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DeepSpar Data Recovery in Ottawa, Canada: PCIe SSD Add-On for Disk Imager
To retrieve lost data from damaged NVMe PCIe SSDs which are inaccessible in regular computer.
2017.10.20 | Press Release
IBM and Crocus Assigned Two Patents
Multibit self-reference thermally assisted MRAM
2017.10.20 | In Brief
Opto Tech Assigned Patent
Memory cell with functions of storage element and selector
2017.10.19 | In Brief
SP/Silicon Power With Bolt B80 Portable SSD
120, 240, 480GB, with Type-C port and USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface, up to 500/450MB/s RW speeds
2017.10.18 | Press Release
Silicon Motion Assigned Nine Patents
Caching and reading data, storage device and data accessing, data maintenance for error correction and storage device, storage device and data access, flash memory control, storage devices and data maintenance, storage device and flash memory controller
2017.10.18 | In Brief
Radian Memory Systems Assigned Patent
Memory controller with multimodal control over memory dies
2017.10.18 | In Brief
Intel Assigned Six Patents
On phase change memory
2017.10.13 | In Brief
SP/Silicon Power: Small Jewel J35 and Touch T35 USB Flash Drive
Jewel J35 USB 3.1 up to 128GB, and Touch T35 USB 2.0 model from 8GB to 64GB
2017.10.09 | Press Release
Western Digital Introduced Industrial and Automotive Grade Flash Card (-40°C to 85°C)
Up to 64GB for SD and up to 128GB for microSD cards, up to 80MB/s and up to 50MB/s sequential RW speed
2017.10.06 | Press Release
Making DNA Data Storage Reality
Few kilograms could store all of humanity’s data, but there are challenges.
2017.10.06 | In Brief
Samsung Embedded Universal Flash Storage Solution for Automotive
64GB and 128GB
2017.10.06 | Press Release
Denso Assigned Patent
Flash memory control
2017.10.06 | In Brief
PCIe SSD With Silicon Motion Controller From Colorful Technology
240GB to 1TB for CN600 DRAM-less and CN600 DRAM edition, 480GB to 2TB for CP600 iGame edition
2017.10.05 | Press Release
StoreJet 600 for Mac From Transcend
240GB portable SSD with USB 3.1 gen 2
2017.10.03 | Press Release
StorFly M.2 NVMe SSDs by Virtium
256GB and 512GB
2017.09.29 | Press Release
Silicon Motion Expanded Portfolio of PCIe NVMe SSD Controllers
They include SM2262, SM2263 and SM2263XT, supporting 3D NAND.
2017.09.29 | Press Release
Kingston USB 3.1 DataTraveler Elite G2 Flash Key
32, 64, 128GB
2017.09.25 | Press Release
G-Technology G-Drive Mobile USB-C SSD R-Series by Western Digital Up to 2TB
$700 (2TB), $380 (1TB), and $200 (500GB)
2017.09.22 | Press Release
Mercury Systems: National Information Assurance Partnership-Certified Self-Encrypting Commercial SSD for Classified Programs
For 2.5-Inch Asurre-Stor 256 and 512GB portfolio of self-encrypting SSDs
2017.09.22 | Press Release
Team Group L5 Lite-3D 2.5-Inch SATA SSD
120, 240, 480GB, 470MB/s read speed, with 3D NAND
2017.09.21 | Press Release
Team Group: MoStash Reader for iOS and WC0C Charging Cable With 3-in-1 Connector
Multifunctional microSD reader for iOS devices, and connector charging cable with Apple MFi certification
2017.09.19 | Press Release
Lite-On Assigned Patent
SSD and data writing method to prevent data loss during program cycle
2017.09.11 | In Brief
Alson Technology Assigned Patent
2017.09.11 | In Brief
400GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Card by Western Digital
2017.09.08 | Press Release
Western Digital With iPhone Mobile Storage Solution
