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Layered Technologies Launching New Cloud Storage Solution
Powered by Mezeo
2010.03.30 | Press Release
Personal Data on 3.3 Million People Stolen at Educational Credit Management
On "portable media"
2010.03.30 | In Brief
AirSet Launches Cloud Computing With Online Data Storage
1GB for free, $9.95 for 20GB
2010.03.30 | Press Release
Victorinox Launches “Un-Hackable” Secure Pro USB Drive
It's the company behind the famed Swiss Army knife.
2010.03.29 | Press Release
Freecom With New HDD Recovery Service at £24.95 for Three Years
In partnership with LazaRus
2010.03.29 | Press Release
GoldKey Secures Storage in the Cloud
Encryption for user data in special units called KryptoVaults
2010.03.26 | Press Release
Southwest Data Protection Enhances Online Backup Solution
A service where data are backuped in ten datacenters
2010.03.26 | Press Release
Data Strategies Offers Archiving in the Cloud
Using Micro Focus Enterprise Cloud Services
2010.03.25 | Press Release
Mirage Media Server ($3,995) Combined With Cloud Storage
From Autonomic Controls and S1Digital
2010.03.25 | Press Release
50,000 Applications Available Through Spare Backup ‘App’ Store
Compatible across mobile platforms
2010.03.25 | Press Release
Pasco Loses HDD
That contains personal information of 200,000 people.
2010.03.25 | In Brief
Online Backup Free for Cox Business Internet Customers
After launch in Southern Virginia, Kansas/Arkansas, Las Vegas and San Diego
2010.03.25 | Press Release
ZumoDrive With New Mobile Apps for Palm and Android
After the iPhone one
2010.03.25 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Appistry Launches CloudIQ Storage
For data-centric applications and architected for petabyte scale
2010.03.24 | Press Release
IceWEB Integrates AES 256 Encryption
Within its Iplicity product line
2010.03.19 | Press Release
DataFort Hi-5 As Managed Service
For system restoring, compliant archiving and DR
2010.03.19 | Press Release
Iron Mountain Delivers Enhanced Cloud Storage
For medical information
2010.03.18 | Press Release
SunGard Availability Services Expands Secure2Disk Backup and DR Portfolio
Powered by Data Domain de-dupe
2010.03.18 | Press Release
eFileCabinet With New Web-Based Client Portal Service
SecureDrawer Service utilizes SaaS model to deliver and track files via the web
2010.03.18 | Press Release
Easyspace Partnering With Humyo
To offer free 100GB of online storage for 30 days and then at £4.23 per month
2010.03.18 | Press Release
New Cloud-Based DR Service by Unitrends
Vault2Cloud, starting at $0.49/GB/month
2010.03.17 | Press Release
Safeberg Introducing Paper Key
For online backup with privacy
2010.03.17 | Press Release
Astaro to Extend Network Security Solution Offerings During 2010
With three new products: RED, Mail Archiving and Wireless Security
2010.03.17 | Press Release
Healthcare Mistrusts Security of Cloud Technologies
Reveals a BridgeHead Software' survey
2010.03.17 | Press Release
Intel, Seagate and WinMagic Demo Combined Solutions
Supporting Intel Anti Theft technology and Seagate secure HDDs
2010.03.16 | Press Release
Drive Headquarters Online Backup Software
Now for Mac
2010.03.15 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Pour 42% des organisations, tout ou partie des sauvegardes déjà  réalisées à  distance French
Une étude de Markess International
2010.03.15 | Press Release
Product for Data Encryption at Rest ($299)
By Norwegian company High Density Devices
2010.03.12 | Press Release
IceWEB Open Doors to Apple iPhone Clients
To access Iplicity storage platform remotely
2010.03.12 | Press Release
Social Media Archiving Solution of Web-Based Content by LiveOffice
Including LinkedIn, Facebook and blogs
2010.03.11 | Press Release
LiveOffice Offers Cloud-Based SharePoint Archiving
To facilitate legal discovery searches
2010.03.11 | Press Release
Data Deposit Box Launches Free Service
For secure remote desktop access
2010.03.11 | Press Release
Spyrus USB Encryption Devices
Ready to be government procured and owned
2010.03.05 | Press Release
NeoArchiv d’Archiv Tech French
Une solution de sauvegarde externalisée
2010.03.05 | Press Release
Thales Works With IBM
To deliver hardware-based encryption key management for storage
2010.03.04 | Press Release
SmartVault V3 ($19/Month for Single User With 2GB)
SaaS to store, access and share documents online
2010.03.03 | Press Release
DR-as-a-Service by Teneros
For Exchange 2010
2010.03.03 | Press Release
DoD Approves IronKey Flash Drives
For encryption, malware protection and secure supply chain
2010.03.03 | Press Release
YuuWaa disponible sous Mac (20€ pour 24Go sur 6 mois) French
C'est le service de sauvegarde en ligne de Gemalto.
