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Lightbits Grew Revenue by 5X in 2020

While driving innovation through technology advancements and patents

Lightbits Labs, Inc., in NVMe over TCP SDS, increased sales by more than 500% through an uptick in infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), financial services, and video gaming customers.

Sales growth was fueled in part by the company’s partnerships, to which Intel was added in late September and also included new funding from Intel Capital.

The partnership is designed to propel development of disaggregated storage solutions to solve the challenges of data center operators who are craving improved storage efficiency and capacity utilization while maintaining compatibility with existing infrastructure without compromising performance and simplicity. This partnership includes technical co-engineering, go-to-market collaboration, as well as the financial investment.

In so many ways and for so many people 2020 was a very difficult year. Lightbits is fortunate that we were able to keep our employees safe through remote work, while also achieving and exceeding our goals for the year – including growing our customer base, enhancing our products, and expanding our partnerships and investors,” said Eran Kerzner, CEO. “We fully anticipate a strong surge in our sales throughout 2021.

Last year, Lightbits announced product advancements, introducing LightOS 2.0 in June enabling full cloud-native persistent storage. The technological innovation solidified the company’s position in scalable and efficient cloud-native storage that’s easy to consume for customers’ private, hybrid, and edge cloud deployments.

In December, the company released LightOS 2.1 that further enhances performance, scalability, and low latency so Lightbits’ customers can unleash hyperscale storage, but at a fraction of the cost of even the most advanced cloud storage offerings.

As an example, LightOS outperforms even the latest Amazon EBS io2 Block Express volumes with 5x lower latency (200µs), 6x the IO/s per volume (1.5M), 2x the throughput per volume (8GB/s), 4x larger volume size (256TB), and has features such as resizable volumes and multi-attach that are still roadmap items for io2 Block Express.

Through these advancements, the firm expanded the use cases for its patented solutions, including NVMe-as-a-Service, as part of the IaaS umbrella. For financial services, use cases expanded to include database acceleration and Monte Carlo simulation. And under the SaaS umbrella, LightOS gained traction as a replacement for Ceph.

In addition, Lightbits applied for 5 new patents that were accepted by the US Patent Office, bringing the number of patents held to 20. The newly-minted patents improve key functions within the NVMe/TCP storage architecture and help Lightbits protect its approach to improving storage capacity utilization, reducing latency, and improving garbage collection features.

With its blend of performance and HA based around industry standards, NVMe/TCP offers a compelling value proposition for those needing extremely high performance in the composable block storage market,” said Eric Burgener, research VP, infrastructure systems, platforms and technologies group, IDC Research. “Lightbits Labs has contributed to the NVMe/TCP standard and is continuing to improve upon the standard with its latest IP.

Details on the new and existing Lightbits Labs patents can be found in the links below:

Among the milestones, 2020 drove several industry recognitions including:

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