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Nasuni Cloud File Storage Capabilities to Free Enterprises From Traditional On-Premises Infrastructure 

Delivers enhanced support for remote work, simplified cloud migration, and data protection for files.

Nasuni Corp. announced capabilities delivering enhanced remote work, simplified cloud migration, and protection for critical file data.

The release extends the company’s position in cloud file storage with the resiliency and reliability the public cloud delivers. Enterprises gain the power to securely leverage the cloud – no matter where users are located – to leave costly on-premises infrastructure investments behind.

According to IDC research, the cloud will represent the bulk of infrastructure spending in the coming year as businesses seek to defer capital spending. Also, industry watchers say the remote work trend is here to stay, based on IDC’s Covid-19 Impact on IT Spending Survey.

Organizations are scrambling to address the changes Covid-19 has brought to the workplace, with millions of employees now working from home. In response to economic uncertainty, enterprises have both accelerated cloud migrations and adopted budget conservatism. The benefits the cloud provides – scalability, accessibility, resiliency and cost-effectiveness – have become must-haves for businesses as they adapt to increased remote work and smaller budgets.

Nasuni has transformed our file storage infrastructure, making it simple for our people to collaborate on enormous files from 26 different offices across the country,” said Ram Rajadhyaksha, equity partner, DLZ Corp., an 800-person AEC consultant in Columbus, OH. “If I need more capacity, I can get as much as I want with just a simple phone call, and it’s enabled us to reduce local storage and data protection footprint by 90-95%. It’s fast, easy to manage and saves us money and time compared to the TCO for our previous file storage system.

Release includes enhancements in 3 areas:

  • Enhanced remote work

      • The firm is certified to work with Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, coupling cloud file storage with cloud virtual desktops to deliver maximum user experience at a much lower cost than traditional file storage.

      • Edge availability and health monitoring capabilities enable Nasuni to detect and correct issues before user file access is affected, ensuring improved uptime. Edge caching appliances can also run in cloud regions, eliminating the need to cache on-premises.

      • The firm offers active-active global file locking servers across three continents: APJ, EMEA and the US, increasing the resiliency and performance of remote file locking and file synchronization.

      • Support for Azure Ultra Disk and Premium SSD enable higher-performance file access for end users when Nasuni file shares are hosted in Azure.

  • Simplified file storage cloud migration

      • Rapid migration professional service bundles allow enterprises to migrate their data to the cloud faster and easier.

      • The firm offer for customers moves up to 100TB of file data to the cloud within 30 days.

      • Support for AWS Snowball Edge devices reduces high network costs and transfer times by providing fast data migration into AWS for remote or low-bandwidth sites.

  • Data protection for files vs. ransomware

      • As cyber attacks such as ransomware increase, the company’s Continuous File Versioning technology and methodology enables customers to protect critical file data and maintain business operations. The firm recovers data in minutes to hours vs. traditional backup storage systems, where it often takes days to weeks.

As all organizations continue to navigate these uncertain times, one thing is becoming clearer than ever before – businesses need the cloud,” said Andres Rodriguez, founder and CTO. “Physical data centers have become a liability. To adapt quickly, enterprises need the agility, economics and resiliency of the cloud. Our newest release enables end users to seamlessly store and share files remotely while giving IT the reliability, security, and flexibility needed in this remote work world.

The company’s ushers in a new era of file storage by combining the simplicity, scale and economics of cloud object storage with local-like file server performance at half the cost of legacy file infrastructure. The firm consolidates file storage silos into the cloud, empowering customers to access all files, everywhere, all of the time.

Enhancements are available. The firm’s platform comes in 3 editions: Essentials, Advanced and Premium.

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