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IDrive Online Backup 360 Enterprise-Scale Endpoint Cloud Backup

Starts at $7/year one for 5TB per computer.

IDrive, Inc. Online Backup launched IDrive 360, a secure, enterprise-scale endpoint cloud backup solution that allows IT admins to schedule and automate backups for all of their organizational data in a single account through an unified web console.

Idrive 360 Screenshot

Designed for businesses of any size, IDrive 360 enables IT departments to oversee data protection for their entire company, allowing them to implement backup plans for units, groups, or individual devices. This ensures that every bit of data generated by endpoint devices is backed up and ready to be recovered in case of a data loss disaster.

The management console gives admins control over the configuration of the organizational backup structure, management of users and their access rights, and lets them monitor overall cloud storage utilization. This console can be accessed at any time from any web browser to perform all backup management tasks.

Idrive 360 Screenshot

Backing up with IDrive 360 is a way to make sure data is accessible, including features such as:

  • Automated backup – configure and schedule backup plans for all devices

  • Malware protection – snapshot restore up to 30 versions

  • Encrypted cloud storage – data is protected with AES-256 encryption on transfer and at rest

  • File-level recovery – restore data from the cloud in almost real-time

  • Point-in-time restore – restore files instantly from any of the 30 versions

The backup support by IDrive 360 extends beyond built-in drives to include mapped drives and NAS.

IDrive 360 starts at $6.95 year one for 5TB of space per computer.

The company’s services help over 4 million customers backup over 200PB of data.

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