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IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for i, V1.2.0
With optional compression and encryption
2017.10.10 | Press Release
Tangoe Assigned Patent
Security application for data security formatting, tagging and control
2017.10.04 | In Brief
Secured2 Assigned Patent
Secured data storage on HDD
2017.09.29 | In Brief
Arcserve Joins Ransomware Watch Forces With Data Security Experts to Fight Ransomware
Moving to bankrupt cyber criminals
2017.09.28 | Press Release
Nicira Assigned Patent
Replicating firewall policy across multiple data centers
2017.09.18 | In Brief
Infosys Assigned Patent
Dynamic destruction of data in remote storage platform
2017.09.06 | In Brief
Invysta Technology Assigned Patent
Automatic secure escrowing of password for encrypted information attachable storage device
2017.08.24 | In Brief
Morpho Assigned Patent
Securing distributed storage
2017.08.15 | In Brief
Intersections Assigned Patent
Secure information storage and delivery system
2017.08.14 | In Brief
RackTop Teams With Fornetix for FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Compliant Encrypted Storage Solution
Secure encryption service with support for external cryptographic key management powered by Key Orchestration
2017.08.11 | Press Release
IBM Patents System to Secure Cryptographic Keys and Codes for Data Protection
For protection of data encryption keys
2017.08.04 | Press Release
Citrix Assigned Patent
Securing encrypted virtual hard disks
2017.08.04 | In Brief
Drei Gründe, warum Unternehmen an einem zentralen USB-Device-Management nicht vorbeikommen German
Von DataLocker
2017.08.02 | Press Release
Certification of Bloombase StoreSafe Encryption Solution With Atto Celerity 16Gb FC HBAs and FastFrame NICs
Interoperable solution addresses enterprise data leakage and exfiltration vulnerabilities and helps organizations meet confidentiality and regulatory compliance
2017.07.28 | Press Release
ClevX Assigned Patent
Encryption key generation in encrypted storage devices
2017.07.27 | In Brief
Kaspersky Lab Assigned Patent
Updating disk encryption software and performing pre-boot compatibility verification
2017.07.26 | In Brief
IBM Z for Data Protection With Pervasive Encryption for Cloud Era
Running more than twelve billion encrypted transactions/day
2017.07.25 | Press Release
Cloud Storage Error Exposes Over Two Million Dow Jones Customer Records
Due to configuration error on cloud storage server
2017.07.21 | In Brief
Virtustream IP Holding Assigned Patent
Secure cloud computing
2017.07.20 | In Brief
More Ransomware Protection for ownCloud
Combats WannaCry and Petya.
2017.07.14 | Press Release
McAfee Assigned Patent
Secure disk access control
2017.06.28 | In Brief
TP Lab Assigned Patent
Location based secure data device
2017.06.21 | In Brief
Micro Focus Software Assigned Patent
Key-encrypted storage in cloud computing environment
2017.06.16 | In Brief
Druva Joining Cloud Security Alliance
To support cloud-first security and data protection strategies
2017.06.15 | Press Release
Dataguise Addresses Enterprise GDPR Compliance Challenge
With sensitive data governance powered by DgSecure
2017.06.01 | Press Release
Commvault Calls on Businesses to Prepare for GDPR Compliance
Taking effect in 12 months
2017.05.31 | Press Release
Managed Security Services, Backup and DR from iomart on G-Cloud 9
For UK public sector
2017.05.31 | Press Release
Joint Solution by Object Matrix and Fortium Technologies for Content Security
For improving media protection
2017.05.29 | Press Release
Centri Technology Assigned Patent
Secure storage for shared documents
2017.05.29 | In Brief
Canadian Cloud Backup Protecting Against Ransomware
Local and cloud backup recovery solution
2017.05.25 | Press Release
Acronis in Partnership With No More Ransom Initiative
Joining Europol European Cybercrime Centre
2017.05.24 | Press Release
Offline-Backups zum Schutz vor Ransomware German
Empfiehlt Starline.
2017.05.19 | Press Release
IBM Shipped Trojanized USB Keys to Lenovo Storwize Customers
Initialization tool may contain malicious code.
2017.05.04 | Press Release
AWS to Comply With General Data Protection Regulation
When it becomes enforceable on May 25, 2018.
2017.05.03 | Press Release
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Assigned Patent
Preventing autorun of portable USB storage
2017.05.02 | In Brief
Sophos Assigned Patent
Cloud-based key management
2017.04.27 | In Brief
Data Destruction Introduces SSD Wiping
By way of encryption of drive using complicated passphrases impossible to decode
2017.04.14 | Press Release
Ionic Security Assigned Patent
Encryption and provision of information security using platform services
2017.04.12 | In Brief
Ransomware Prevention Checklist by Zetta
Provides actionable steps to recover from and prevent cyber attacks.
2017.04.07 | Press Release
F-Secure Assigned Patent
Security method and apparatus directed at removable storage devices
2017.04.05 | In Brief
Kaspersky Security for Storage Certified With Dell EMC FluidFS v6
Delivering unified protection of storage for corporate customers
2017.03.29 | Press Release
Kaspersky Lab Assigned Patent
Encryption of user data for storage in cloud server
2017.03.27 | Press Release
Ionic Delivering Key Management Service Support for Google Cloud Storage
Providing third party 256-bit string such as an AES encryption key
2017.03.23 | Press Release
Pentland Firth Software Assigned Patent
Encrypted remote storage
2017.03.20 | In Brief
Squadra Technologies’ secRMM Adds USB Data Loss Prevention to Microsoft System Center
Support of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager extends Endpoint Protection.
2017.03.17 | Press Release
HubStor Provides Ransomware Recovery for File Servers From Secure Cloud Archive Storage
Using point-in-time recovery
2017.03.15 | Press Release
Seagate HDDs/SSDs With Encryption Key Management Software and Services
From Fornetix
2017.02.21 | Press Release
How to Protect Data at Rest with Amazon EC2 Instance Store Encryption?
To ensure sensitive data saved on disks not readable by any user or application without valid key
2017.02.20 | Press Release
Insyde Software Assigned Patent
Store data securely for firmware using read-protected storage
2017.02.16 | In Brief
Socionext Assigned Patent
Secure boot method, semiconductor device and recording medium
2017.02.15 | In Brief