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DocuSign Assigned Patent
Cloud data security
2018.12.10 | In Brief
Cryptography Research/Rambus Assigned Patent
Protecting media items using media security controller
2018.11.29 | In Brief
ExactTrak Assigned Patent
Secure storage device with on-board encryption control
2018.11.26 | In Brief
GE Aviation Systems Assigned Patent
Cryptographic ignition key embedded in removable data cartridge
2018.11.15 | In Brief
Bank of America Corporation Assigned Patent
Hardened remote storage of private cryptography keys used for authentication
2018.11.14 | In Brief
Acronis Assigned Patent
Verifying data integrity using blockchain network
2018.11.13 | In Brief
Quintessencelabs Assigned Patent
Permanently erasing mechanism for encryption information
2018.11.07 | In Brief
Gigadevice Semiconductor Assigned Patent
Information protection for micro control unit chip
2018.10.29 | In Brief
Secure Cloud Systems Assigned Patent
Encrypted storage and retrieval
2018.09.04 | In Brief
Quantum Assigned Patent
Adaptive erasure codes
2018.08.30 | In Brief
FMR Assigned Patent
Encrypting and storing data
2018.08.30 | In Brief
Uqontrol Assigned Patent
Multi-purpose storage key
2018.08.15 | In Brief
Vaultive/Cyberark Assigned Patent
Encryption and decryption of data transmitted over network
2018.07.22 | In Brief
Opswat Assigned Patent
Determining whether data storage is encrypted
2018.06.27 | In Brief
GE Aviation Systems Assigned Patent
Cryptographic key loader embedded in removable data cartridge
2018.06.25 | In Brief
Gemalto Assigned Patent
Protecting data on mass storage device
2018.06.11 | In Brief
BlackBerry Assigned Patent
Configuring secure storage on computing device
2018.05.31 | In Brief
ExactTrak Assigned Patent
Secure storage device with automatic command filtering
2018.05.28 | In Brief
Eperi Assigned Patent
Storing data in server computer with deployable encryption/decryption
2018.05.18 | In Brief
Storagecraft Assigned Two Patents
Graphical user interface relationship graph for displaying relationships between image backup files in backup job , consolidating encrypted image backups without decryption
2018.04.30 | In Brief
FireEye Assigned Patent
Enhanced security of storage devices
2018.04.27 | In Brief
ScienBiziP Consulting Assigned Patent
Securing mechanism for storage device
2018.04.26 | In Brief
Vasco Data Security Assigned Patent
Mass storage device memory encryption
2018.04.05 | In Brief
Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen Assigned Patent
Secure file transmission
2018.03.27 | In Brief
NTT Assigned Patent
Segmented secret-key storage system, segment storage apparatus, segmented secret-key storage
2018.03.02 | In Brief
Conversant Wireless Licensing Assigned Patent
Suggesting data for deletion
2018.02.27 | In Brief
KOM Software Assigned Patent
Providing restricted access to storage medium
2018.02.21 | In Brief
iDGate Assigned Patent
Verifying security data, and computer-readable storage device
2018.02.07 | In Brief
DataLocker Assigned Patent
Security system for external storage
2018.02.05 | In Brief
NooBaa Assigned Patent
Security management of multi-client based distributed storage
2018.02.01 | In Brief
Assured Information Security Assigned Patent
Authentication processing for plurality of self-encrypting storage devices
2018.02.01 | In Brief
Siemens Assigned Patent
Storage device for protected data exchange between different security zones
2018.01.15 | In Brief
Whitecanyon Software Assigned Patent
Encrypted disk drive sanitizing
2017.12.07 | In Brief
Vyrty Assigned Patent
Secure access to individual information
2017.12.05 | In Brief
111GB of Customer Information from National Credit Federation Left Exposed
Through unsecured AWS bucket
2017.12.01 | In Brief
AirWatch/VMware Assigned Patent
Encrypted file storage
2017.11.30 | In Brief
Leaky AWS Storage Bucket Spills Military Secrets
2017.11.29 | In Brief
Oxford and Cambridge Club Hit by Online Data Breach
Information on HDD includes members' personal information.
2017.11.28 | In Brief
ClevX Assigned Patent
Data security system with encryption
2017.11.28 | In Brief
Quest Software Assigned Patent
Content-based encryption keys
2017.11.24 | In Brief
Tangoe Assigned Patent
Security application for data security formatting, tagging and control
2017.10.04 | In Brief
Secured2 Assigned Patent
Secured data storage on HDD
2017.09.29 | In Brief
Nicira Assigned Patent
Replicating firewall policy across multiple data centers
2017.09.18 | In Brief