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R&D: High-Speed Reference-Beam-Angle Control Technique for Holographic Memory Drive
Could enable Gb/s transfer rate.
2016.08.24 | Press Release
Hitachi Consumer Electronics Assigned Two Patents
Optical information reproduction, information recording
2016.07.28 | In Brief
Primera Bravo SE-3 Disc Publisher With 20 CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Disc Capacity
Faster print speeds, improved print quality and USB 3.0, starting at $995
2016.07.14 | Press Release
One-Red Reduced Royalty Rates and Paid-Up Licenses for DVD Licensing Programs
$1.40 for DVD Video player, $0.015 for DVD Video disc
2016.07.14 | Press Release
FujiFilm Assigned Patent
Optical information recording medium
2016.07.08 | In Brief
R&D: Chemistry Professor Uses Optical Methods to Change Storage
Building synthetic molecules
2016.07.05 | Press Release
DVD6C Licensing Group Reduced Royalties for DVD Read-Only Discs
$0.0275 per disc sold after January 1, 2016, 0.0225 after January 1, 2017
2016.06.30 | Press Release
R&D: Ultra-High Density Optical Data Storage in Common Transparent Plastics
Conventional gigabyte DVDs and Blu-ray transformed into ultra-high capacity media by encoding multi-level and multiplexed information within 3D volume of recording medium
2016.06.29 | Press Release
General Electric Assigned Patent
Dual-beam recording and readout of multilayered optical storage media
2016.06.29 | In Brief
R&D: Integrated Optical Memory Based on Laser-Written Waveguides
Based on laser-written waveguides in rare-earth-doped crystals.
2016.06.24 | In Brief
Scientists at the University of Southampton’s Optoelectronics Research Centre Develop 5D Glass Disc Media
That can survive billions of years.
2016.06.13 | In Brief
Verbatim Launched 100GB Mdisc Blu-ray Storage Media for Archiving
£24 per single unit and £90 for five-disc pack
2016.05.25 | Press Release
R&D: Hybrid Nanoantennas, Next Gen Platform for Ultradense Data Recording
Approach to effective manipulation of light at nanoscale based on hybrid metal-dielectric nanoantenna
2016.05.02 | Press Release
Ultra HD Premium From UHD Alliance
Logo and certification licensing for Ultra HD Blu-ray disc players
2016.04.18 | Press Release
R&D: Coumarin-Containing Polymers for High Density Non-Linear Optical Storage
Exploring photodimerization attribute of coumarin derivatives
2016.04.12 | In Brief
Case Western Reserve University Assigned Patent
Optical information storage medium
2016.04.01 | In Brief
Cavity Techniques for Holographic Storage Recording
Times enhancement in write data rate, out of 1.4 theoretical maximum for materials absorption of 16%.
2016.03.18 | In Brief
Panasonic Enhanced ‘freeze-ray’ Series Data Archiver System
1.9PB in 19-inch rack using 300GB optical discs
2016.03.16 | Press Release
Sony Optical Archive Unveiled Everspan Library System
181PB by optical library using 300GB discs, up to 724PB with four connected systems
2016.03.16 | Press Release
Krypto-Trojaner Locky: Daten auf optischen Datenträgern sicher German
Festplattenbasierte Archivsysteme können wie jedes andere nicht native WORM.
2016.03.16 | Press Release
5D Storage Capable of Surviving for Billions of Years – University of Southampton
360TB/disc using nanostructured glass with femtosecond laser writing
2016.03.01 | Press Release
Facebook Assigned Patent
Digital optical disc magazine
2016.02.24 | In Brief
Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Assigned Nine Patents
Optical disc drive having tray with guide supports and main circuit board, selective interfacing, objective lens driving unit and optical pickup device, focus controlling and optical disk drive using focus controlling, optical pickup and optical information storage system, optical pickup and optical information storage system, disc loading device and optical disc drive, tilt adjusting apparatus and optical disc drive, disk drive including noise reduction unit and reducing noise by using disk drive
2016.02.23 | In Brief
Catalyst Series Disc Publishing Systems by Rimage
150-disc carousel, 6000N wih embedded PC6000 with external PC
2016.02.12 | Press Release
By Sony, High-Resolution Premium Audio and Video Player
Around €400 for A/V player UHP-H1 and €160 for BDP-S6700 BLu-ray unit
2016.01.15 | Press Release
Panasonic Develops freeze-ray Optical Disc-Based Archive System for Data Center
With Facebook
2016.01.14 | Press Release
arvato Closing Weaverville CD/DVD Replication Plant
Transferred to CDA Charlotte, NC facility
2016.01.13 | Press Release
Bayer Assigned Patent
Holographic medium having protective layer
2016.01.08 | In Brief
General Electric Assigned Six Patents
2016.01.07 | In Brief
Antitrust Lawsuit Accusing Lite-On, Philips, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba of Illegal Price-Fixing
On optical disc drives
2016.01.01 | In Brief
From OWC, Mercury Pro Optical Drive for CD, DVD, Blu-ray and M-DISC
$134 including M-DISC support
2015.12.31 | Press Release
Hitachi-LG Data Storage Assigned Three Patents
Archive device, optical information recording/reproducing device and optical information recording/reproducing, archive system, recording/reproducing and library
2015.12.31 | In Brief
Doug Carson Assigned Patent
Image archive disc
2015.12.24 | In Brief
ISO/IEC: Digitally Recorded Media for Information Interchange and Storage – 120mm Triple and Quadruple Layer BD Recordable Disc
