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ScaleOut GeoServer Pro Site-to-Site Data Replication Software

Uses in-memory storage to combine HA and synchronized access across multiple sites.

ScaleOut Software announced GeoServer Pro, a software product release that integrates site-to-site data replication with coherent data access for its battle-tested the firm’s StateServer in-memory data grid (IMDG) and distributed cache.

GeoServer DR

Scaleout Geoserver Datareplication V2 2.3

This release extends the company’s GeoServer DR product, which provides asynchronous, site-to-site data replication to protect vs. site-wide failures and currently is in production use.

For more than 15 years, StateServer has set a standard for performance reliability and ease of use at hundreds of enterprise sites around the world. The product stores fast-changing data in a variety of applications, including e-commerce, financial services, online learning, airline reservations, gaming.

Scaleout Globaldistributedcache

With the release of ScaleOut GeoServer Pro, we are excited to offer our customers breakthrough capabilities for multi-site storage of their fast-changing data,” said Dr. William L. Bain, founder and CEO. “Now they can take advantage of our industry-leading technology that replicates data across sites to protect vs. data center failures while making fully coordinated use of the sites.

By harnessing GeoServer Pro, users can take in-memory storage and distributed caching to the next level with an integrated solution for DR and synchronized data access across multiple sites. This technology enables applications to both protect vs. site-wide failures and to maintain a consistent view of data stored at all data centers.

GeoServer Data Replication

Scaleoutgeoserver Datareplication V2 3

Key GeoServer Pro benefits:
It enables organizations to store, access and protect fast-changing data at multiple sites, while maintaining a consistent view of the data at all times.

  • Transparent replication across data centers: Applications can automatically replicate all stored data across multiple data centers for continuous availability in case a data center fails. This includes replicating in-memory data across different cloud regions, while automatically coordinating access to data stored at these sites.

  • Integrated, synchronized data access: It introduces optional, synchronized access to replicated data across multiple data centers. This enables applications that distribute workloads across data centers to maintain a straightforward, unified view of stored data. For example, web applications which use a global load balancer to share user data held in two data centers can now use both data centers in an ‘active-active’ configuration.

  • Automatic recovery from WAN failures: In the event of a WAN failure between data centers, applications can independently access data at each data center. When WAN connectivity is re-established, GeoServer Pro automatically resolves inconsistencies in stored data due to duplicate updates during the WAN outage known as a ‘split-brain’ condition.

  • Maximize application performance: To maximize overall performance, GeoServer Pro’s caches offer flexible coherency policies so that applications can select the appropriate combination of coherency and access latency according to data usage. This avoids unnecessary WAN data usage and associated delays.

Combine Data Replication Across Sites with Synchronized Access

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