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R&D: TMR Tape Drive for 15TB Cartridge
Tunnel magnetoresistive sensors for magnetic tape recording applications, cartridge capacity improvements of 4X to 6x to be achieved in next 4 to 8 years
by Francis Pelletier | 2018.01.01 | News
IBM LTO Ultrium Model 452
Delivers uninitialized M8 data.
2017.12.27 | Press Release
IBM LTO-8 Cartridge Available Mid-January 2018
At 12TB as expected
2017.12.25 | Press Release
CERN Archives 200PB on Tape
12.3PB just during Octover 2017
2017.12.20 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Nine Patents
Magnetic tape medium servo pattern writing, columnar data storage on tape partition, writing file to plurality of media, recalling files stored on tape, tape cartridge identification, magnetic tape appliance with selectably always-leading head assemblies, accuracy tape bearing surface length definition process for tape head fabrication, mechanized take-up reel and method for loading and unloading tape storage medium, skiving block for mitigating protruding defects from magnetic tape recording
2017.12.18 | In Brief
Fujifilm Introduces TCO Calculator
Comparing automated tape, disk-based and cloud-based archive storage
2017.12.07 | Press Release
FujiFilm Assigned Patent
Magnetic tape cartridge
2017.11.28 | In Brief
IBM Storage Tape Support for LTO-8 Type M Media
In first half of 2018
2017.11.15 | Press Release
Overland-Tandberg NEO Series Tape Automation and Drive With LTO-8
Starting at entry MSRP of $3,199
2017.11.15 | Press Release
HPE and Quantum Assigned Patent
Tape storage device having at least one redundant read data element
2017.11.08 | In Brief
Spectra Logic Certified LTO-8 Type M Media and LTO-8 Drives
To ship in November
2017.11.01 | Press Release
IBM TS2900 Tape Autoloader With LTO-8 SAS Half-High Tape Drive
Capacity of nine cartridges
2017.10.30 | Press Release
Spectra Logic Assigned Patent
Progressive parity
2017.10.25 | In Brief
Three Advances Make Magnetic Tape More Than Memory
Palm-size cartridge into which IBM scientists squeezed kilometer-long ribbon of tape could hold 330TB.
2017.10.19 | In Brief
Quantum Embraces LTO-8 …
For Scalar libraries and StorNext AEL
2017.10.17 | Press Release
… As Well as mLogic
Integrated into tape drive solutions with Thunderbolt
2017.10.17 | Press Release
LTO-8 Soon Available From IBM
Native 12TB and 360MB/s, 2.5X more with compression
2017.10.16 | Press Release | [with our comments]
IBM TS1155 Tape Drive for TS3500 Libraries
Up to 15TB native capacity and enabling reuse of existing JD media
2017.10.16 | Press Release
IBM TS2280 6Gb SAS Tape Drive H8S Incorporates Half-High LTO-8 Technology
Available mid-November
2017.10.16 | Press Release
IBM TS3100 and TS3200 Tape Libraries Accept LTO-8
For increased capacity
2017.10.16 | Press Release
IBM TS3310 Tape Library Using LTO-8 Drives
Delivering increased capacity and performance for MES or upgrade
2017.10.16 | Press Release
IBM TS3500 Tape Library With LTO-8 Drive
Native 240PB per robotic
2017.10.16 | Press Release
IBM TS4300 Libraries
With encryption, path failover and LTO-8
2017.10.16 | Press Release
IBM TS4500 Tape Library Supports LTO-8 Drive
With 8Gb FC dual-ported drive attachment
2017.10.16 | Press Release
LTO-8 Tape Drives Added to IBM Spectrum Archive
And extending offering to TS4300 libraries
2017.10.16 | Press Release
IBM 7226 Model 1U3 Multi-Media Enclosure With LTO-8
As well as RDX removable disk drive and DVD-RAM drive options
2017.10.16 | Press Release
Spectra Logic Launching LTO-8 Pre-Purchase Program
Customers will be priority recipients of new drives and media.