International standard on triple layer 100GB single sided disk and 200GB double sided disk and quadruple layer 128GB single sided disk
2015.12.21 | In Brief
Optical Disc Drive Conspirators to Pay $37 Million for Fixing Prices
Including $15 million for Philips, $9 million for Samsung, $6 million for Sony, $4 million for Pioneer
2015.12.18 | Press Release
Taiyo Yuden Assigned Patent
Optical recording device and method, and multi-layer disc
2015.12.16 | Press Release
Primera Disc Publishers Burn Blu-ray Discs at Triple Speed
Faster burn engine software available for new and existing Blu-ray disc units
2015.11.02 | Press Release
European Commission Fines €116 Million Suppliers of Optical Disc Drives for Cartel
Hitachi-LG Storage, Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology, Sony, Sony Optiarc and Quanta Storage
2015.10.28 | Press Release
Renesas Assigned Patent
Optical disc device
2015.10.28 | In Brief
Taiyo Yuden Assigned Patent
Dye for optical recording medium and optical recording medium
2015.09.29 | In Brief
CMC Magnetics Obtains Optical Disc Licensing from Taiyo Yuden
Stopping production of recording media products in December 2015
2015.09.25 | Press Release
Shangqing Liu in Canada Assigned Patent
Six-dimensional optical multilayer storage
2015.09.23 | In Brief
Lifetime DVDFab Media Player for Free
Before September 29
2015.09.17 | Press Release
I-O Data Device Joins One-Blue Licensing Program for Blu-ray Disc
To manufacture drives bundled with BD-PC software
2015.09.14 | Press Release
Hitachi-LG Data Storage Assigned Patent
Optical disc inspection in library and optical disc library apparatus
2015.09.08 | In Brief
Winarski (Intellectual Ventures) Assigned Patent
Magnetic media having graphene wear protection layers
2015.09.03 | In Brief
Vinpower Assigned Patent
Sensing physically-recordable maximum capacity of disc
2015.09.02 | In Brief
Akonia Holographics Assigned Patent
Data protection system
2015.08.28 | In Brief
Blu-ray Disc Association to Commence Licensing of Ultra HD Blu-ray
Ultra HD Blu-ray players will be required to play back current HD Blu-ray discs.
2015.08.12 | Press Release
Hitachi-LG Data Storage Assigned Seven Patents
Controlling power in optical disc apparatus, archive system and quality inspection, optical recording/reproducing, channel bitword processor, PRML decoder, optical recording/reproducing device, evaluating reproduction performance, reproduction device, and recording medium, library system
2015.08.07 | In Brief
Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Assigned Eight Patents
On optical disc drives
2015.08.05 | In Brief
Verbatim Sees Growth Opportunity in Optical Media Market
As Taiyo Yuden withdraws.
2015.07.29 | Press Release
Lawyers in Optical Disc Drive Class Action Get $13 Million
Or 30% of $37.9 million settlement
2015.07.28 | In Brief
Alliance Storage Technologies Offers Upgrade to End of Life Magneto Optical Discs
By migrating to more recent optical or hybrid technology
2015.07.28 | Press Release
Vinpower Europe Provides Alternative as Taiyo Yuden/JVC Stops Optical Disk Production
With CD-R, DVD±R, DVD±R DL, BD-R, and BD-R DL media from Optodisc
2015.07.15 | Press Release
BDP-S6500 4K Upscale Blu-ray Disc Player by Sony With Wifi
2015.07.01 | Press Release
Fahrenheit 2451: Nanoform Technology to Preserve Personal Data Over Long Periods of Time
By Xyalis and Arnano, two French Silicon Valley companiesl
2015.06.19 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Taiyo Yuden to Stop Manufacturing Recordable Optical Discs
Pioneer of these 12cm data storage media
2015.06.18 | Press Release | [with our comments]
University of Tsukuba Assigned Patent
Phase change device having phase change recording film
2015.06.05 | In Brief
Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Assigned Patent
Optically backing up data
2015.06.04 | In Brief
Blu-ray Disc Association Completes Ultra HD Blu-ray Specs
Up to 66GB and 100GB on dual and triple layer discs respectively
2015.05.19 | Press Release
CD, DVD Drive Makers Said to Face Possible Antitrust
In European Union
2015.05.13 | In Brief
3D Direct Laser Writing Petabyte Optical Disk
3D optical storage, archiving storage, fluorescent photosensitive glass-ceramics
2015.04.21 | In Brief
ASG Software Solutions integrating ADA Software With Sony Optical Disc Archive
For long term archive
2015.04.15 | Press Release
Sony ODA Delivers Workflow Innovation With StorageDNA Evolution Software
Creating nearline and archive storage solution
2015.04.14 | Press Release
Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Assigned Patent
Wire holder and wiring layers included in objective lens driving unit of optical disc drive
2015.04.14 | In Brief
XenData SX-10 Appliance Supports Sony Optical Disc Archive Drives and Libraries
Providing media asset management compatibilities
2015.04.08 | Press Release
Panasonic Showcased Data Archiver
For long-term storage on optical discs
2015.04.02 | Press Release
Kobe University Assigned Patent
Holographic memory
2015.03.24 | In Brief
Attorneys Seek $11.3 Million in Fees
For optical disk drive MDL deals
2015.03.20 | In Brief
Funai Electric Assigned Patent
Optical disc device
2015.03.18 | In Brief
CUC Expands OmniLib Archival Storage Automation Lineup
With 100TB into Blu-ray library
2015.03.17 | Press Release
Digistor Releasing Professional Grade Blu-ray Recordable Media
Use phase-change technology and upgraded hard coating.
