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HYCU Launches SAP HANA Data Protection-as-a-Service Solutions for Google Cloud 

And announces 600% Y/Y growth in adoption of cloud-native service for Google Cloud customers.

HYCU, Inc. announced 600% Y/Y growth for its backup and recovery service for Google Cloud’s platform.

Hycu For Gcp Protege Scheme

Fueled by the introduction of GCS’s SAP-certified Backint connect for SAP HANA data protection as a Service along with the company’s Cloud Services Provider program, these latest enhancements bring the firm’s 1-click simplicity, available directly from Google Cloud Marketplace, to the entire SAP HANA infrastructure. In addition, with Protégé for Google Cloud‘s platform, Google Cloud customers have a cost-effective and  on-prem to Google Cloud migration and DR solution. The support for SAP HANA in particular has driven both customer and partner interest across multiple verticals including healthcare, insurance, ISV, and manufacturing.

More customers and Google Cloud service providers than ever before are turning to HYCU to help them support their data protection, migration and recovery requirements to and in Google Cloud,” said Simon Taylor, CEO. “Our latest enhancements along with the growing support of Google Cloud users is a testament to the significant interest in what HYCU has to offer. HYCU continues to advance our backup and recovery software, delivered as a service, without the need for manual software deployment. This allows us to offer Google Cloud users an extremely efficient way to manage, protect and recover data, VMs, apps and services running on Google Cloud. We are proud to continue to work with Google Cloud engineering to ensure our solutions are tightly aligned and support the experience all Google Cloud users have come to expect, regardless of database platform or application.

The company’s Cloud Services Provider program has received interest from MSPs and cloud service providers alike. The program is designed to leverage Protégé as a data management solution to accelerate their customers’ multi-cloud journey. It also provides partners a co-branded service they can deliver data migration, data protection, and DR as a service. This program was the latest partner-focused initiatives to address the data protection and management needs of next-gen CSPs.

Storage Target
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Hycu Gcp Storage Target

HYCU for Google Cloud, fully managed data protection service for Google Cloud’s platform, offers Backint certified SAP HANA data protection as a service for users.

The latest enhancements provide the following benefits:

  • Automated discovery, deployment and maintenance: Discovery, deployment and maintenance of Google Cloud’s SAP HANA BackInt Agentreducing time to deploy, maintain and manage.

  • Enhanced user interface (UI): Provides SAP Admins access via SAP HANA Studio and Backup Admins via the company’s mangement UI.

  • Quick time to DR and clone: 1-click simplicity for SAP HANA infrastructure level DR across Google regions and also cloning.

  • Flexible recovery: Consistent, point-in-time recovery of a complete SAP HANA Database

  • Cost savings: Cloud aware, compute-free at-source de-dupe and auto-tiering based on data protection policies dramatically reduce cost

In addition to SAP HANA Cloud Storage Backint support, the company’s backup for Google Cloud also includes the following enhancements to protect vs. ransomware:

  • Support for backup targets using Cloud Storage Bucket Lock (WORM)

  • Air-gapped backup targets

HYCU is a valued partner of ours and continues to drive innovation for our joint customers,” said Manvinder Singh, director, partnerships, Google Cloud. “HYCU continues to extend its support of Google Cloud with its latest SAP HANA integration, an example of how HYCU is helping customers looking for new and easy ways to solve their backup and recovery challenges.

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