provides them confidence by protecting the data during transit, at rest and during access. In addition, the service is compliant to international operational standards.

The rate at which Hycu continues to evolve its solutions for On-premises and public cloud environments, all as a service, is impressive,” said Philippe Nicolas, principal and founder, Coldago Research. “The emergence of backup as a service, in particular, has ushered in a new wave of innovations and Hycu is well positioned to succeed with what they have been able to accomplish to date. The introduction of Hycu Protégé for O365 is another milestone as the company expands its data protection capabilities to include more SaaS-based solutions. As we continue to track Hycu’s multi-cloud journey, 2021 will be an important year for the company, its partners and customers.

Protégé for O365 is available through authorized company’s reseller and channel partners worldwide. Pricing is determined by the number of users being protected and is $4/month per user. Unlimited backup storage capacity is included as part of the service.

[1] Microsoft Services Agreement

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