Hammerspace Rethinking Approach to Hybrid Cloud

Working with Western Digital and AWS
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Hammerspace, LLC, a SaaS company dedicated to simplifying data availability across the cloud and containers, announced the establishment of relationships with both Western Digital Corp. and AWS to allow enterprises to make data universally accessible across existing infrastructure, containers, and the cloud.

Enterprises struggle to cope with vast and growing amounts of unstructured file data. Hammerspace simplifies this effort while creating an experience to make unstructured data available on the cloud. With Hammerspace, customers can run their workloads where they see fit enjoying the best of both worlds, deploying HGST ActiveScale object storage to expand capacity for their on- premises environments and access the analytics and data services of AWS.

At the heart of ActiveScale's system is an object storage software, offering enhanced scalability, durability, and efficiency. As a turnkey system, the challenges of architecting and integration are removed. It is up and running quickly - put it in place, connect the power, configure the network and it's online, presenting an Amazon S3-compliant object interface to Hammerspace.

"Containers and clouds spell disruption for data silos as we've known them," said Douglas Fallstrom, Hammerspace VP product and ops. "Leading enterprises and vendors are well aware of the change that's coming, and Hammerspace helps businesses with digital transformation by making data available whenever and wherever it's needed. Fortune favors the bold, and we're proud to be working with strong companies to help solve the data problem and smash the limitations that have confined data for long enough."

A workspace for data, free from the lock-in of storage silos, Hammerspace is a storage and protocol agnostic hybrid cloud data control plane, abstracting data from the infrastructure for self-service hybrid cloud data management, driven by machine learning and metadata management to deliver data-as-a-service. Gain data agility to run more jobs faster with Hammerspace.

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