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Portworx Enterprise Operator Simplifies Cloud-Native Storage and Data Management for Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift

Achieves Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification, and provides enterprises with automated installation, configuration and upgrades of Portworx Enterprise.

Portworx, Inc. released the Enterprise Operator on OperatorHub, designed to simplify cloud-native storage and data management for Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift Container platform.

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Portworx Px Data Management V2 01

With this release, the Enterprise Operator enables organizations to automatically install, configure and upgrade their Enterprise platform using the Red Hat OpenShift Certified Operator download from OperatorHub. This announcement extends the company’s previously announced Container Catalog certification for Red Hat OpenShift Container platform, helping to simplify operations of stateful services running on OpenShift for the firm’s customer base.

While Kubernetes has made running cloud-native applications easier and more reliable, the environments in which Kubernetes applications operate need to be installed, updated, migrated or expanded with time. These tasks become more difficult for system administrators and operations teams as the volume and complexity of enterprise applications continues to increase. Red Hat OpenShift Certified Operators works to help solve these management problems by providing a framework designed to make software self-installing, self-updating and self-managing. Now, the company’s Enterprise Operator can make it easier to take advantage of the combined benefits of Portworx Enterprise and Red Hat OpenShift by automatically installing, configuring and updating the firm’s Enterprise on OpenShift, helping to free up system administrators to focus on more value-added business tasks.

Today’s enterprises need a cloud-native storage and data management solution that can keep pace with the volume of their applications and customer demand for new products and services,” said Murli Thirumale, CEO and cofounder, Portworx. “Our expanding relationship as a Red Hat technology partner with Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification demonstrates our ability to help enterprises run and manage mission-critical stateful applications and high performance data workloads on OpenShift. Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, and we look forward to serving our joint customers through this collaboration.

We are thrilled the Portworx Enterprise Operator is a Red Hat OpenShift Certified Operator,” said Julio Tapia, director, cloud platforms partner ecosystem, Red Hat, Inc.Kubernetes Operators are appealing because they help encode the human operational logic normally required to manage services running of a Kubernetes-native application and aim to make day-to-day operations easier. By providing Operators on Red Hat OpenShift, the enterprise Kubernetes platform, users can begin experiencing the next level of benefits from a Kubernetes-native infrastructure, with services designed to ‘just work’ across any cloud where Kubernetes runs.

The Enterprise Operator is available on OperatorHub.io and on Red Hat OpenShift.

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