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StorONE Publishes Enterprise Storage Pricing Online

S1:TRUprice ends vendor shell game.

StorONE inc. announced S1:TRUprice, a transparent pricing model that simplifies the enterprise storage purchasing process.

Truprice Storone

S1:TRUprice provides customers with upfront pricing and enables them to configure the S1 Enterprise Storage Platform for their chosen performance, capacity, and resiliency requirements.

Typically, only the largest cloud providers provide their pricing online, forcing IT professionals looking for on-premises solutions to struggle with estimating their TCO and leaving them unsure as to whether they are getting a fair price. With the launch of S1:TRUprice, IT professionals are able to know exactly how much S1 Enterprise Storage Platform will reduce their TCO, eliminating the cost-guessing game.

Buying an enterprise storage system shouldn’t be as hard as buying a car, but should be as easy as buying a smartphone,” said Gal Naor, co-founder and CEO. “S1:TRUprice simplifies the storage procurement process. No more back and forth haggling over solution costs. No more wondering if you would have gotten a better deal at the end of the quarter. S1:TRUprice allows enterprises to get the best pricing, upfront, while also getting the best performance and data resiliency features they need.

S1:TRUprice website enables customers to build, step-by-step, a complete, turnkey, enterprise storage system designed to meet their needs and their budget.

Customers can create their chosen S1 Enterprise Storage Platform by:

  • Picking the capacity they need (from 10TB to 15PB)
  • Selecting their specific use case (all-flash, hybrid or all-HDD)
  • Choosing their preferred server hardware

S1:TRUprice includes the full version of S1 Enterprise Storage Platform, which is built on StorONE’s Total Resource Utilization (TRU) technology. it extracts efficiency out of storage hardware and media, delivering both upfront and future cost savings. The software supports block (FC, iSCSI), file (NFS, SMB) and object (S3) use cases. StorONE licenses S1 in either a 1-, 3-, or 5-year subscription. S1:TRUprice allows customers to pick the server and storage hardware from name-brand manufacturers like Dell, HPE, Mellanox, Seagate and Supermicro. the company then ships the whole system to the customer for contact-less, remote installation and training.

We encourage customers to take our price analysis challenge,” said George Crump, CMO. “They can come to our site, price out their exact solution and compare it to what they are paying now. In most cases, we are confident they will find that the 3-year TCO on our solution will be less than what they are paying for one year of maintenance with their current vendor.

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