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R&D: Improved Racetrack Structure for Transporting Skyrmion
Store information as data bits in metalic racetrack memories.
2017.04.14 | Press Release
Ctera Networks Assigned Three Patents
Integrating NAS with cloud storage services, remote access to cloud-enabled network devices, efficiently enforcing resource quotas in multi-tenant cloud storage system
2017.04.14 | In Brief
R&D: National University of Singapore Researchers Invent Ultra-Thin Multi-Layer Film for Next-Gen Storage and Processing
Storage devices that use less power and work faster than existing memory technologies
2017.04.13 | Press Release
HPE Assigned Nine Patents
Managing data paths between computer applications and storage devices, word shift static RAM, WS-SRAM, scheduling realtime storage system access requests, allocating mass storage to logical server, direct attached storage, query summary generation using row-column storage, non-volatile cache, automatic WORM-retention state transitions, performance assist storage volumes
2017.04.12 | In Brief
R&D: Nanomagnets for Future Data Storage
For development of miniature data storage devices
2017.04.05 | Press Release
eBook: Enterprise Storage Concepts
By Stephen Foskett, chief at Tech Field Day and sponsored by SolarWinds
2017.03.31 | In Brief
Huawei Assigned Ten Patents
Data storage, RAID flushing, implementing round robin scheduling, data preheating, data processing, reducing read latency, DR method, DR device and distributed storage system, DR, and distributed storage system, cache management and apparatus for non-volatile storage device, pre-reading file containers storing unread file segments and segments that do not belong to file
2017.03.28 | In Brief
Fujitsu unterstützt Unternehmen mit leistungsfähigen EU General Data Protection-Regulierungen Services German
Die im Mai 2018 in Kraft treten, zu Preisen ab 12.250€
2017.03.24 | Press Release
What’s EU General Data Protection Regulation to Be Apply on May 2018 ?
How to be prepared?
2017.03.23 | Press Release
IBM Researchers Storing Data on World’s Smallest Magnet: Single Atom
1,000 times denser than HDDs and solid state memory chips
2017.03.13 | Press Release
R&D: DNA Fountain Enables Robust and Efficient Storage Architecture
Obtained retrieval from density of 215PB per gram of DNA
2017.03.10 | Press Release
Spectra Logic Assigned Two Patents
Optional data encryption by partition for partitionable storage library, mapping object interface into powered storage device system
2017.03.08 | In Brief
E8 Storage Systems Assigned Four Patents
Lockless distributed redundant storage and NVRAM caching of compressed data in highly-distributed shared topology, Lockless distributed redundant storage and NVRAM cache in highly-distributed shared topology with direct memory access capable interconnect, distributed RAID over shared multi-queued storage devices, snapshots and thin-provisioning in distributed storage over shared storage devices
2017.02.02 | In Brief
Avago/Broadcom Assigned Ten Patents
Multi-head coefficient based scaling, multi-node cache coherency with I/O virtualization, write redirection in RAID systems, RAID systems, performing embedded full-stripe write operations to data volume with data elements distributed across multiple modules, SAS topology pathway analysis, safe and efficient dirty data flush for dynamic logical capacity based cache in storage systems, host-based device drivers for enhancing operations in RAID systems, side-track aided data recovery, scaling performance for RAID controllers by predictively caching data for host write requests
2017.01.31 | In Brief
Facebook Assigned Two Patents
Efficient storage and retrieval of resources for rendering structured documents, storage drive remediation in RAID
2017.01.25 | In Brief
NVM Express Organization Elects Facebook and Toshiba to Board
Micron, Microsoft, Samsung, Seagate and Western Digital re-elected
2017.01.24 | Press Release
Happy New Year to Our 59,169 Unique Visitors !
