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XenData Multi-Site Sync Service for Cloud Object Storage

From $150/month for system that manages up to 10TB of cloud storage and has 2 gateways

XenData, Inc. announces its Multi-Site Sync service for cloud object storage which creates a global file system accessible worldwide via the company’s Cloud File Gateways.

Xendata Cloud File Gateway Diagram

The firm’s gateways are optimized for video files, supporting partial file restore and streaming, making the solution for media applications.

Each gateway manages a local disk volume that caches frequently accessed files. The solution scales to 2 billion files, unlimited cloud storage and up to 256TB of local disk cache at each location. It optimizes an organization’s productivity by providing global file sharing across multiple facilities combined with local performance provided by the local disk caching.

Each instance of the synchronized gateway runs on a physical or virtual Windows machine and allows the global file system to be accessed on each local network as a standard share using SMB, NFS and FTP network protocols. When a file is written to the cloud object storage via one of the gateways, it appears as a stub file within the global file system on all other gateways.

Xendata X1 Appliance Scheme

The Multi-Site Sync solution currently supports the following cloud object storage services: Amazon Web Services S3, Hot and Cool tiers of Azure Blob Storage and Wasabi S3.

X1 Cloud Storage Appliance

Xendata X1 Appliance

Furthermore, it works with multiple cloud storage accounts, allowing simultaneous use of multiple cloud storage providers within the global file system. Each gateway uses multi-part HTTPS with checksum verification for fast, reliable and secure connection to the cloud storage. The gateways adhere to the Microsoft security model based on Active Directory, allowing installation into existing domains. The Cloud File Gateway software can be installed on Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10 machines. The company also offers two optimized edge appliances that include the firm’s gateway software: the CX-10, a 1RU rack-mount appliance with a 10TB disk cache and the X1, a compact unit that includes a 1.92TB SSD cache.

CX-10 appliance

Xendata Multi Site Sync

The solution uses cost effective object storage and is priced from $150 per month for a system that manages up to 10TB of cloud storage and has two gateways. The cost of the cloud object storage is in addition. Multi-Site Sync is scheduled to be available in May 2020.

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December 10, 
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