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X1 Archive Appliance for LTO External Drives, Sony Optical Disc Archive Drives or Cloud Object Storage by XenData

$5,950 for X1 Archive Appliance for LTO or ODA, and $2,500 for cloud models

XenData, Inc. launches the X1 Archive Appliance that connects to a network and allows file-based applications to archive to LTO external drives, Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) drives or cloud object storage.

Xendata X1 Appliance

The appliance runs Windows 10 Pro and is powered by XenData Archive Series and FS Mirror software.

Archive appears locally as single logical drive – the X:drive.
And there are multiple ways to write to and restore files from it:

  • Share the X: drive over network and write to it and restore from it like any disk-based share.

  • Use FS Mirror to synchronize one or more locally accessible file systems or file shares to the LTO archive.

  • Use FS Mirror to create archive drop-boxes on network that automatically move files to the archive.

  • Use third party applications that integrate with the company’s XML API.

Xendata X1 Front And Rear

The X1 is available in three models: for LTO external drives, ODA external drives and for cloud. Each model is based on Intel Corp.‘s NUC hardware and includes an endurance 1.92TB SSD cache for enhanced performance.

  • X1 for LTO connects to an LTO external drive via Thunderbolt 3 or USB 3. And for LTO drives with SAS connections, they may be connected via a Thunderbolt to SAS converter. The appliance manages an unlimited number of LTO cartridges and up to two billion files. It enables file transfers that span across cartridges and, when using two or more attached LTO drives, it supports automatic cartridge replication.

  • X1 for ODA supports Gen 1, 2 and 3 drives with cartridge capacities up to 5.5TB. They connect to the X1 via USB 3. As with LTO, the X1 manages an unlimited number of cartridges and it supports file transfers that use the 1.92TB cache to span cartridges.

  • X1 model for archiving to cloud storage supports multiple clouds including AWS S3, Azure and Wasabi S3. The system may be configured to replicate files to different cloud locations and different cloud providers.

The X1 Archive Appliance is available.

The models for managing an LTO or ODA external drive are priced at $5,950 and the X1 for Cloud starts at $2,495.

X1 for ODA specifications
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Xendata X1 Spectabl