In 180 countries
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.01.02 | News
Facebook Assigned Two Patents
File storage system based on coordinated exhaustible and non-exhaustible storage, Optical cold storage wherein plurality of first and second chunks are encoded and placed on different optical disks
2016.12.16 | In Brief
.Storage Registry Selling
For $55
2016.12.07 | In Brief
Dell Assigned Thirteen Patents
Dynamic enablement of storage media associated with access controller, error simulation and code testing, virtual snapshot, continuous backup using real time delta storage, transferring data between different RAIDs for current data and replay data, milestone based dynamic multiple watchdog timeouts and early failure detection, software based SED sleep resuming, restoring data in degraded computer system, mirroring virtual functions in chassis configured to receive plurality of modular information handling systems, detection of elephant flows, synchronized storage system operation, single unit height storage SLED, SAN performance analysis tool
2016.12.07 | In Brief
DriveSavers Offering Free Data Recovery to Victims of Sevier County, TN Fires
Who have lost data as result of devastating fires raging through area.
2016.12.06 | Press Release
IBM Integrated Support Services
For high availability of IBM Power Systems and Storage
2016.12.05 | Press Release
Hitachi Assigned Fourteen Patents
Storage system and object management, storage control, maximize return on investment in hybrid cloud environment, computer system, data management, file management, storage system failure management, verifying storage area, migration of virtualized file system, storage system for migration, communication apparatus and packet transfer method, storage apparatus and hierarchy control
2016.12.05 | In Brief
Osaka University, Scality and Fujitsu in Joint Intercontinental Data Center Coordination Field Trial Using Cold Storage
Carried out between data centers in Osaka University's Cybermedia Center and AntemetA
2016.12.01 | Press Release
Millennium Enterprise Assigned Patent
Master storage device for controlling slave functions of host electronic device
2016.11.23 | In Brief
IT Press Tour #21 Back in California
Cohesity, Datos IO, DDN Storage, Igneous, MemoSale, Minio, NEC, Open vStorage, Primary Data, Quantum and Rubrik to connect with European Press in December 2016
2016.11.16 | Press Release
Western Digital Assigned Twelve Patents
HDD adjusting estimated servo state to compensate for transient when crossing a servo zone boundary, HDD having shroud wall that encircles disk outer periphery, storage device employing different frequency preambles in adjacent data, storage device controlling and sensing secondary actuator for actuating head over disk, slider having shock and particle resistance, leakage test method for hermetically sealed HDD enclosure, HDD correcting error in detected gray code, storage device employing spindle motor driving profile during seek to improve power performance, minimizing contamination in HDD assembly, management of sequentially written data, storage device generating operating seek time profile as function of base seek time profile, internal storage manager for RAIDs
2016.10.31 | In Brief
Companies Launch OpenCAPI Consortium to Release Specs Enabling Up to 10X Faster Server Performance
AMD, Dell EMC, Google, HPE, IBM, Mellanox, Micron, Nvidia and Xilinx
2016.10.28 | Press Release
Dell EMC Analytics Solution for Business Insight
To drive digital transformation streamlines data analytics and cloud-native app development.
2016.10.27 | Press Release
Amazon Assigned Eighteen Patents
Storage device selection for database partition replicas, dynamic selection of storage tiers, efficient garbage collection for log-structured data store, failure-decoupled volume-level redundancy coding techniques, backup of volatile memory to persistent storage, long term encrypted storage and key management, wiped storage devices, managing CDN registration by storage provider, replication framework, block restore ordering in streaming restore system, consistent object renaming in distributed systems, modular mass storage system with controller, scheduling and tracking control plane operations for distributed storage systems, implementing scalable storage service, importance-based storage verification, providing data volume recovery access in distributed data store to multiple recovery agents, equitable resource allocation for storage object deletion, capturing snapshots of storage volumes
2016.10.26 | In Brief
HDS: Hitachi Enterprise Cloud Changes Game for Enterprise Cloud Deployment
And enhancements to UCP 2000 and HC
2016.10.20 | Press Release
Pure Storage Achieves Industry-Best Satmetrix Certified Net Promoter Score of 83.5
Increasing NPS, ranks among top one percent among all business-to-business brands
2016.10.17 | Press Release
Open Invention Network Assigned Two Patents
