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Sauvegarde en ligne par Hegyd French
Pour 5GO: 14,90 Euros par mois
2008.02.26 | Press Release | [with our comments]
The Drama Continues for Windows Home Server
I found a warning that the server backup service stopped running.
2008.02.25 | In Brief
Disk encryption easily cracked? Nonsense!
By foobar
2008.02.25 | In Brief
Sears Delivers Secure Online Storage Through a Partnership With Diino
In Mexico
2008.02.25 | Press Release
Security Service Federal Credit Union Implements IBM System Storage DR550
As new archive and data retention solution
2008.02.23 | Press Release
Digital Info Security Signs With 4D Global Partners
To distribute its professional remote backup product
2008.02.23 | Press Release
Secunet SINA Mobile Disk auf CeBIT German
Mit integriertem Krypto-Chip
2008.02.23 | Press Release
Phoenix and Seagate Team for More Secure PCs
Users can remotely encrypt, lock and erase data on lost laptops.
2008.02.21 | Press Release
INNOVATION Earn U..S Government Certification
For its FDRERASE/OPEN and FDRERASE for z/OS purging and sanitizing large amounts of data on EMC, HDS and IBM disk storage systems
2008.02.21 | Press Release
From GuardianEdge, Advanced Authentication and New Versions of HDDs and Removable Storage Products
With multi-factor authentication
2008.02.15 | Press Release
New IEEE 1619 Disk and Tape Encryption Standards
Adopted and pushed by Hifn
2008.02.14 | Press Release
WinMagic and Seagate Teaming for Data Security
To unite WinMagic SecureDoc software and Seagate Secure disk drive technology
2008.02.14 | Press Release
FinallySecure 9.0 From SECUDE
To manage hard disk drive encryption
2008.02.13 | Press Release
Britain in New Data Debacle
A disk drive containing personal information on three million driving test candidates has been lost in the United States.
2008.02.13 | In Brief
Hitachi GST and Phoenix Technologies Team
New laptops with remote data protection
2008.02.06 | Press Release
HP Qualifies NetApp DataFort
For data encryption for HP Integrity NonStop servers
2008.02.05 | Press Release
Hard Disk Stolen et Georgetown University
Thousands of Georgetown University students are at risk for identity theft.
2008.01.31 | In Brief
Mirapoint Increases Capacity
With new family of email and security appliances
2008.01.30 | Press Release
CMS Products Debuts ABS-Secure 320GB Portable Data Solution
With full disk encryption
2008.01.28 | Press Release
External Hard Drive Enclosure With Encryption Revealed by QNAP
Provided with QBack backup software
2008.01.28 | Press Release
Data From 650,000 Credit Cards Lost
The tapes missing from GE Money were stored in a warehouse run by Iron Mountain.
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2008.01.26 | News
E-mail Scandal Drives Storage Lesson Home
An article to read from
2008.01.19 | In Brief
New Secure Version 1.51 from CrossTec
With hard disk protection and roll back and recovery
2008.01.18 | Press Release
2GB of Free Secured Online Storage Offered by SpiderOak
SpiderOak, Inc. unveiled free online back up and storage software that provides its users with a more secure and easily-organized way to back up, store, access, and share files across multiple computers and platforms - including Mac, Windows, and Linux.
2007.12.25 | Press Release
More on WD’s Hard Drive That Won’t Share Video

by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2007.12.10 | News
“Encrypt your CD-ROM”, Says Cyber-Ark

2007.12.05 | Press Release
Ingrian Has Shipped 1,500 Encryption Appliances

2007.11.27 | Press Release