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Number of unique visitors increased by 71% in one month!
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2011.05.06 | News
Tips on Living With and Managing Microsoft Outlook PST Files
By C2C
2011.05.04 | Press Release
80% of CIOs Prefer to Manage Virtual Infrastructure With Existing Tools
Survey from Vanson Bourne sponsored by Veeam Software
2011.05.03 | Press Release
Free Ebook Released by Connections
12 facts on backuping and choosing remote backup service
2011.04.26 | Press Release
De-Dupe Aids in Managing Data Growth for Federal Agencies
Survey by
2011.04.13 | Press Release
SANpulse Offers 10-Point RFP Checklist
For enterprise storage migration project
2011.04.13 | Press Release
57% of IT Professionals Expect to Adopt Cloud Storage
$10,000 survey from Storage Strategies Now
2011.04.12 | Press Release
No Today’s Top News, Just News
Journalists generally too stupid to invent anything
2011.04.07 | In Brief
Fresh Approaches to Storage Cost
IDC white paper sponsored by InforTrend
2011.04.07 | Press Release
San Diego Supercomputer Center Looking at Big Data
In partnership with industry and university research
2011.04.07 | Press Release
Readers’ Reactions to “NetApp to Acquire EMC for $9.5 Billion”
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2011.04.04 | News
Symantec, Quantum, QLogic, Brocade and NetApp
Leaders in their categories in March 2011 IT Brand Leader Awards Survey
2011.03.31 | Press Release
Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2010 Book by Steve Buchanan
To be released next month
2011.03.29 | Press Release
Humankind Can Store at Least 295 Exabytes of Information
Students calculates how much information is in the world.
2011.02.18 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Free 2TB WD HDD With CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5
At €634,80
2011.02.18 | Press Release
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Reaffirms Quantum Patent
On variable-length de-dupe
2011.02.17 | Press Release
Storage Costs Dilute Benefits of Server Virtualization
Reveals Coraid U.S. survey.
2011.02.09 | Press Release
41.5% Said Only 0-20% of SAN Migrations Completed on Time and Budget
Enterprise data center survey by SANpulse
2011.02.04 | Press Release
Concurrent Awarded Patent for Network DVR Technology
On store and delivering content from remote storage devices
2011.02.04 | Press Release
SAP UK Customers Ready to Adopt ILM to Cut Storage Costs
According to survey from Macro 4
2011.01.27 | Press Release
Research on De-Dupe and Cloud Backup
By The ChangeLog
2011.01.26 | In Brief
NetApp Launches Academic Alliances Program
To help students develop storage-related IT skills
2011.01.26 | Press Release
Key 2011 Trends in Storage for Promise
≠1: demand for SSDs will increase.
2011.01.24 | Press Release
Acronis Global Disaster Recovery Index
Ranking IT manager's confidence levels in backup and DR
2011.01.24 | Press Release Advances $5/Month Virtual Private Server Tech
Using new storage and virtualization technologies
2011.01.19 | Press Release
SNIA XAM Approved as ANSI Standard
Expected to be ISO by end of 2011
2011.01.17 | Press Release
Electronic Data Storage Degree Announced by SAU Tech
In collaboration with Prism International
2011.01.17 | Press Release
CommVault Survey: Top 2011 Five IT Concerns for Simpana Customers
Managing data growth, backup and recovery, DR, backup of virtual servers, and email/file archiving
2011.01.14 | Press Release
IBM’s Top Storage Predictions for 2011
Adoption of cloud storage will be slow, status quo won't do, software is the glue
2011.01.13 | Press Release
IBM Data and Information Management Services
Helps reduce storage provisioning time.
2011.01.05 | Press Release
Top 15 Storage Trends
For 2011
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2010.12.31 | News
Top Ten Most Visited News in 2010 in StorageNewsLetter
Some strange results
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2010.12.30 | News
On de-dupe, virtualization, security, SAN, DR, etc.