Providing storage checkpointing to group of independent computer applications, dynamic virtual storage creation and provisioning of VM resources
2016.10.13 | In Brief
Green Cloud Offers Free Services for Businesses Impacted by Hurricane Matthew
To reseller partners and their customers
2016.10.12 | Press Release
StorageCraft: Free Backup to Businesses in Hurricane Matthew Danger Zone
With ShadowProtect SPX software
2016.10.10 | Press Release
Axcient Offering Complimentary DR Services in Advance of Hurricane Matthew
Companies who could be impacted can implement Fusion for free to ensure BC
2016.10.10 | Press Release
Avago Assigned Eleven Patents
Magnetoresistive reader for 2D magnetic recording, internal HDD compression, preamplifier common-mode noise rejection for 2D magnetic recording, preamplifier crosstalk correction in array reader magnetic recording system, cache load balancing in storage controllers, controllers for affiliation management, temporal tracking of cache data, caching hinted data, I/O processing using out-of-band hinting to block driver or storage controller, hinted cache data removal, coordination techniques for redundant array of independent disks storage controllers
2016.09.30 | In Brief
Toshiba Assigned Four Patents
Disk storage device and method for controlling head flying height, low-overhead storage of hibernation file in hybrid disk drive, cache device for hard disk drives and methods of operations, magnetic disk device and determining method of crossing zone boundary
2016.09.30 | In Brief
20th Edition of IT Press Tour in Israel
Companies visited: Ctera Networks, iguazio, Infinidat, Kaminario, NooBaa, Reduxio, Weka.IO
2016.09.29 | Press Release
HGST/WD Assigned Seven Patents
Multiple ECC codeword sizes in SSD, tempered pacing of SMR storage devices, onset layer for PMR media, high speed I/O performance in SSDs, content data management, reducing overcounting of track-level damage caused by adjacent-track and far-track interference, information storage device with multiple-use fields in servo pattern
2016.09.29 | In Brief
Huawei Assigned Five Patents
Nonvolatile memory and electronic device, caching method for distributed storage system, data block sub-division based data recovery method and device, file processing method and apparatus, and storage device, virtual storage migration
2016.09.27 | In Brief
Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Project Plugfest on September 20 in Santa Clara, CA
With EMC, OpenIO, Open vStorage, Scality and Toshiba
2016.09.19 | Press Release
Data Storage Undergoing Mind-Boggling Growth
In 2010 requirements hit "Zetta" prefix, with only one prefix, "Yotta," left available.
2016.09.16 | In Brief
UltraCard Assigned Patent
Data storage device in credit card form factor
2016.09.14 | In Brief
DriveSavers Offering Data Recovery to Victims of California Wildfires
Extending $300 off services through September 30, 2016
2016.08.31 | Press Release
Kroll Ontrack Offering Data Recovery Discount for Storage Devices Affected by Flooding in Louisiana
$850 flat fee until October 2016
2016.08.30 | Press Release
R&D: Plasmonic Data Storage Based on Nematic Liquid Crystal Layers
Two-bit binary storage used as basic unit for large scale storage device with high capacity and high bit rate
2016.08.25 | Press Release
DriveSavers Offering Data Recovery to Residents Impacted by Louisiana Flooding
Extending $300 off services
2016.08.24 | Press Release
R&D: Nanoscale Magnetic Whirlpools or Skyrmions to Create New Ways to Store Data
£7 million research program led by Durham University
2016.08.17 | Press Release
NVMe SSD, PCIe-Based Reference Architecture and Disaggregated Infrastructure Software Presented by Liqid
Also announcing Technology Alliance Partners
2016.08.15 | Press Release
Workday Assigned Patent
Dynamic three-tier storage utilization
2016.08.15 | In Brief
Kalray Krypto128 Accelerator Card
Based on Bostan, 2nd-gen MPPA high-speed I/O processor
2016.08.12 | Press Release
Spectra Logic Assigned Three Patents
Write protect integrated picker, de-dupe in removable storage device, efficient moves via spare chamber
2016.08.11 | In Brief
R&D: Nanosize Magnetic Whirlpools Could Be Future of Storage
£7 million research program led by Durham University
2016.08.08 | Press Release
Panasonic Assigned Nine Patents
Driving method of variable resistance element and non-volatile memory device, resistance change non-volatile storage memory device, disc device, tape recording medium, information recording/reproducing device, variable resistance nonvolatile memory element, optical pickup and recording, nonvolatile semiconductor memory device, variable resistance nonvolatile memory device, optical recording medium production device
2016.08.08 | In Brief
Huawei Assigned Two Patents
Optical disc drive installation mechanism, determining RAIDs
2016.08.04 | In Brief
Fujitsu Assigned Eight Patents
