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DataLocker Unveils PortBlocker for SafeConsole
Endpoint protection agent that limits USB mass storage devices used on workstation.
2019.01.10 | Press Release
HotLink Enables Service Providers to Battle Cybersecurity Attacks
With Veeam cloud connect technology
2018.12.28 | Press Release
Storage Made Easy Strengthens File Fabric
With document watermark protection
2018.12.28 | Press Release
Pivot3 Unveils Policy-Based Security Management Capabilities in Core Intelligence Engine
To streamline security and regulatory compliance across edge, core and cloud
2018.12.19 | Press Release
End-To-End Encryption for ownCloud Enterprise
From €20/user/year and starting with 50 users, plug-in enables encryption and decryption by generating 'key pair' including private and public key
2018.12.10 | Press Release
Apricorn: Aegis Fortress L3 Encrypted With FIPS Validation USB 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 HDDs and SSDs
From 1 to 5TB in HDD models, and from 500GB to 16TB in SSD models
2018.12.10 | Press Release
DocuSign Assigned Patent
Cloud data security
2018.12.10 | In Brief
DriveSavers With Passcode Lockout Data Recovery Service for Consumers
Utilizing proprietary technology to recover data from password-locked smart devices with any length passcode
2018.12.04 | Press Release
Cryptography Research/Rambus Assigned Patent
Protecting media items using media security controller
2018.11.29 | In Brief
ExactTrak Assigned Patent
Secure storage device with on-board encryption control
2018.11.26 | In Brief
GE Aviation Systems Assigned Patent
Cryptographic ignition key embedded in removable data cartridge
2018.11.15 | In Brief
Bank of America Corporation Assigned Patent
Hardened remote storage of private cryptography keys used for authentication
2018.11.14 | In Brief
Acronis Assigned Patent
Verifying data integrity using blockchain network
2018.11.13 | In Brief
DataLocker Encrypted Storage Devices Verified Citrix Ready
Including Sentry K300 microSSD OLED keypad USB device
2018.11.07 | Press Release
Quintessencelabs Assigned Patent
Permanently erasing mechanism for encryption information
2018.11.07 | In Brief
Kanguru: Hybrid Approach To Data Security With KRMC
For hardware encrypted USB drives
2018.10.30 | Press Release
Gigadevice Semiconductor Assigned Patent
Information protection for micro control unit chip
2018.10.29 | In Brief
Five Dangerous Causes of Salesforce Data Loss
By Reflection Enterprise
2018.10.09 | Press Release
OSNexus: Integration of Multi-Factor Authentication Into QuantaStor Software-Defined Storage Platform
With Duo Security as additional security layer
2018.10.04 | Press Release
Nutanix Frame Achieved FedRAMP Ready Designation
For Frame, recently acquired cloud-based Windows desktop and application delivery service
2018.10.02 | Press Release
Jetico BestCrypt Volume Encryption V.4 Software
Alternative to native OS encryption, delivering compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR
2018.09.27 | Press Release
Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in Western Digital My Cloud Allows Escalation to Admin Privileges
Unauthenticated attacker can exploit vulnerability to authenticate as admin user without needing to provide password, thereby gaining full control of My Cloud device.
2018.09.26 | Press Release
Overland-Tandberg augmente la sécurité de sa technologie RDX French
Introduisant PowerEncrypt, solution de chiffrement matériel
2018.09.25 | Press Release
iStorage Passed FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certification
diskAshur PRO2 and diskAshur DT PIN2 authenticated hardware encrypted HDD/SSD
2018.09.14 | Press Release
Secure Cloud Systems Assigned Patent
Encrypted storage and retrieval
2018.09.04 | In Brief
Quantum Assigned Patent
Adaptive erasure codes
2018.08.30 | In Brief
FMR Assigned Patent
Encrypting and storing data
2018.08.30 | In Brief
Uqontrol Assigned Patent
Multi-purpose storage key
2018.08.15 | In Brief
Rubrik: Availability of Polaris Radar Data Management Application Built on Polaris SaaS Platform
Accelerates recovery from ransomware and other security threats with minimal business disruption and data loss, and leverages machine learning models to help enterprises deepen data defense posture.