SanDisk iXpandBase up to 256GB ($200)
2017.09.08 | Press Release
1TB Fusion Thunderbolt 3 PCIe External Flash Drive From Sonnet
2017.09.08 | Press Release
Up to 128GB for TransMemory U364 USB 3.0 Super Speed Flash Drives From Toshiba
Maximum read speed of 120MB/s
2017.09.08 | Press Release
Kingston Digital: DataTraveler Bolt Duo Lightning USB Flash Drive for Apple iPhone, iPad
32, 64, 128GB
2017.09.08 | Press Release
Crucial BX300 2.5-Inch 3D MLC NAND SSD
120, 240, and 480GB
2017.09.08 | Press Release
Toshiba microSD UHS-I M203 Card Up to 256GB
3D flash memory (BiCS FLASH) architecture, read up to 100MB/s
2017.09.08 | Press Release
PNY Technologies Unveils MicroSDXC Elite Performance 128GB V30
And also range of USB Type-C enabled products
2017.09.08 | Press Release
Price Evolution of SSDs and HDDs Over Last 18 Months – PCPartPicker
For SSDs from 64GB to 2TB, HDDs from 1TB to 6TB
2017.09.07 | Press Release
ATP Electronics With NVMe-Based M.2 2280 up to 1TB SSD
128GB to 1TB, up to 1,260MB/s and 980MB/s sequential R/W
2017.09.07 | Press Release
Everspin Assigned Patent
Memory controller and method for interleaving DRAM and MRAM accesses
2017.09.07 | In Brief
4-8GB Kingston DataTraveler 2000 Encrypted USB With Alphanumeric Keypad Access
Hardware-based AES 256-bit encryption in XTS mode, USB 2.0 or USB 3.1 Gen 1 port
2017.09.06 | Press Release
VMworld: Kingston Digital Demonstrated Forthcoming DCU1000 2.5-Inches U.2 NVMe PCIe SSD
800GB, 1.6TB and 3.2TB, showed in 10-bay 1U server chassis from AIC
2017.09.05 | Press Release
Mobile-Friendly SSD Install Web App From Crucial
To simplify SSD install
2017.09.01 | Press Release
Sonnet SF3 Series – SxS Pro Card Reader With Thunderbolt 3
2017.08.31 | Press Release
R&D: Major Leap Towards Storing Data at Molecular Level
Proved that storing data with class of molecules known as single-molecule magnets more feasible than previously thought.
2017.08.31 | Press Release
BiTMICRO Networks Assigned Patent
Write buffering
2017.08.30 | In Brief
R&D: Design of Hybrid SSDs With Storage Class Memory and NAND Flash Memory
In addition, decoding latency of SCM affects performance of hybrid SSD more than that of NAND flash.
2017.08.25 | Press Release
Adata XPG SX9000 PCIe3x4 NVMe Consumer SSD Delivering Up to 2,800MB/s and 1,450MB/s R/W
256, 512GB, and 1TB, with Marvell controller
2017.08.24 | Press Release
Samsung Portable USB-C SSD T5 Up to 2TB
Starting at $130 for 250GB; two models: Alluring Blue 250/500GB and Deep Black 1/2TB
2017.08.22 | Press Release
R&D: 40nm Split Gate Embedded Flash Macro With Flexible 2-in-1 Architecture
Code memory with 140MHz read speed and data memory with 1 million cycles endurance
2017.08.22 | Press Release
MIE Fujitsu Semiconductor Assigned Patent
Semiconductor storage device
2017.08.22 | In Brief
FIPS-140-2 Level 3 zertifizierte USB-Festplatte DataLocker H350 in neuen SSD-Varianten verfügbar German
Starten bei ca. €599 (500GB) und ca. €899 (1TB).
2017.08.22 | Press Release
TDK Assigned Patent
Memory controller
2017.08.21 | In Brief
Flash Memory Summit: V-NAND Memory Solutions From Samsung
Offerings include 1Tb V-NAND in single chip, 16TB NGSFF SSD, Z-SSD and key value SSD
2017.08.18 | Press Release
Costlier Flash Memory Fuels 14th Month of Rises
SSD prices for volume purchasers up 20% from start of 2017
2017.08.18 | In Brief
NVMe Will Not Replacing but Complementing Flash
Article by Greg Schulz, StorageIO
2017.08.18 | Press Release