Storage control apparatus, storage control device for controlling physical storage device in storage system including virtual storage device, storage control device, storage virtualization, controlling access to disk apparatus in information processing system, storage system
2016.07.29 | In Brief
Lenovo Assigned Two Patents
Parallel storage system testing, non-volatile memory validity
2016.07.29 | In Brief
Apple Assigned Eight Patents
Cache memory for hybrid HDDs, programmable peak-current control in non-volatile memory devices, statistical peak-current management in non-volatile memory devices, nonvolatile memory performance throttling, securely recovering computing device, host system resources by memory controller, media storage structures for storing content, latency reduction in read operations from storage in host device
2016.07.26 | In Brief
Hitachi Assigned Twelve Patents
Non-volatile storage addressing using multiple tables, storage system, maintenance or exchange of encryption function in storage and storage device, storage system and cache control, efficiently utilizing storage capacity within storage system, managing error codes for storage systems coupled with external storage systems, compound storage system and storage control, computer realizing high-speed access and protection of storage device, computer system, and I/O request processing, de-dupe in flash memory module, storage system, storage controller and compression, nonvolatile semiconductor storage system, disk array apparatus
2016.07.25 | In Brief
GlobalFoundries Assigned Six Patents
Controlling storage in arrays, magnetic memory device and method of forming thereof, memory cell with decoupled channels, allocating resource of storage device to storage optimization operation, controlling redundancy parity encoding amount based on de-dupe indications of activity, mapping source workload pattern for source storage system to target workload pattern for target storage system
2016.07.20 | In Brief
eBook: “BC: The MSP’s Guide to Backup and DR”
By Continuum
2016.07.19 | Press Release
HGST/WD Assigned Twelve Patents
Using stripes for recovering data in flash system, acoustically secure phase change memory devices, enhanced data verify in arrays, spacing measurement improvement in presence of track mis-registration, transferring storage resources between snapshot storage pools and volume storage pools in distributed network, operating resistive array, peak power efficient storage drives, performing direct memory access at predetermined address in flash storage, reducing adjacent track interference effects in storage system, providing wear leveling in SSD, improving performance and storage density in storage device, enhanced data recovery from storage devices
2016.07.19 | In Brief
Western Digital Assigned Eight Patents
Storage device employing differential write data signal and differential write pattern signal, characterizing geometry of magnetic transitions, disk defect management, read heads with multi-layer AFM layer, HDD measuring stroke difference between heads by detecting difference between ramp contact, spin torque oscillator for microwave assisted magnetic recording with increased damping, dynamic scaling of LDPC decoder in SSD
2016.07.18 | Press Release
Dell Assigned Eight Patents
Automatic failure recovery using snapshots and replicas, scalable storage management, redundant storage enclosure processor implementation for use in SCSI/SAS, environment, preventing damage to storage devices within storage system due to movement of storage system, preventing I/O performance decrease after disk failure in distributed file system, dynamic optimization of flash cache in storage devices, modular dense storage array, SAN vulnerability assessment tool
2016.07.15 | In Brief
SNIA Launching SFF Technology Affiliate Technical Work Group
Transitioning SFF Committee and being first technology affiliate membership community
2016.07.06 | Press Release
Cloudian, Dentsu and QCT Launch Smart Data-Driven Advertising Model in Japan
With learning capabilities to analyze traffic volumes and enable targeted roadside advertising
2016.06.27 | Press Release
Spectra Logic CEO Publishes Book
Society's Genome: Genetic Diversity's Role in Digital Preservation
2016.06.27 | Press Release
Sony Assigned Forty-Two Patents
Drive control, storage element, storage apparatus, and magnetic head, memory element and apparatus with plurality of magnetic layers and oxide layer, memory device, recording apparatus, cache memory and method of controlling cache memory, magnetic memory element and memory apparatus having multiple magnetization directions, recording apparatus, server apparatus, recording method, program and storage medium, adapter for recording medium, storage element, memory and electronic apparatus, storage element and storage device, memory device and access method, barium ferrite magnetic storage media, recording apparatus, recording method, and pattern forming medium, recording layer, information recording medium, optical disc, computer-readable storage medium, magnetic recording medium, information storage medium, non-volatile memory, recording/transferring, nonvolatile cache memory, reproducing apparatus, memory access control circuit, storage control apparatus, memory element and memory device with ion source layer and resistance change layer