2018.08.02 | Press Release
Vaultive/Cyberark Assigned Patent
Encryption and decryption of data transmitted over network
2018.07.22 | In Brief
Bloombase StoreSafe Available to Customers of VMware Cloud on AWS
With data-at-rest encryption security to help meet GDPR
2018.07.19 | Press Release
Archos Archis Safe-T mini fournit aux traders de crypto monnaies un portefeuille de stockage à froid sécurisé French
Au prix de 50€
2018.07.04 | Press Release
Opswat Assigned Patent
Determining whether data storage is encrypted
2018.06.27 | In Brief
GE Aviation Systems Assigned Patent
Cryptographic key loader embedded in removable data cartridge
2018.06.25 | In Brief
Gemalto Assigned Patent
Protecting data on mass storage device
2018.06.11 | In Brief
BlackBerry Assigned Patent
Configuring secure storage on computing device
2018.05.31 | In Brief
Qnap: Response to Claims of VPNFilter Malware Infections of NAS
Issue addresed with updates to QTS OS and NAS Malware Remover application
2018.05.30 | Press Release
ExactTrak Assigned Patent
Secure storage device with automatic command filtering
2018.05.28 | In Brief
Eperi Assigned Patent
Storing data in server computer with deployable encryption/decryption
2018.05.18 | In Brief
Oyster Protocol Reaches Milestone: One Million Transactions of Decentralized Storage in Beta Testing
More than 1000 users store encrypted data amidst theft scandals at facebook and dropbox
2018.05.16 | Press Release
Common Criteria Certification for Seagate HDDs and SSDs
Expanding on existing company's Secure Certified Service Level.
2018.05.10 | Press Release
Acronis Joins Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization
For better data protection
2018.05.07 | Press Release
Storagecraft Assigned Two Patents
Graphical user interface relationship graph for displaying relationships between image backup files in backup job , consolidating encrypted image backups without decryption
2018.04.30 | In Brief
FireEye Assigned Patent
Enhanced security of storage devices
2018.04.27 | In Brief
ScienBiziP Consulting Assigned Patent
Securing mechanism for storage device
2018.04.26 | In Brief
RSA Conference: Preview of Cybersecurity Platform for Backup and DR Systems From HotLink
Eliminates latent cyber threats and neutralizes impact of bad actors.
2018.04.19 | Press Release
RSA Conference: Code42 Software Launched Forensic File Search
Data security investigations faster and providing visibility to all file activity across every endpoint
2018.04.17 | Press Release
StorMagic Introducing SvSAN With Encryption
Starting at $3,720 for Advanced Edition
2018.04.13 | Press Release
Gemalto Provides Enhanced Data Security for Cloud, Hybrid and on-Premises Storage With NetApp
With SafeNet KeySecure
2018.04.11 | Press Release
Cryptsoft KMIP Technology Secures BDT MultiStor OEM Tape Library
Available in 3U, expandable OEM tape library product aimed at enterprises
2018.04.05 | Press Release
Vasco Data Security Assigned Patent
Mass storage device memory encryption
2018.04.05 | In Brief
Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen Assigned Patent
Secure file transmission
2018.03.27 | In Brief
R&D: Importance of Reliable Storage in Age of Big Data by Texas A&M University
'Error Correction with Natural Redundancy,' can be used by various storage systems such as cloud storage built with nonvolatile memories.
2018.03.26 | Press Release
Privacy, Security, Organization and Storage for Text Messaging With KeeperChat by Keeper Security
Plan includes 1GB of storage with limited retraction and self-destruct capabilities, starting at $20/year including unlimited use of all features and larger storage.
2018.03.22 | Press Release
Panzura Adds Private Secure Site Mode to Freedom
For security of stored data to ensure strict privacy and regulatory compliance
2018.03.20 | Press Release
Druva inSync: Data Protection Solution on Department of Homeland Security Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Approved List
With capabilities and tools that identify cybersecurity risks on ongoing basis
2018.03.15 | Press Release
Varonis: Support for HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage for File Access and Auditing
To reduce data security risk across enterprise
2018.03.14 | Press Release
First Filesharing Solution Received ISAE 3000 Certification
Joint development by ownCloud and Austrian cyminds
2018.03.07 | Press Release
Crypsoft and BDT Storage Together for Key Management Interoperability Protocol Server for Multistor OEM Tape Library
Responded to increasing market demand for key management server capabilities in storage products
2018.03.02 | Press Release
NTT Assigned Patent
Segmented secret-key storage system, segment storage apparatus, segmented secret-key storage
2018.03.02 | In Brief
Why Data Erasure Matters For GDPR
Said Kroll Onrack
2018.02.28 | Press Release
Conversant Wireless Licensing Assigned Patent
Suggesting data for deletion
2018.02.27 | In Brief
Scram Software Unveils ScramFS Peer-Reviewed Encryption System for Safeguarding Cloud Data
Volume-based subscriptions start at $499 for first 50GB of primary data under protection.
