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Digiliant’s Enterprise Storage Server Systems Incorporate 10-12TB SATA/SAS HDDs

Into NAS/iSCSI SAN systems

Based in Okemos, MI, Digiliant LLC, provider of customized NAS/iSCSI SAN/SSD systems, is offering NAS device, iSCSI storage solutions, and iSCSI SAN.

With many network storage device solutions using enterprise SATA/SAS HDD up to 12TB, Digiliant can meet the demands of the networking requirements that face corporate clients. It can assist corporate clients from the conception of a project until it completes the installation. The company has clients ranging across the US from the smallest business up to larger corporations, government and institutions and can meet the SAN demands of educational institutions, military installations, and governmental contractors.

Enterprise Network Storage Device Solutions:
The networking solutions offered by Digiliant include the enterprise NAS systems and iSCSI SAN/SSD/JBOD solutions. These products are powered by Red Hat, Open-E, CentOS and FreeNAS. The company also utilizes the Windows-based Storage Server 2016. By offering both the enterprise Linux and Windows based systems, Digiliant can provide the flexibility and cost savings that corporate clients are demanding.

Why Firm’s Enterprise Storage Device Solutions Work:
Both methods of enterprise storage solutions provided by Digiliant will deliver the best options for clients because of the following reasons.

  • Capacity: Up to 972TB of storage using SATA/SAS enterprise HDD (up to 12TB) capacity is available which should meet the needs and allow for expansion.
  • Fast deployment: Less than 15 minutes is necessary to deploy the technology that is used by both network storage methods offered by Digiliant.
  • Increased Efficiency: Better performance and faster networks can be achieved by clients using the firm’s solutions.
  • Security: The enterprise network storage solutions offered feature security. Basic security measures are employed  such as virus protection and backups. Other options include hot-swappable drives and RAID file protection.
  • Maintenance: With the enterprise storage solutions offered by Digiliant, there is an expectation of low maintenance and downtime. This translates into cost savings for clients and more efficient networks. Limited lifetime support on all systems.

Long-Term Relationships as Part of SAN Services:
Digiliant enterprise storage servers are built on the Windows Storage Server 2016 X64 and Linux CentOS, Red Hat, Open-E OS and FreeNAS platforms. All systems are ‘Custom’ manufactured and pre-setup ready to go out of the box. No obligation quotes are available per request.

Offering Windows-based NAS/SAN (iSCSI), SSD and JBOD systems technology is, according to Digiliant’s senior account manager, Tom Tarasiewicz, in keeping with the company’s overall commitment to staying on the cutting edge with current products and giving their customers effective solutions for their storage needs; demands that are increasing for most businesses by up to 30%-35% per year.

We are a company that is very much customer driven by design,” says Tarasiewicz. “Our customers come to us with individual storage needs and our goal is always to provide them with specific, customized solutions to meet those needs with one of BEST cost effective priced systems in the market today. The enterprise SSD along with standard enterprise HDD technology provides our clients with the power and versatility they demand.

Digiliant provides customized, scalable, non-proprietary network storage enterprise solutions for SMBs, large corporations, educational and government facilities, as well as the military and their contractors across the US. It incorporates over 23 years of computer hardware support and custom server designs to create NAS/SAN iSCSI/SSD/JBOD Enterprise solutions – for both Windows Storage Server 2016 and Linux Solutions.