2017.10.16 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Twelve Patents
Microcode data recovery strategies for use of iterative decode, management of data and resources in tiered data storage system, pass-through tape access in disk storage environment, write procedure using estimated best setting in first run, detecting media defects, automated storage library with target of opportunity recognition, tape heads with sub-ambient pressure cavities, high density timing based servo format, cartridge label printer for library system, reducing total seek time for determining access sequence of data stored on tape, magnetic head and system having offset arrays, deleting files written on tape
2017.10.11 | In Brief
FujiFilm Files 337 Complaint Regarding Certain Sony Magnetic Storage Tapes
Unlawfully imported into USA
2017.10.04 | Press Release
StorageDNA Assigned Patent
Tape data management
2017.10.03 | In Brief
Hitachi Maxell Assigned Patent
Tape magnetic recording medium
2017.09.29 | In Brief
Computer History Museum Records Technology History of IBM Magnetic Tape Storage
It helped to solve mystery of Challenger disaster.
2017.09.25 | Press Release
Fujifilm Receives Favorable Final Initial Determination in US ITC Case
Vs. Sony for LTO
2017.09.18 | Press Release
Tape Ark Transferring Tape-Based Data to Cloud
Company based in Perth, Western Australia
2017.08.18 | Press Release
FujiFilm Assigned Three Patents
Magnetic tape
2017.08.18 | In Brief
Potential Record Capacity of 330TB on Tape Cartridge by Sony With Areal Density of 201Gb/in²
Using IBM newly R/W heads, advanced servo control technologies and signal-processing algorithms
2017.08.08 | Press Release | [with our comments]
IBM TS4300 LTO Tape Library
Maximum of 1.6PB with LTO-7
2017.08.02 | Press Release
Tape Might Blow Away HDDs
Predicts FujiFilm.
2017.08.01 | In Brief
R&D: Wear-Durable Protective Overcoats for Functional Tape Heads
Feasibility of ultrathin bi-layer SiNx/C overcoats for functional tape heads is investigated.
2017.07.14 | Press Release
BDT Storage License Key Management Interoperability Protocol Technology From Cryptsoft
To get encryption capability throughout tape product range
2017.07.05 | Press Release
FujiFilm Assigned Patent
Recording tape cartridge
2017.07.03 | In Brief
IBM Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition V1.2.4 With Improved Capacity
And management for large-scale cloud
2017.06.09 | Press Release
Group 47 Assigned Patent
Digital optical tape storage system
2017.05.19 | In Brief
IBM TS1155 Tape Drive for TS4500 Tape Library With Record of 15TB
With proprietary JD media (not LTO up to 6TB))
2017.05.16 | Press Release
Sony Files Complaint Regarding Certain Magnetic Tape Cartridges
Vs. Fujifilm
2017.05.05 | In Brief
Tape Value Proposition Compelling
According to advocacy of Tape Storage Council
2017.04.17 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Nineteen Patents
Reliable data reading with data set screening by error injection, magnetic head and system having offset arrays, tape-managed partition support for effective workload allocation and space management, asynchronous tape backup and restore from tape backup in disk storage environment, linear recording device, efficient multichannel data format using variable-length headers, columnar storage on tape partition, magnetic head and system having offset arrays, iterative decode and post-decode microcode cut and paste optimization, microcode data recovery strategies for use of iterative decode, miniskirt tape head having quasi-statically tilted transducer arrays, tape head with write pole having multiple layers superimposed, reconstructive error recovery procedure, controlling lateral position of tape head of magnetic tape drive, servo compensation control in vibration environment, durable coating for magnetic tape recording media, magnetic tape servo format, tape header format, detecting and compensating for external vibration in tape drive
2017.04.10 | In Brief
FujiFilm Assigned Patent
Magnetic tape
2017.04.07 | In Brief
Economic Value of LTO Tape for Long-term Data Retention
White paper by Enterprise Strategy Group
2017.03.15 | Press Release
Testing of LTO-7 Drives by SSG-NOW
With backward compatibility with LTO-5, LTO-6 and LTFS capability
2017.03.13 | Press Release