2018.02.21 | Press Release
KOM Software Assigned Patent
Providing restricted access to storage medium
2018.02.21 | In Brief
Rubrik Certified by Department of Defense Information Network Approved Product List
As cloud data management, backup and recovery platform
2018.02.08 | Press Release
iDGate Assigned Patent
Verifying security data, and computer-readable storage device
2018.02.07 | In Brief
DataLocker Assigned Patent
Security system for external storage
2018.02.05 | In Brief
Free AI-Based Ransomware Protection From Acronis
For Windows, stops ransomware attacks in real-time and helps users to recover data without paying ransom.
2018.02.02 | Press Release
NooBaa Assigned Patent
Security management of multi-client based distributed storage
2018.02.01 | In Brief
Assured Information Security Assigned Patent
Authentication processing for plurality of self-encrypting storage devices
2018.02.01 | In Brief
Syncdocs Keeps Google Drive Data Safe From Spectre and Meltdown CPU Bugs
Providing automatic end-to-end encryption for Google Drive and Google GSuite tools
2018.01.25 | Press Release
Vulnerabilities of Synology DiskStation Manager, Router Manager or VisualStation With Intel or ARM CPU
Security advice for Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities
2018.01.17 | Press Release
Data in Western Digital My Cloud Products May Still Be Vulnerable
Update published by HDD maker
2018.01.15 | Press Release
Siemens Assigned Patent
Storage device for protected data exchange between different security zones
2018.01.15 | In Brief
Three Vulnerabilities Within Dell EMC Data Protection Suite Family Products
Uncovered by security fim Digital Defense
2018.01.08 | Press Release
Critical Security Issues of VMware vSphere Data Protection
Action required to remediate
2018.01.08 | Press Release
Storage Made Easy Got Validated for FIPS 140-2 US Federal Government
For Enterprise File Fabric cryptographic algorithm
2017.12.26 | Press Release
Rubrik Cloud Data Management Platform to Achieve Common Criteria EAL2+
Of common criteria for information technology security evaluation
2017.12.22 | Press Release
Storage Made Easy: Enterprise File Fabric Platform With FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module
Security controls such as AES 256 encryption
2017.12.22 | Press Release
From Extenua, End-to-End Storage Security Automated Dynamic Encryption Key Management System
Providing automated dynamic and stateless encryption key management in response to critical industry needs which are facing ever increasing massive and destructive cyber-attacks
2017.12.22 | Press Release
Jetico with Simplified Disk Encryption for MSPs
With BestCrypt Volume Encryption – Enterprise Edition v3
2017.12.07 | Press Release
Whitecanyon Software Assigned Patent
Encrypted disk drive sanitizing
2017.12.07 | In Brief
Ctera Earning US Federal Government Validation
Military-grade file services platform got FIPS 140-2 certification.
2017.12.05 | Press Release
Vyrty Assigned Patent
Secure access to individual information
2017.12.05 | In Brief
111GB of Customer Information from National Credit Federation Left Exposed
Through unsecured AWS bucket
2017.12.01 | In Brief
ProCom-Strasser From Austria Unveils fragmentiX for Secure Storage in Cloud
Brings real information theoretical security to user by splitting resp. fragmenting and storing fragments separately from each other different S3, developed in cooperation with cryptography experts at Austrian Institute of Technology.
2017.11.30 | Press Release
AirWatch/VMware Assigned Patent
Encrypted file storage
2017.11.30 | In Brief
Leaky AWS Storage Bucket Spills Military Secrets
2017.11.29 | In Brief
Oxford and Cambridge Club Hit by Online Data Breach
Information on HDD includes members' personal information.
2017.11.28 | In Brief
ClevX Assigned Patent
Data security system with encryption
2017.11.28 | In Brief
Quest Software Assigned Patent
Content-based encryption keys
2017.11.24 | In Brief
HD-2X HDD Degausser From Garner Products
Erases up to 60 3.5-inch HDDs per hour.
2017.11.14 | Press Release
Enova Received FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validation
For X-Wall MX+ cryptographic modules
2017.11.10 | Press Release
Reduxio Deploying KMIP Into Data Management Solution
With Cryptsoft from Australia
2017.10.24 | Press Release
Spinbackup: Security Bridge Between Blockchain and Traditional Cloud Services
Replacing passwords with blockchain recording process and moving data to decentralized storage using blockchain technology
2017.10.20 | Press Release
IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for i, V1.2.0
With optional compression and encryption
2017.10.10 | Press Release
Tangoe Assigned Patent
Security application for data security formatting, tagging and control
2017.10.04 | In Brief
Secured2 Assigned Patent
Secured data storage on HDD
2017.09.29 | In Brief
Arcserve Joins Ransomware Watch Forces With Data Security Experts to Fight Ransomware
Moving to bankrupt cyber criminals
2017.09.28 | Press Release
Nicira Assigned Patent
Replicating firewall policy across multiple data centers
2017.09.18 | In Brief