Primary Data DataSphere 2.0 Early Access

First NFS contributor since 2013
By Philippe Nicolas on 2017.07.14

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A few months after the announcement of DataSphere 1.2, Primary Data Inc. recently gave a preview of DataSphere 2.0 that relies on NFS 4.2.

As the main contributor of NFS, Oracle and Red Hat are second and third respectively, the company accelerates this development and implementation to maximize market penetration.

Among several new features, NFS 4.2, available in Red Hat Linux 7.3, introduces:

  • native support for DataSphere,
  • delegations to allow caching at the client level,
  • compound operations to reduce network traffic,
  • better live data migration capabilities,
  • security with ACLs support for Windows and RPCSEC_GSS for authentication,
  • better efficiency for file cloning and sparse files,
  • a new pNFS layout named Flex File,
  • performance telemetry without any external software
  • and of course improvements of the scalable parallel data access.

DataSphere 2.0 offers improved features such:

  • The right data placement based on an intelligent analytics-based metadata engine and especially the move of inactive data across storage tiers S3-based cloud storage included,
  • Data reduction with a combination of compression and deduplication,
  • Parallel data movements to one or several clouds at the same time,
  • Support of secure cloud connection with https,
  • Windows specifics improvements related to SMB (2.1 and 3.x) , AD, Windows ACLs and X-Domain mapping,
  • Protection with NFS server assimilation (in-line metadata cataloging), snapshot copy and move to clouds and backup enhancements, portal protection metadata backup and restore,
  • Enterprise connectivity with VLAN, Virtual Networks and IPv6,
  • And the data policies with objectives expressions and the built-in telemetry features of NFS 4.2 to offer flexible data mobility options.