2016.06.14 | In Brief
QLogic Assigned Nine Patents
Intelligent adapter, managing networks, improved caching in virtualized environment, intelligent adapter for maintaining cache coherency, data migration, communication with peripheral devices, read ahead operation using intelligent storage adapter, smoothing FIFO, network devices having configurable receive packet queues
2016.06.06 | In Brief
Lenovo Assigned Eleven Patents
RAID 1 mirror meshed into co-existing RAID 5 parity stream, drive tray, merging external NVRAM with full disk encryption, control of media on remote device, operating memory management controller, nonvolatile random access memory use, operating memory management controller, dynamic use of RAID levels responsive to predicted failure of data storage device, dual side staggered surface mount dual in-line memory module, asynchronous data mirroring in memory controller
2016.05.31 | In Brief
Oracle Assigned Twenty-Three Patents
Tape head with thin tape bearing surface coating, supporting efficient buffer usage with single external memory interface, diffractive imaging of groove structures on optical tape, mirroring, in memory, data from disk to improve query performance, simulated failover testing, circuit for glitch reduction in memory read latch circuit, tape head surface with non-uniform cross-width edge profiles, steering DMA write requests to cache memory, Z-drive shipping lock for storage library robotic assembly, rotatable recording head actuator for correcting angular error in tape drives, connector retention and alignment assembly for use in computer and data storage mounting racks, queue descriptor cache management for host channel adapter, optical tape pick up unit with holographic optical element, concurrent access for hierarchical data storage, efficient memory region deallocation, computer readable media for predicting overload conditions using load information, runtime memory throttling, detection of logical corruption in persistent storage and automatic recovery therefrom, maintaining column vectors of relational data within volatile memory, high speed read access memory array with variation tolerant bypass scheme with protection circuit, hardware assisted object memory migration, target and initiator mode configuration of tape drives for data transfer between source and destination tape drives, on-chip completion cache for optimized completion building
2016.05.30 | In Brief
Quantum Assigned Two Patents
Media allocation in partitioned removable media storage library, combined asynchronous and synchronous fountain code storage in object store
2016.05.26 | In Brief
Ten Companies Visited by 19th IT Press Tour
Cloudian, Datrium, E8 Storage, Hedvig, Kaminario, OpenIO, Portworx, SpringPath, Sysdig, Versity
2016.05.24 | Press Release
Huawei Assigned Two Patents
Source storage device sending data to backup storage device for storage, write operation method and device for phase change memory
2016.05.24 | In Brief
Six-State Magnetic Memory
By researchers Yevgeniy Telepinsky et al., from Bar-Ilan University in Israel and New York University in USA
2016.05.19 | In Brief
Dropbox Assigned Three Patents
Preserving content item collection data across interfaces, application programming interfaces for data synchronization with online storage systems, content item templates
2016.04.29 | In Brief
Huawei Assigned Four Patents
Hash table storage and search methods and devices, controller for managing array, recovering erroneous data, backing up method, device, and system for VM
2016.04.22 | In Brief
JMR: Line of Thunderbolt, File transfer, NAS, and Mac Pro Accessories
Demonstrated at NAB
2016.04.21 | Press Release
ZTE Assigned Two Patents
Serving node for backup and restoration, identifying storage device
2016.04.19 | In Brief
IBM Assigned Thirty Five Patents
