WekaIO to Enter Soon Into New Phase

OEM agrement to be announced next November
By Philippe Nicolas on 2017.10.12

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We met during the recent SNIA SDC Conference Liran Zvibel, CTO and co-founder of WekaIO Inc.

WekaIO belongs to the small group of high performance and scalable file storage companies with Avere Systems, Elastifile, Qumulo and Rozo Systems, which deliver high bandwidth, IO/s and low latency while delivering a seamless and advanced data protection.

At SNIA SDC, WekaIO has participated to the SNIA SMB3 plugfest but didn't have any talk; perhaps the company has to think about a more visible presence with a talk by Liran next year as he loves to explain things and transmit his passion. The firm suffers from market visibility even if some efforts have been made.

During Flash Memory Summit in August, the company has demonstrated an interesting configuration with Intel developing 3 million IO/s with 1PB NVMe-oF in 1U with recent Intel SSDs based on 3D NAND.

The performance of WekaIO Matrix is also officially recognized by the SpecSFS benchmark for the software build (SFS2014_swbuild) published last July with 500 builds for 3.06msec overall response time, 3.9GB/s and 248k ops/s. The other interesting solution is the one published September 26 with NetApp FAS8200 with FlexGroup.

We summarize with the image below the three configurations of Matrix, that can be combined together, demonstrating the flexibility of the product and its capabilities to be integrated to various applications and deployments models.

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The next release of WekaIO Matrix software should offer a new feature named "Snapshot of Object" to finally bridge seamlessly on-premises and cloud entity to simplify data migration and workload management. It will allow an immediate restart and continuity of work from the cloud and also builds interesting architecture with N edge configurations and one central cloud-based DR site validating a N-1 model.

The company has chosen to identify some use cases and play with them, developing key messages, advantages and benefits using Matrix. This is the case with EDA, software development, financial analytics and genomics sequencing, illustrated recently by Illumina success story.

In term of business we understood from this exchange that WekaIO should announce an OEM agreement with a company during SuperComputing 2017 conference in Denver at mid-November. Only Avere Systems, Qumulo and Elastifile will have a booth in Denver, none of the others listed above will have one but pretty sure we’ll discover their presence in some booths…

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