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For Developers and Businesses, IDrive Face to Build Facial Recognition Apps From IDrive Online Backup

From $50/month + $.0001 per transaction for Developer Plan to $125/month + $.0001 per transaction for Business Plan

Idrive, Inc.‘s online backup has released IDrive Face, enabling businesses and developers to build face recognition apps and integrate face recognition into their software products.

Idrive Face Scheme1

Face offers ready-to-use APIs for deployment of facial recognition features in applications along with unlimited storage of metadata and unlimited image analyzing.

Using algorithms that detect and analyze faces with high accuracy, Face uses biometric technology for a facial recognition within images, giving users the ability to include one or all of the following face recognition features in their apps:

  • Face detection – Detect, analyze, and identify one or multiple faces in images

  • Face comparison – Compare a face in an image with multiple matches and evaluate similarity

  • Face verification – Perform a one-to-one face match comparison to verify the identity of faces

  • Gender and age detection – classify whether a face belongs to a child, adult, or senior. Or identify the perceived gender identity of a face based on features

  • Emotion recognition – Identify a range of emotions including happiness, sadness, anger, etc., based on facial expression

Face ensures the security of user data with end-to-end SSL encryption for all API requests. Additionally, all API transactions require an API-Key authorization. This API- key is user-generated using AES-256 encryption, and users can generate a API Key any time via the Face web console.

Face is being offered at 3 different plan levels:

  • Developer Plan costs $49.50/month + $.0001 per transaction. This includes 75 transactions per minute, unlimited storage, and a 14 day free trial.

  • Business Plan costs $124.50/month + $.0001 per transaction, and includes 500 transactions per minute, unlimited storage, and a 14 day free trial.

  • Enterprise Plan gives users unlimited transactions per minute, unlimited storage, a 14 day free trial, and also offers API Integration services.