Determining server write activity levels to use to adjust write cache size, ensuring health and compliance of devices, junction field-effect quantum dot memory switch, junction field-effect floating gate quantum dot memory switch, multi-user universal serial bus (USB) key with customizable file sharing permissions, multi-user universal serial bus USB) key with customizable file sharing permissions, disk image introspection for storage systems, quasi disk drive for testing disk interface performance, maximizing use of storage in data replication environment, maximizing use of storage in data replication environment, substitution of target volume of secondary storage controller, recovery of storage device in redundant array of independent disk or raid-like array, responding to maintenance free storage container security threat, dispersed storage network file system directory, file load times with dynamic storage usage, storage management system for preserving consistency of remote copy data, dynamic gain control for use with adaptive equalizers, optimizing storage allocation in virtual desktop environment, list range operation dispersed storage network frame, substitution of target volume of secondary storage controller, consistent data retrieval in multi-site computing infrastructure, dispersed storage unit and methods with metadata separation for use in dispersed storage system, Initializing memory system, identifying redundant data for disk image streaming, renderable content partitioning and portability, computer system for manufacturing physical medium configured to store data, encrypting and decrypting virtual disc, dynamic reconfiguration of storage system, storage management system for preserving consistency of remote copy data, caching rebuilt encoded data slices in dispersed storage network, storage and retrieval of dispersed storage network access information, enhanced reliability in deduplication technology over storage clouds, identifying redundant data for disk image streaming
2016.04.18 | In Brief
R&D: University of Washington Team With Microsoft Stores Digital Images in DNA and Retrieves Them Perfectly
Complete systems to encode, store and retrieve digital data using DNA molecules
2016.04.14 | In Brief
Technicolor Stores Hollywood History in Bottle
Containing few droplets of water - and one million copies of old movie encoded into DNA
2016.04.13 | In Brief
Concurrent Ventures Assigned Patent
Monitoring, controlling and improving storage media system performance
2016.04.01 | In Brief
McAfee Assigned Two Patents
Wireless storage device, securing memory and storage of electronic device with below-operating system security agent
2016.03.29 | In Brief
R&D: Nucleic Acid Memory
DNA surpasses information density and energy of operation offered by flash memory.
2016.03.25 | In Brief
Imation Assigned Three Patents
Logical-to-physical address translation for removable storage device, portable desktop device and method of host computer system hardware recognition and configuration, authentication system and method
2016.03.24 | In Brief
Joint Collaboration Between Seagate and Photonics Electronics Technology Research Association in Japan
To develop advanced optical interconnects for future exascale data centres
2016.03.23 | Press Release
Lenovo Assigned Patent
File transfer applications
2016.03.22 | In Brief
Cisco Assigned Two Patents
Multi-fabric SAN based data migration, rule-based virtual address translation for accessing data
2016.03.18 | In Brief
R&D: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and MIT Achieve Controlled Movement of Skyrmions
Basis for utilization of skyrmions for application-related systems/magnetic vortices as data storage media of future
2016.03.17 | In Brief
GlobalFoundries Assigned Seven Patents
Implementing reinforcement learning based flash control, backward compatible head for quasi-static tilted reading and/or recording, mechanism of supporting sub-communicator collectives, enhanced data caching and takeover of non-owned storage devices, synchronous mode replication to multiple clusters, optimizing storage utilization by modifying logical volume offset, resistive non-volatile memory
2016.03.16 | In Brief
Nutanix Assigned Three Patents
For virtualization environment: handling ownership transfer, architecture for managing I/O and storage, metadata for managing I/O and storage
2016.03.15 | In Brief
QLogic Assigned Five Patents
Communication between computing system and device, data integrity, intelligent storage adapter for SAN and local storage access, high speed multiple buffer allocation, remote cache direct data placement
2016.03.14 | In Brief
Nintendo Assigned Two Patents
Storage medium having stored thereon image display program, computer-readable storage medium recording information processing program
2016.03.14 | In Brief
Ennovar Institute at Wichita State University Institute Gains Partner for Students
IBM partnert Re-Store, focused on big storage solution
2016.03.07 | Press Release
NEC Assigned Two Patents
Device, preventing information leakage, information processing devices, and recording medium with regard to distributed file system
2016.03.04 | Press Release
Gula Consulting Assigned Patent
Assembly formed of nanotube arrays containing magnetic nanoparticles
2016.03.01 | In Brief
New SNIA Storage Foundations Certification Exam
Available at all Prometric testing centers
2016.02.23 | Press Release
Databarracks Develops Free BC Testing Tool for SMEs
Service provider tackles UK organization’s DR shortcomings.
2016.02.22 | Press Release