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CloudOak Adds Features to Plan4Continuity SaaS Solution

New pricing to boost revenue for channel partners and MSPs

CloudOak, Inc. introduces features added to Plan4Continuity, its SaaS solution.

Cloudoak Plan4 Continuity Scheme

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the need for business owners to reconsider and scrutinize their BC strategy. With Plan4Continuity solution, SMBs and SMEs have access to an enterprise-grade solution to update or develop BC plans and create forward-thinking plans to address future unknowns.

The solution includes some new pricing and features to boost revenue growth and sales.

The company has recently added some new and innovative features to Plan4Continuity aimed at streamlining the creation and automation of BC plans that can help both the firm’s partners and their client base boost revenue growth and sales.

Our aim with these updates and features is to serve both current and future IT requirements and offer solutions that are flawlessly coordinated, offer a vast range of services, and make life easier for IT professionals“, says Jeff Collier, CEO and founder.

Pricing and plans

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Cloudoak Plan4continuity

Company’s partners (such as MSPs), VARs and technology service providers (TSPs) targeting the SMB/SME market) who sign up for Plan4Continuity receive 50 plans that can be used internally or for demonstration purposes. Additional plans can be purchased in sets of 50. End-clients who sign-up via a firm’s channel partner can register a single location and will receive access to unlimited plans. Additional locations can be added at a minimal monthly cost.

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Cloudoak Plan4continuity 2

Company’s partners can take advantage of the BC and automation plans that will automate any firm’s business processes.

Two such plans, developed for the current global disruptive event, are:

  • Covid-19: Back to work employee compliance – can be used to inform staff, contractors or visitors to your premises what they need to do in order to avoid getting infected with the coronavirus. It can be used to communicate the appropriate processes to reduce common touchpoints, perform daily screening for Covid-19 symptoms, and report on potential Covid-19 cases.

  • Covid-19: Workplace readiness and re-opening – facilitates an understanding of the relevant measures and processes necessary for a safe return to the office including the measures employers may wish to put in place when re-opening their workplaces including sanitizing the office space; adapting policies where necessary; ensuring appropriate safety practices at your premise, and communicating public health advice from Government and so ensure that organizations stay up to date.

Plan4Continuity features:
Broadcasting and Roll-call is available via SMS and email with the ability to keep track of different people’s actions and recording them in real-time. Reminders and alerts can be scheduled and broadcasted to key personnel, keeping record of when and where subtasks have been completed. At any given time, a live report can be generated, exported, and shared as a pdf document with key stakeholders and decision-makers.

  • Improved UI: A quick getting started guide has been added to the Plan4Continuity interface to improve and simplify the process of creating your own custom plans.

  • Multilingual: The interface has been translated into German and French and plans can furthermore be translated into these 6 different languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Dutch.

  • Email address no longer compulsory: You can now create users without email addresses. This allows for workers who do not necessarily have email addresses or access to email to still receive alerts to their phones only.

  • API integration: One can now activate a Plan4Continuity plan remotely via other applications. With this ability, clients and partners can invoke any plan from our platform from any PSA/RMM or any monitoring system as every plan can generate a unique API at the push of a button.

As a technical consultancy that serves as the trusted IT provider for our clients, Cyber Advisors hunts for solutions that fit the business and technology needs of our clients and fill gaps in the market. Needless to say, it has been an interesting last few months and a common theme we are seeing with our clients is the Covid-19 pandemic has made business owners scrutinize BC. Some were caught without any pandemic plan, others had the plan, but it was outdated. The select few with plans in place are now on the recovery quicker than most other businesses. It was clear our clients needed a tool to quickly update or develop BC plans and create forward-thinking plans to address future unknowns. With this need and opportunity to better serve our clients, the Cyber Advisors strategic business leaders and engineers vetted out Plan4Continuity to help our clients streamline their BC planning. Not only does this gain efficiency for our clients, the MSP model also serves as a recurring source of monthly revenue,” said Dan Sanderson, VP, strategy, Cyber Advisors

Mid-Range has chosen Plan4Continuity (P4C) because compared to all types of previous DR, business recovery or other situational (pandemic, active shooter) plans we have come across in 30+ years in business P4C has 6 major features: It is simple, it is flexibl, it is easy to use and update, it is cloud based, it is very reasonable priced, it fills a market need for tens of thousands of customers. We see many different uses for P4C beyond what firms have traditionally thought of using it for and we plan to sell it into various industry niches,” said Daniel T. Duffy, president and co-founder, Mid-Range Computer Group Inc.

We spent several weeks investigating other alternatives to P4C and came to only one conclusion: This product is the most advanced. We have therefore decided to partner with CloudOak and look forward to offering Plan4Continuity to our client base. At Mount10 we first take a thorough look at the market before venturing into new partnerships and we are fully confident about this new partnership – our motto: if we do it, we do it right,” said Patrick Stutz, product manager, Mount10 Swiss Data Defence

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