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Zerto Assigned Patent
Restoring files from continuous recovery system
2019.01.17 | In Brief
Cacheio Assigned Patent
Metadata in storage system
2019.01.17 | In Brief
Veeam Software Assigned Patent
Processing of file system objects for image level backups
2019.01.15 | In Brief
Shazam Investments Assigned Patent
Performing playout of multiple media recordings based on matching segment among recordings
2019.01.14 | In Brief
Catalogic Software Assigned Patent
Backup and progressive restoration using data chunks in cloud storage and data cache
2019.01.10 | In Brief
AutoChips Assigned Patent
Compensating for delays caused by extension line of storage
2019.01.09 | In Brief
BitzKorea and Igloo Systems Assigned Patent
Controlling backup data by using snapshot type image table
2019.01.08 | In Brief
Wistron Assigned Patent
Storage device lifetime monitoring
2019.01.04 | In Brief
Splunk Assigned Patent
Archiving indexed data
2019.01.03 | In Brief
Wipro Assigned Patent
Updating software packages in storage system
2019.01.02 | In Brief
PrimaryIO Assigned Patent
Tier aware caching solution to increase application performance
2019.01.01 | In Brief
GitHub Assigned Patent
Repository migration and storage
2018.12.28 | In Brief
Datrium Assigned Patent
Distributed data parallel method for reclaiming space
2018.12.27 | In Brief
Cirrus Data Solutions Assigned Patent
Transparently inserting virtual storage layer in FC-based SAN
2018.12.27 | In Brief
Fortinet Assigned Patent
Cache management based on factors relating to replacement cost of data
2018.12.26 | In Brief
AT&T Intellectual Property and University of Massachusetts Assigned Patent
Pipelined data replication for disaster recovery
2018.12.25 | In Brief
Acronis Assigned Patent
Increasing speed of file restore
2018.12.24 | In Brief
Capital One Services Assigned Patent
Providing virtual and physical access to secure storage container
2018.12.24 | In Brief
Symantec Assigned Patent
System backup
2018.12.20 | In Brief
NexGen Storage/Pivot3 Assigned Patent
Application aware snapshots
2018.12.20 | In Brief
Commvault Assigned Eleven Patents
Migrating components in hierarchical storage network, data management improvements, synchronizing selected portions of data in storage management, retaining and using data block signatures in data protection operations, shared library in storage system, database protection using block-level mapping, process block-level backup for selective file restoration for virtual machines, search filtered file system using secondary storage, migrating data to disk without interrupting running backup operations, monitoring and copying multimedia messages to storage locations in compliance with policy, predicting scale of data migration between production and archive storage systems
2018.12.19 | In Brief
Datrium Assigned Patent
Distributed virtual array storage
2018.12.14 | In Brief
How to Choose Between Unitrends and Veeam?
White paper from Unitrends
2018.12.13 | In Brief
Veritas Technologies Assigned Six Patents
Performing fencing operations in multi-node distributed storage, modifying track logs during restore processes, OS installation using logical volumes, space reservation in storage environment, automated delivery and identification of virtual drives, storage tier selection for replication and recovery
2018.12.10 | In Brief
Intertrust Technologies Assigned Patent
Trusted storage
2018.12.06 | In Brief
Institute for Information Industry Taiwan Assigned Patent
Asset storage, and computer readable recording medium
2018.12.04 | In Brief
Quest Software Assigned Patent
Storage system deduplication with SLAs
2018.12.03 | In Brief
Storagecraft Assigned Patent
Optimizing backup of whitelisted files
2018.11.30 | In Brief
Akamai Assigned Patent
Quarantine and repair of replicas in quorum-based storage system
2018.11.27 | In Brief
Cohesity Assigned Patent
Tier-optimized write scheme
2018.11.26 | In Brief
Rubrik Assigned Two Patents
Automated generation of cloned production environments, management of VM snapshots
2018.11.23 | In Brief
Tintri Assigned Patent
Control virtual disk for storage management
2018.11.21 | In Brief
Nutanix Assigned Two Patents
DR across heterogeneous storage, implementing performance tier de-due in virtualization environment
2018.11.20 | In Brief
Machbase Assigned Patent
Data management for backup, recovery and mount of time-series data
2018.11.19 | In Brief
Violin Systems Assigned Patent
Caching of metadata for deduplicated LUNs
2018.11.16 | In Brief
Red Hat Assigned Two Patents
Mechanisms for reproducing storage system metadata inconsistencies in test environment, replicating group of data objects within storage network
2018.11.12 | In Brief
Hytrust Assigned Patent
Triggering discovery points based on change
2018.11.08 | In Brief
Virtual Instruments Assigned Three Patents
VM processor and memory resource coordinator, automatically determining locations of network monitors in communication network, cross silo time stiching
2018.11.07 | In Brief
Nutanix Assigned Patent
Virtualized file server backup to cloud
2018.11.06 | In Brief
DataDobi Assigned Patent
Data migration tool with intermediate incremental copies
2018.11.05 | In Brief
Leidos Assigned Patent
Correlating cloud-based big data in real-time for intelligent analytics and multiple end uses
2018.11.05 | In Brief