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Digiliant Incorporating Micron Enterprise SSDs


Based in Okemos, MI, Digiliant LLC, provider of customized NAS/SAN/SSD/JBOD, has announced its inclusion of Micron Enterprise SSDs into manufacturing of their systems.

As storage requirements are pushed to their limits we are seeing the need for everything from increased power to more efficient hardware. There is not only a need to store data, but organize and prioritize it.

Micron Enterprise SSDs, according to Digiliant, goes above and beyond in meeting these consumer needs. They offer high IO/s and data transfer rates and differ from traditional magnetic storage media, such as HDDs, because they use flash-based 3D NAND semiconductors to store data and have no moving parts. Recent advances have enabled the development of Micron Enterprise SSDs that can be used as direct replacements for HDDs.

Compared to HDD, SSDs offer several distinct advantages due to their solid-state design. SSDs have no rotating or moving parts (in contrast to HDDs that use rotating disks to store data and moving heads to R/W the data). Because there are no moving parts, SSDs start-up instantly (unlike HDDs that need time to turn on the motor and align the R/W heads) and do not suffer from gradual reliability and performance issues (due to the wear and tear of mechanical parts).

Micron Enterprise SSDs contain two main components: the storage device itself (such as 3D NAND flash memory), and a controller for the storage device (such as a USB device controller in a USB flash drive) that acts as an interface for the SSD with the host system.

The controller manages the interfaces from both the host side (which may be PATA, SATA, SAS, PCIe, USB, or IDE) and the device side (which includes 3D NAND flash memory management tools such as maintaining a map of bad data blocks, caching of read and write data, and error checking and correction, known as ECC).

Digiliant’s enterprise storage servers are built on the Windows Storage Server 2016 X64 and Linux CentOS, Red Hat and Open-E DSS V7 OS platforms. All systems are ‘custom’ manufactured and pre-setup ready to go out of the box. Digiliant also has a limited lifetime warranty program for their customers.

Offering Windows-based NAS/SAN (iSCSI) and Micron Enterprise SSD systems technology is, according to Digiliant’s senior account manager, Tom Tarasiewicz, in keeping with the company’s commitment to give their customers solutions for their storage needs; demands that are increasing for most businesses by up to 45% per year.

We are a company that is very much customer focused,” says Tarasiewicz. “Our customers come to us with individual storage needs and our goal is always to provide them with specific, customized solutions to meet those needs with one of BEST cost effective priced systems in the market today. The enterprise SSD along with Enterprise HDD technology provides our clients with the power and versatility they demand.

Digiliant provides customized, scalable, non-proprietary, enterprise network storage solutions for SMBs, large corporations, educational and government facilities, as well as the military and their contractors across the US. It incorporates over 24 years of computer hardware support and custom server designs to create NAS/SAN iSCSI/SSD/JBOD solutions – for both Windows Storage Server 2016 and Linux solutions.

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