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Verbatim Launches New Website
For photo enthusiasts to share and protect digital memories
2008.07.03 | Press Release
Les entreprises ne contrôlent pas le temps de conservation des emails French
Selon une étude signée GFT inboxx et Omniboss
2008.07.03 | Press Release
Cloud Computing Will Be as Influential as E-business
Gartner says.
2008.07.02 | Press Release
Organizations Lack Control of Their Unstructured Data Assets
Reveals a study from Ponemon Institute and Varonis
2008.07.01 | Press Release
KoffeePhoto Adds Online Photo Backup
Priced at $60 per year
2008.06.30 | Press Release
IBM Storage Optimization and Integration Services
To help with process and procedure
2008.06.25 | In Brief
Le Butler Group impressionné par GFT inboxx French
Pour son stockage d'emails et sa recherche de preuves
2008.06.25 | Press Release
WW Remote Branch Spending Will Reach $24.2 Billion by 2011
According to IDC
2008.06.24 | Press Release
Enterprise Search Frustrates and Disappoints Users
Reveals an AIIM report
2008.06.20 | Press Release
Hifn to Showcase New Data Reduction Reference Design
In collaboration with Freescale's processors
2008.06.19 | Press Release
DataCore Wins “Storage Product of the Year” and “Green Project of the Year”
At 2008 UK Storage Awards
2008.06.19 | Press Release
Politique d’archivage des documents numériques French
Réflexions du groupe PragmArchive
2008.06.19 | In Brief
CDW With Adaptec
To sell RAID solutions
2008.06.18 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Legal Professionals Facing E-Discovery Challenges
According to a Xerox/Kelton Research survey
2008.06.18 | Press Release
Nexsan Launches
On issues and trends in green and energy efficient data storage
2008.06.17 | Press Release
Seismic Processing and Imaging Application With Parallel Storage
An IDC report sponsored by Panasas
2008.06.16 | In Brief
Aliant Launches Personal Vault
An online backup solution for Atlantic Canadians
2008.06.13 | Press Release
Two-Thirds of UK Firms Lack Confidence in Their Ability to Recover Microsoft Exchange
According to a Mimosa Systems' survey
2008.06.13 | Press Release
Bull et IDC publient une étude européenne sur le stockage French
Les directions informatiques rencontrent des difficultés face la croissance des données.
2008.06.13 | Press Release
Nirvanix 200% Faster Than Amazon S3
For large files, including media, according to Webmetrics
2008.06.07 | Press Release
Study to Come on Global Impact and Implications of Information Growth
By University of CA, San Diego, MIT and University of CA, Berkeley, and sponsored by LSI
2008.06.07 | Press Release
Nirvanix Sees Cloud Storage as ‘Box Killer’
Storage delivery network sounds the death knell to building in-house data center for media-rich organizations.
2008.06.06 | Press Release
4Domains Introduces Two New Services
Web monitoring and online backup services
2008.06.05 | Press Release
Nix, Patterson & Roach LLP Recovers $160 Million in Brocade Securities Fraud Class Action
This settlement is the largest to date in an options backdating class action.
2008.06.04 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Brocade Will Pay $160 Million to Settle Class-Action Lawsuit
Relating to stock-based compensation accounting issues
2008.06.04 | Press Release | [with our comments]
SNIA Certification Program Endorsed by Several Storage Giants
Brocade, Cisco, EMC, HDS, HP and NetApp
2008.05.28 | Press Release
ILM Concepts, Practices and Values
A report from Advanced Practices Council
2008.05.26 | Press Release
Online Deduplication Calculator by Data Domain
One more...