2015.03.17 | Press Release
Vulnerabilities in Blu-ray Players
Noted by NCC Group
2015.03.13 | Press Release
Mitsubishi Electric Assigned Patent
Optical disc and devices
2015.02.16 | In Brief
Millenniata and Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Announce MDISC 100GB Blu-ray Disc
Optical media for life time archiving
2015.02.10 | Press Release
Sapphire Combo Storage Product by Addonics
Combining optical and HDD drives into one package
2015.02.09 | Press Release
DVDFab Media Player V2.5.0.2 for Windows
Improved playback support for DVD and Blu-ray; pro version at $99 for lifetime license
2015.02.05 | Press Release
PoINT Software & Systems Released Publisher NG 4.0
Automated data extraction from CD, DVD or Blu-ray by disc publishing systems
2015.01.30 | Press Release
Verbatim to Resell Millenniata Archival-Grade M-Disc
Worldwide co-branding, co-marketing and joint development agreement
2015.01.30 | Press Release
Infinisc from Caveau: Etched Glass-Based DVD
For long-term archiving
by Francis Pelletier | 2015.01.22 | News
CyberLink Power2Go 10: All-in-One Burning, Backup and Conversion
Burns Blu-ray, DVDs and CDs. starting at $50 for the Deluxe version
2015.01.22 | Press Release
Digistor Reveals USB 3.0 External Optical Drives
For CD, DVD and Blu-ray
2015.01.16 | Press Release
Leawo With 3D Blu-ray Backup Software for Mac
2015.01.16 | Press Release
Hitachi and HLDS Assigned Patent
Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus
2015.01.07 | In Brief
Corel Joins One-Blue Licensing Program for Blu-ray Disc
For BD software
2015.01.02 | Press Release
ECMA-396: Lifetime Optical Discs for Long-Term Data Storage
3rd edition standard
2014.12.29 | Press Release
Sony Assigned Patent
Control device, control method, and master-disc fabricating apparatus
2014.12.26 | In Brief
Millenniata Licensee of One-Blue
For Blu-ray Disc
2014.12.25 | Press Release
Hitachi-LG Data Storage Assigned Patent
Recording/reproducing device and optical disk library
2014.12.23 | In Brief
Panasonic Assigned Two Patents
Information recording/reproduction device, cleaning tape and optical disc device including carrier for holding optical discs
2014.12.05 | In Brief
Racklive: HL100-RL Optical Library Expanding Storage Lineup
50TB of Blu-ray storage per 4U appliance
2014.11.28 | Press Release
Converter Software for Merging Many DVDs to BD, From DVDFab
For Windows and Mac OS
2014.11.28 | Press Release
Aleratec 1:7 DVD/CD Duplicator Copy Tower
2014.11.26 | Press Release
DVD6C Licensing Group Settled Royalty Licensee With Huizhou Foryou General Electronics …
In China
2014.11.20 | Press Release
… And World Media Group Inc.
Following lawsuit
2014.11.20 | Press Release
R&D : Hitachi R/W of Digital Data in Fused Silica Glass
Recording density equivalent to Blu-ray disc and withstand storage of "300 million years"
2014.10.31 | Press Release
Start-Up Nano-Meta Technologies Using Plasmonics to Advance Optical Technology
And improve storage capabilities and solar cell performance
2014.10.17 | Press Release
CD/DVD Drive Buyers Denied Class Certification In Price-Fixing
Accusing LG, Sony and Toshiba
2014.10.14 | In Brief
Digistor Joins One-Blue Licensing Program
For Blu-ray disc
2014.09.25 | Press Release