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Hammerspace Delivers Data Agility to Hybrid Cloud Analytics and Applications

Software startup brings simplicity and data availability across hybrid cloud.

Hammerspace LLC, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company dedicated to simplifying the availability and control of unstructured data across the hybrid cloud, announced the general availability of its product , Hammerspace.

This product is designed to allow enterprises to smash data silos, making data ubiquitous and universally accessible across existing infrastructure, containers, and clouds.

Data agility is the key to digital transformation. Enterprises race to harness the power of data- driven decision making to improve the customer experience, create new revenue streams, and enhance innovation. Progress stalls as they struggle to remove barriers to data usage even as data grows at rates unmanageable with current products available. Users must be able to use their preferred analytics and applications to consume their data-as-a-service securely and on- demand in any cloud or data center, entirely abstracted from the infrastructure.

“Application owners, data scientists and data engineers want to be freed from the time- consuming rigidity of managing data sprawl across storage silos,” said David Flynn, Hammerspace CEO. “The top reason analytics jobs fail is that they take too long. When a business can quickly gain visibility and access to quality data it greatly shortens the delay between questions and answers, accelerating data-centric decision making. Hammerspace gives users the freedom to run their jobs anywhere without time-consuming data discovery, copying, and preparation.”

A workspace for data, free from the lock-in of storage silos, Hammerspace is a storage and protocol agnostic hybrid cloud data control plane, abstracting data from the infrastructure with hybrid cloud data management, driven by machine learning and metadata management to deliver data-as-a-service. Gain data agility to run more jobs faster with Hammerspace and never get stuck in a silo again.


Angel funded with currently 25 employees, Hammerspace argues to leverage 5 years of development validating all the work done at Primary Data especially around Metadata.

We also see on another other press release that the company has recruited several key people from Primary Data like Trond Myklebust a CTO or Douglas Fallstrom as VP of products.

These few indicators invite us to think that Hammerspace is a an extension of dead Primary Data.

But there is a new message for the company promoting a data catalog and global index having to build reference for all files, their residence, their file systems or object store/bucket associations... 

Focusing on hybrid cloud, multi cloud and multi data center, the solution provides unstructured data access wherever they reside on object storage or file servers, on-premise or in the cloud, on-demand. It can be seen as a virtual global namespace spanning various data repositories with a file granularity, virtualizing data with a horizontal approach breaking vertical data silos.

The product is available as a software appliance or a cloud service and is charged with a pay-as-you-go model based on capacity.

The company has already signed several technology alliances with firms such as AWS, Azure, Red Hat, NetApp, Western Digital and Cloudian.