2008.05.26 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Bank of New York Mellon in Data Breach
Loosing Social Security numbers and other information of about 4.5 million customers from a box of tapes
2008.05.26 | In Brief
Perimeter eSecurity Launches Remote Backup and Recovery Service
To protect data assets and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
2008.05.26 | Press Release
CA-Sponsored Survey Uncovers Major Concerns About Managing Explosive Data Growth
853 respondents being DB2 users
2008.05.23 | Press Release
Google Unveils Medical Records Storage Plan
Enabling users to upload and store medical records from many sources
2008.05.21 | In Brief
Data Domain Joins SNIA Europe
And will participate to the association's events
2008.05.21 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Le fournisseur ADSL Alice lance un service de sauvegarde à  distance
Avec une capacité illimitée pour ses abonnés au tarif de €5/mois
2008.05.21 | Press Release
Conduant Introduces a Ruggedized Data Recorder
Accommodating 3.5-inch HDDs, sealed drives or SSDs
2008.05.13 | Press Release
Finisar Partners With Singapore Data Storage Institute
To provide SAN protocol training in Asia
2008.05.13 | Press Release
Im DNS-Webshop shoppen und satte Rabatte einfahren German
Server, Workstations und Storage Systeme von Sun schon ab 500 Euro
2008.05.12 | Press Release
Transcend Changes its Logo
For new corporate identity
2008.05.09 | Press Release
Zycko Training Programme for Riverbed in Europe
Beginning in Germany, Benelux and France
2008.05.08 | Press Release
Archivage informatique: avant-projet de norme Afnor French
Pour remplacer l'actuelle Z 42-013
2008.05.08 | In Brief
Cartika Launches Backup Servers With CDP
From R1Soft
2008.05.05 | Press Release
HP Labs Proves Existence of ‘Memristor’
Computer memory more energy-efficient and not needing to be booted up
2008.05.02 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Mozy for Mac
2GB for free and $4.95 per month for unlimited capacity
2008.05.02 | Press Release
Online Backup for Mac OS X by IDrive
$4.95 per month for 150GB
2008.05.02 | Press Release
One More Online Backup Provider: Jamby
In The Netherlands
2008.05.02 | Press Release
Bare Metal Restore 10% Discount Offer From Storage Guardian
For new clients whose current provider does not supply bare metal restore capability
2008.04.28 | Press Release
Italian Start-Up Memopal in Online Backup
250GB for 69 Euros per year
2008.04.28 | Press Release
Finisar Delivers 6Gb SAS Error Injector
For storage product testing
2008.04.25 | Press Release
Kozio Supports Freescale’s Latest Storage Processor
For its test solutions
2008.04.22 | Press Release
Data Scooter par Data Islandia
Pour le transfert de gros volumes entre plusieurs lieux, avec l'appui de HDS
2008.04.17 | Press Release
Data Deposit Box Gives Away Free Online Backup for New Customer Referrals
$10 credit when referring another customer
2008.04.17 | Press Release
IBM Launches Management Complexity Factor for Media
To improve digital media storage environments
2008.04.14 | Press Release to Put and Share Documents Online
With unlimited storage capacity
2008.04.14 | Press Release
STS Group lance son offre SaaS French
Pour l'archivage de valeur probatoire
2008.04.10 | Press Release
Deni Connor Launches Analyst Firm
For ten years, she wrote for Network World
2008.04.09 | Press Release
Storwize Transitiones to a 64-Bit Architecture for Its Compression Appliances
For large-scale enterprise storage platforms such as NetApp FAS6070 and EMC Celerra NSX
2008.04.08 | Press Release
SNIA XAM Specification Version 1.0 On-Track
Demonstrations showcased at Spring SNW
2008.04.08 | Press Release
Long-Term Digital Information Retention & Preservation Working Group Formed by SNIA
Building on the results of its Data Management Forum's 100 Year archive requirements survey
2008.04.08 | Press Release
SNIA Forms Alliance With The Green Grid
For metrics, standards, education and best practices
2008.04.08 | Press Release
JaguarPC Launches "Endless Disk Space" Promotion
Shared hosting clients begin with 50GB
2008.04.04 | Press Release
Comtech AHA GZIP Compression Board for Network and Storage
Up to 2.5 Gb/s
2008.03.24 | Press Release
(Almost) All the Storage Blogs
We tried to catalog all blogs focused on storage throughout the world.
