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ScaleOut StateServer Pro Software With Integrated Data Analytics and In-Memory Storage

Extracts more business value from fast-changing data.

ScaleOut Software, Inc. announced StateServer Pro, a software product that adds integrated data analytics to the company’s battle-tested StateServer in-memory data grid (IMDG) and distributed cache to help businesses gain more value from their fast-changing data.

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Scaleout Stateserver Pro

For more than 15 years, StateServer has demonstrated technology, performance, reliability, and ease of use at hundreds of enterprise sites around the world. This software product stores fast-changing data in a variety of applications, including e-commerce, financial services, online learning, airline reservations, gaming.

StateServer Pro builds on this foundation and takes in-memory storage and distributed caching to the next level with integrated, data-parallel analytics. This advanced capability enables applications to extract immediate insights that identify issues and new opportunities, increasing the business value of their fast-changing data.

With the release of ScaleOut StateServer Pro, we are pleased to make powerful advanced features available to our ScaleOut StateServer users,” said Dr. William L. Bain, founder and CEO. “We are excited to offer the latest ‘big data’ capabilities with integrated, easy to use APIs that enable our customers to uncover important new insights in their data.

Key ScaleOut StateServer Pro benefits
OSs manage huge workloads and need to be able to instantly access fast-changing data. With StateServer’s IMDG, businesses can eliminate database bottlenecks, dramatically reduce access latency, while automatically scaling throughput on demand. StateServer Pro extends these capabilities by integrating a software-based compute engine that enables applications to instantly analyze data stored within the IMDG.

Stateserverpro Imdg analytics

Key benefits include:

  • Immediate insights on fast-changing data: Applications in many industries can inspect stored data for patterns and trends and take faster action than before. For example, e-commerce applications can examine shopping carts to determine the most popular products; online learning applications can analyze session information to determine which students need extra help; and reservation systems can spot issues needing attention, such as emerging travel delays.

  • Automatic, scalable performance for fast results: StateServer Pro analyzes data within the IMDG to take advantage of the grid’s scalable computing power that combines the work of multiple servers. Linearly scalable throughput ensures consistently fast results even when managing large workloads.

  • Easy to use APIs: Straightforward, object-oriented APIs in C# and Java, such as a distributed version of Microsoft’s popular Parallel.ForEach API, make it easy for developers to analyze large volumes of stored data in parallel within the IMDG. To maximize ease of use, StateServer Pro automatically ships application code to the IMDG, runs the analysis, and returns aggregated results back to client applications.

  • Minimum data processing overhead: Because analysis algorithms are run within the IMDG, stored data does not need to first be queried and then transferred over the network to a client for processing. This minimizes network usage and avoids overloading the client’s CPU, especially for large workloads.

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