2010.03.03 | Press Release
Comcast Launches Secure Backup and Share Online Storage
For its Internet customers, at $5/month for 50GB
2010.03.02 | Press Release
Backup Technology Adds WordPress Backup Plugin
For blogging
2010.03.02 | Press Release
Aurora Offers Hosted Disk Encryption
As a SaaS
2010.03.01 | Press Release
Arkansas National Guard Hard Drive Is Missing
Containing personal soldier information
2010.02.26 | In Brief
VC9300 Video-Monitoring Centre Workstation by DNF Security
With the support of up to 12 monitors and 2 hot swappable HDDs
2010.02.24 | Press Release
South Africa’s Demand Data Launches Online Server Backup Solution
Powered by Iron Mountain
2010.02.24 | Press Release
Integra Telecom Unveils Online Data Storage
For businesses
2010.02.24 | Press Release
NewBay LifeCache Powers Gateway
To Deutsche Telekom's cloud storage service
2010.02.24 | Press Release
Sierra Wireless and Telefonica Collaborate
To demo online storage service using USB modem
2010.02.23 | Press Release
Quickoffice Connect for iPhone
A service through cloud storage partners, Dropbox, Apple MobileMe and Google Docs
2010.02.23 | Press Release
SupportSquad Debuts Online Backup ($5/Month for 25GB)
To protect from the loss of personal information
2010.02.23 | Press Release
Start-Up Cloud Leverage Debuts Enterprise Cloud Offering
At only $.05 a GB
2010.02.22 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Glide OS to Launch New Mobile to Cloud Sync Solution
With 30GB (!) of free storage
2010.02.22 | Press Release
Ntiva Automated Backup System
Online, off-site backup service
2010.02.22 | Press Release
Self-Encrypting HDDs 77% to 144% Faster Than Software FDE
A review by Trusted Strategies sponsored by Seagate and Wave Systems
2010.02.18 | Press Release
Aurora Offers Hosted Disk Encryption
Through SaaS subscription
2010.02.18 | Press Release
EMC Updates Atmos
Introducing GeoProtect functionality and adding hardware
2010.02.17 | Press Release
Spyrus Shipping Devices Implementing Higher Security XTS-AES Mode
Of AES encryption recently added to FIPS 140-2
2010.02.17 | Press Release
UK Firm DediPower Delivers Managed Cloud Storage Solutions
With two data centers in parallel using HP LeftHand SANs
2010.02.17 | Press Release
Cortado Workplace
To store BlackBerry's documents and files in the cloud
2010.02.16 | Press Release
Asigra Cloud Backup Platform Achieves FIPS 140-2 Certification
For security of backup in the cloud
2010.02.16 | Press Release
Wave Integrating Support for Intel vPro
In its software for enterprise management of self-encrypting HDDs
2010.02.16 | Press Release
SITaaS veröffentlicht SIToB, Secure Online Backup ins Sicherheits-Rechenzentrum German
Mit TàœV-Zertifizierung des IT-Service-Managements nach ISO 20000
2010.02.12 | Press Release
Gladinet Cloud Desktop
Supports Google Storage and GDrive.
2010.02.10 | Press Release
Venyu Remote Online Backup and Virtualized DR Solution
Reviewed by ESG Lab
2010.02.10 | Press Release
YaZiba passe à  5Go au même prix de 7€/mois French
Pour sa messagerie et ses outils collaboratifs
2010.02.10 | Press Release Offers R1Soft CDP Backup Service
For Windows, Linux, and MySQL
2010.02.09 | Press Release
mIDentity 4smart From Kobil
Securing data storage with touch screen
2010.02.09 | Press Release Launched by CartikaHosting
NetApp storage solutions are the backbone behind this cloud storage system.
