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Partha Seetala CEO, Robin.io

As well as founder and CTO


The board of directors of Robin.io has named Partha Seetala CEO.


He is the founder of the company and presently serves as CTO. Under its leadership, the firm adapted its core cloud-native IT automation technology to the 5G market, shipping a solution for automating the deployment, scaling and lifecycle management of 5G applications and service chains in support of a major global carrier’s 5G rollout.

The Robin.io solution has been deployed at financial services companies and has recently gained momentum in the telco market for 5G applications. The company expects to launch new tools, including RAN vendor support, as momentum in this market segment accelerates. The adoption and scale out of 5G services – and the move to RAN as a service – requires a cloud-native architecture based on Kubernetes. Robin.io is currently shipping software built for this need, and it plans to capitalize on this advantage as carrier 5G deployments accelerate throughout 2020 and beyond.

The firm is powering the deployment of ORAN deployment. Interest from other telcos has expanded rapidly, as the software allows virtualized and containerized service chains to co-exist while delivering an unmatched level of operational efficiency to carriers.

“Having seen impressive adoption of the Robin.io solution for both enterprise and 5G workloads, the board has unanimously agreed to promote Partha Seetala to CEO position to build on this momentum. The board is confident in Partha’s leadership to accelerate the momentum we’ve achieved thus far,” said Rajeev Madhavan, board chairman and partner with Clear Ventures.

“5G is a natural evolution for our product lineup,” said Seetala. “The past several months have been exhilarating as we have enhanced the product capabilities for 5G, preparing for the market rollout. Now that we’re positioned to deliver for both our original enterprise IT market and the emerging 5G market, it’s time to begin accelerating market awareness in both segments via direct efforts and channel partners. I’m honored by the confidence the board has placed in me, and I look forward to rounding out our team to execute on our plans for these two market segments.”

Enterprise software requires the capability to run on a diversity of cloud infrastructures, including on premises and multi-cloud. A multi-data center automation capability is key to supporting this need, with the ability to place data and applications in the right location for edge services. Robin.io is delivering this automation capability, seamlessly across traditional enterprise data centers, cloud service providers and 5G edge sites.

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