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Nasuni Assigned US Patent for Method for Interfacing to Cloud Storage

Covers UniFS cloud file system, virtual edge appliances, management console and orchestration center.

Nasuni Corporation announced that the company has received US Patent No. 10,713,119 from the US Patent and Trademark Office, titled Method and system for interfacing to cloud storage.


Nasuni File Systems

The system patent – which describes the firm’s hub and spoke file services platform – includes 20 claims and derives from the company’s original innovations in cloud file storage dating from 2009.

With a world’s only cloud-native global file system at its heart, the company delivers a file services platform built for the cloud that combines the performance of local file servers with the scalability and durability of cloud storage, all at about half the cost of traditional file infrastructures. Users can migrate NAS silos to the cloud storage of their choice for on-demand capacity expansion, built-in backup, instant DR, multi-site file sharing and a system that can span continents.

Nasuni File Systems

Patent covers firm’s enterprise storage-as-a-service system, which includes following capabilities:

  • Management console enables enterprises to provision and manage the scalable UniFS file system across one or multiple clouds.

  • Platform thinly provisions and intelligently caches the most frequently used files either in a local appliance or a virtual appliance in a nearby cloud. As a result, it continuously ensures that the most recent versions of files are available to end-users with performance.

To date, the company has received 14 US patents for innovations associated with Cloud Files Services. Additional patents are pending.

This patent provides broad coverage for our file services platform and validates the uniqueness of our solution,” said David Shaw, chief science officer. “No other company can provide a file system for the cloud with all the benefits of scalability, robustness and access of the cloud in a service that also delivers high performance.

The company’s technology works with common file-based forms of unstructured data and supports industry standards, including SMB (CIFS) and NFS file sharing protocols, as well as Active Directory and LDAP authentication. These include the documents, spreadsheets and presentations omnipresent in business plus industry-specific files such as software code, CAD and video used in the architecture, engineering, media and manufacturing industries.

The firm also announced the latest version of its File Services platform, introducing capabilities to deliver enhanced remote work, simplified cloud migration and more data protection.

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