2010.02.08 | Press Release
Carbonite Pro: Online Backup for Small Business
To back up data
2010.02.08 | Press Release | [with our comments]
CommVault Simpana With Nirvanix Cloud Storage
Adding offsite storage target
2010.02.08 | Press Release
Growing Interest in Cloud Storage Amid Security and Reliability Concerns
A CommVault survey
2010.02.03 | Press Release
Secret Swiss Bank Data Comes From HSBC’s Disk
With the name of 1,300 Germans evading the taxman
2010.02.03 | In Brief
Start-Up Sayagle Debuts Sayabit, Free Links-Based File Storage Web Service
Which shortens and redirects long URLs while providing web and click analytics
2010.02.02 | Press Release
DR-as-a-Service by Teneros
To preserve email continuity
2010.02.02 | Press Release
Datacastle RED
A business resiliency solution for mobile workforce
2010.02.02 | Press Release
4,500 USB Keys Left in Dry Cleaners in UK in 2009
Do you believe that?
2010.02.01 | Press Release
27% of Organizations Use HDD Encryption to Protect Data
A survey from Check Point Global of 224 IT and security administrators
2010.02.01 | Press Release
New Online Backup Service by UK Company ITech Support
For businesses
2010.01.28 | Press Release
Eagle Business Solutions With New ‘Solid Cloud’ offering
Based on Pillar Axiom and Oracle
2010.01.28 | Press Release
Acronis Online Backup ($50/Year)
A 250GB personal digital safety deposit for home users
2010.01.27 | Press Release
NetApp Joins Lockheed Martin Cyber Security Technology Alliance
And selected as storage management solution for NexGen Cyber Innovation and Technology Center.
2010.01.26 | Press Release
FIPS-Certified USB Drives Have Security Flaws
Models from SanDisk, Verbatim and Kingston
2010.01.25 | In Brief
Edge Tech Guardian Flash Drive Safe
From security defects found on other secure flash drives
2010.01.25 | Press Release
South Korean Military to Ban Use of USB Flash Drives
And to build a new system to transfer data
2010.01.25 | In Brief
ResCare Selects GuardianEdge Endpoint Security Solutions
To secure 6,000 endpoint devices
2010.01.25 | Press Release
Vigilante Security Opts for PerfectDisk Defrag
It's an alarm system company.
2010.01.21 | Press Release
IronKey Responds to Recent Hack of Encrypted USB Drives
"Our devices not vulnerable"
2010.01.20 | Press Release | [with our comments]
MXP Bio Encrypted USB Drive by MXI Security
With biometric and password
2010.01.20 | Press Release
IDrive Lite for Android
Released by Pro Softnet
2010.01.20 | Press Release
myDitto lancée par Dane-Elec French
Pour accéder à  ses données dans le monde avec une clé USB
2010.01.20 | Press Release
Mobile Armor DriveArmor v3.0
Centrally managed Seagate's encrypted HDDs
2010.01.19 | Press Release
Die 10 wichtigsten Entscheidungskriterien für die Auswahl von verschlüsselten Festplatten German
Nach Konstantin Fröse, divisional director, Origin Storage
2010.01.19 | Press Release
Memory Life, un service d’Orange Vallée French
Pour ne pas perdre ses souvenirs audio-vidéo personnels
2010.01.19 | Press Release
Glide OS Launches GDrive With 30GB of Free Storage
For Google Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and Safari
2010.01.18 | Press Release
Health Net Lost Unencrypted HDD
With personal information of 446,000 customers
2010.01.18 | In Brief
“Our Encrypted Flash Drives Are Safe”
Said Kanguru
2010.01.18 | Press Release
Adacor Managed Cloud Services German
Jetzt online
2010.01.18 | Press Release
Three New Clickfree Solutions
Automatic backup products for networks, BlackBerry and SD
2010.01.15 | Press Release
Redstor Launches Protector
Data protection service combining backup, data encryption and port access control
2010.01.14 | Press Release
Trend Micro Security Added to Iomega External HDDs
For physical and virus protection
2010.01.14 | Press Release | [with our comments]