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Nasuni Available in AWS Marketplace

Organizations can leverage cloud-based file services with consolidated billing, license management, and flexible consumption with AWS.

Nasuni Corporation announced it is available for purchase in AWS Marketplace and is available through the AWS Marketplace Private Offers and AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPOs) programs.

Nasuni Aws

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy for customers to find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software, data, and services that customers need to build solutions and run their businesses on AWS.

Customers who are looking to modernize their file infrastructure with Nasuni can do so through self-service, as well as simplify their procurement and provisioning process through AWS Marketplace. With consolidated billing, license management, pay-as-you-go models, and purchasing, AWS Marketplace is a go-to method for consuming cloud-based services.

As an experienced AWS customer, it just made sense that we look to AWS Marketplace for solutions that fit our needs. In this case, we wanted one that would enable us to decrease the complexity and costs associated with our current file storage and protection infrastructure,” said Anthony Scrimenti, senior director enterprise architecture and cloud, Wyndham Hotel Group, LLC. “Nasuni not only had a compelling cloud-based file service platform, AWS Marketplace let us select from a set of predefined configurations with custom sizing, making a typically complex process incredibly easy. Nasuni’s availability in AWS Marketplace simplified the entire process of vetting, selecting, purchasing, and procuring.

Nasuni is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) participating in the AWS Marketplace Channel program, which enables AWS Partner Network (APN) consulting partners to recommend and deliver software for their customers. Participation in this program allows Nasuni to resell with AWS Marketplace CPPOs.

Customers can continue working with their preferred IT partners, who can provision Nasuni for them directly, reducing any delays in the purchase and procurement process.

Customers want an easy way to find, discover, and purchase proven solutions and services that will help them seamlessly and efficiently run their businesses. Nasuni’s commitment to AWS Marketplace will provide our shared customers an easy-to-use, streamlined way of conducting business with Nasuni,” said Garth Fort, director, AWS Marketplace, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

In addition to being available in AWS Marketplace, Nasuni achieved AWS Storage Competency status for primary storage earlier this year. The recognition certifies that it meets AWS’s technical proficiency requirements for primary storage, which has been proven in deployments with customers that store their data in Amazon S3.

Businesses want to be sure their cloud migrations are streamlined and stress-free, as they entrust increasing amounts of critical data with AWS,” said John Capello, VP, product strategy, Nasuni. “Nasuni’s close relationship with AWS allows customers to easily leverage the cloud, including the advanced analytics and additional insights that give businesses a competitive edge.

Nasuni is also an AWS Well-Architected Partner and APN Advanced Technology Partner. The AWS Well-Architected Partner designation is given to APN Technology Partners who enable cloud architects within the customer community to build secure, resilient, and efficient infrastructure with AWS and APN Technology Partner solutions.

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