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2008.03.21 | News
50GB of Free Online Storage by and Now More…
... Online document editing, support of international characters and remote URL file transfer capability
2008.03.18 | Press Release
School Web Lockers SaaS Platform Delivers Unlimited Online Storage
For only $1 per student
2008.03.18 | Press Release
Maximum Throughput Launches Web-based Editing Service
Enabling frame-accurate HD/SD editing
2008.03.18 | Press Release
NetEx Drives Data Center Acceleration With HyperIP Innovations
Providing recovery on demand features
2008.03.12 | Press Release
Counsel Johnson Bottini Updates on Brocade Options Backdating Case
Plaintiff believes that the damages Brocade has suffered exceed $200 million.
2008.03.06 | Press Release
Out of Stealth Mode, Start-Up MetaRAM Unveils New Technology That Quadruples DRAM Capacity
MetaSDRAM underpinned by more than 50 pending patents
2008.02.28 | Press Release
SNIA Academy Paris le 15 mai prochain
Au programme: protection des data et de-duplication
2008.02.28 | In Brief
NetApp Unveils Kilo Client
A diskless enterprise server farm and a massive computing (not storage) grid environment
2008.02.12 | Press Release
Hard Drive!
A new book on Seagate's history by Gordon Hughes
2008.02.11 | In Brief
Casdex Launches Digital Archiving Service
At $99 per month
2008.02.08 | Press Release
Intel and STM Deliver Phase Change Memory Prototypes
The 128Mb memory device is codenamed Alverstone by joint-venture Numonyx
2008.02.07 | Press Release
Online Storage Options
As more start-ups and established companies enter the market for online storage, users can reap the numerous free benefits.
2008.02.04 | In Brief
By DriveSavers, a Data Recovery Service for iPhone
As data can be lost if the iPhone is damaged or not synchronized while out in the field
2008.01.28 | Press Release
SNIA Europe Signs With Guide Share Europe
GSE represents 12,000 end users across Europe.
2008.01.28 | Press Release
Open Source Communities Turn to MarkMail from Mark Logic
For email archiving and search
2008.01.12 | Press Release
Intransa With Surveillance Specialties
DVR storage program solves reliability, retention and resolution for video surveillance.
2008.01.12 | Press Release
New Imation’s Products at CES
Imation announced the products it will launch during the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
2008.01.04 | Press Release
The Dates of the SNIA Europe Academy in 2008
London and Paris are added.
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2008.01.02 | News
Managed Availability Services, New Offering From EMC
EMC Corporation announced Managed Availability Services, a new offering designed to help customers manage, measure and improve their business continuity programs.
2007.12.24 | Press Release
New MailFRAME Email Archiving Appliance by MPC
MPC Computers, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MPC Corporation has launched its new MPC MailFRAME, a simple-to-deploy email archiving appliance.
2007.12.22 | Press Release
Mirapoint Introduces Secure Email Archiving Appliance
Mirapoint introduced a cost-effective secure email archiving solution for enterprises, designed to help companies more easily utilize critical email and instant messages in support of compliance, eDiscovery, and internal investigation.
2007.12.22 | Press Release
Over Half of Businesses Lack a Clear Email Retention Policy

2007.12.21 | Press Release
2008 Storage Predictions by HDS CTO Yoshida
Here are the ten storage trend predictions for 2008 according to Hu Yoshida, CTO of Hitachi Data Systems who also writes a blog: blog at:
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2007.12.21 | News
Hosting Provider Easy CGI Increased Disk Space and Bandwith at No Extra Cost

2007.11.27 | Press Release
The Dates of the Next SNIA Europe Storage Academies

2007.11.26 | Press Release