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Commvault FutureReady: Commvault Enhances Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform for Kubernetes

Adds DevOps-Ready native data protection and migration capabilities to Hedvig storage for containers.

At Commvault FutureReady, Commvault Systems, Inc. announced enhancements in the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform for Kubernetes running in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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Hedvig Ds Plateform Architecture

Kubernetes has become the standard container infrastructure platform for application modernization. Businesses need to ensure the storage infrastructure supporting containerized workloads have an integrated solution for Kubernetes deployments. This infrastructure must integrate across all types of Kubernetes deployments (cloud-managed or self-managed) and deliver migration, data protection, availability, and DR for the entirety of these containerized environments. Migration features are key for a DevOps audience, whether their Kubernetes deployments are managed outside the organization or in-house.

Companies are increasingly using Kubernetes for application modernization,” said Phil Goodwin, research director, IDC. “With the new container features for Hedvig, focused on Kubernetes support, Commvault is enabling customers to speed DevOps and apply Commvault’s data management capabilities, such as migration and DR, to containerized environments. These updates to Hedvig make it an intelligent and comprehensive solution for Kubernetes.

The company’s native API Kubernetes enhancements in the Hedvig Distributed Storage platform provides customers the flexibility to develop and run applications with encryption and third-party KMIP support for data security in any Kubernetes environment. It also offers the ability to protect, migrate, and use the data stored in Hedvig to speed the DevOps process and remove any cloud-managed or self-managed Kubernetes service barriers.

Coupled with the integration for on-premises infrastructure, cloud storage, and container orchestrators, Hedvig Distributed Storage platform provides a solution capable of managing data regardless of where it lives across containers, cloud native applications, and traditional workloads.

Commvault Hedvig Kubernetes

Key features:

  • Integrated Container Snapshots provide point in time protection for stateful container workloads.

  • Container Migration delivers an efficient and intelligent data movement of unique changes across Hedvig storage clusters, on-prem to cloud, to support the DevOps process for new modern application development and enable HA/DR for Containerized workloads.

  • Integrated Policy Automation enables granular control over the frequency of snapshot and migration operations and the targeted environment to which the data is intelligently sent.

Kubernetes needs integrated software-defined solutions, especially as silos and fragmentation put data at risk,” said Avinash Lakshman, chief storage strategist. “Cloud native applications are critical to the enterprise, and Hedvig for Containers hits that sweet spot of SDS coupled with protection for containerized applications. We’re setting our enterprise customers up for success in both IT and DevOps roles. Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform allows users to manage and protect data where it lives, breaking down silos and reducing the complexity of data protection and management.

Hedvig for Containers is available. The company is a silver member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Got Containers? Hedvig Can Help

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