2010.12.24 | In Brief
Cost Saving Key Benefit of Storage Virtualization
Survey from Promise
2010.12.24 | Press Release
67% of Leading Companies Utilize De-Dupe
Research from Aberdeen
2010.12.24 | Press Release
Five Top Predictions for 2011 by MTI
≠1: virtualization policies to tighten up
2010.12.24 | Press Release
Symantec 2011 Storage Trend Predictions
Virtualization, cloud, social media, and more ...
2010.12.17 | Press Release
Storage to Represent 40% of Total Cloud 2010 Revenues
Reports The 451 Group.
2010.12.03 | Press Release
Special Market Reports
Ten new ones
2010.12.03 | In Brief | [with our comments]
U.S. Companies Could Save $6 Billion Annually in File Restore With De-Dupe
Quantum survey suggests.
2010.12.03 | Press Release
One of Two Businesses Don’t Erase Sensitive Data
Survey by Kroll Ontrack
2010.12.03 | Press Release
30% of Irish Companies Putting Business at Serious Risk
Reports Origina.
2010.12.03 | Press Release
Virtualization and Cloud Technologies Add Complexity to DR
A Symantec research
2010.11.29 | Press Release
Bioencryption Can Store 1PB Inside Bacteria
New method of storage that converts information into DNA sequences
2010.11.29 | In Brief
No Today’s Top News
Just news
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2010.11.25 | News
Data Growth Largest Data Center Infrastructure Challenge
Gartner survey
2010.11.09 | Press Release
Record of 1,644 Attendees at SNW Europe 2010
7% up compared to 2009
2010.10.29 | In Brief
For More Than One Third of European Respondents, File Archiving at Forefront of Future Investments
A Vanson Bourne survey commissioned by BakBone
2010.10.27 | Press Release
27% of Respondents Lost Data Stored in Virtual Environment
Reveals Kroll Ontrack survey
2010.10.26 | Press Release
UC Riverside Physicists Pave the Way for Graphene-Based Spin Computer
Could increase storage density and diminishing power and cooling
2010.10.26 | Press Release
Emulex Introduces Book on Network and Storage Convergence
"Management Mind Meld"
2010.10.26 | Press Release
Editor’s Message to Public Relations
Thanks to avoid these words in storage press releases
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2010.10.20 | News
Document: Data Storage Abbreviations
What do all these letters mean?
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2010.10.13 | News
Five Reasons Why Object Storage is the Best Choice
According to Caringo
2010.10.12 | Press Release
SNIA Updated Draft Storage Power Efficiency Measurement Specification
To further characterize storage efficiency
2010.10.11 | Press Release
IBM Captures High Speed Measurements of Individual Atoms
Could be valuable tool to study storage-class memory.
2010.10.07 | Press Release
Document: What Do Represent All These Bytes?
From bit to geopbyte
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2010.09.27 | News
Veeam Offers First Chapter of E-Book by Author Eric Siebert
"The Expert Guide to VMware Data Protection and Disaster Recovery"
2010.09.27 | Press Release
Managing Growth and Costs, Top Storage Environment Challenges
Survey of Gatepoint Research commissioned by Avere
2010.09.22 | Press Release
47% of IT Managers Experienced Data Growth After Implementing Server Virtualization
A Quantum survey conducted by Toluna in North America
2010.09.16 | Press Release
Verizon Introduces Pay-As-You-Go Cloud Computing
SMBs can customize server, storage and network resources to manage a Web presence.
2010.09.16 | Press Release
Virtualization Projects Generating Larger Amounts of Data
According to CommVault survey
2010.09.15 | Press Release
Rice University Created Two-Terminal Memory Chips Using Only Silicon
Nanocrystal conductors could lead to massive 3-D storage.
2010.09.14 | Press Release
Trend Reports Critical Tools in Optimizing Data Protection Operation
According to Bocada
2010.09.08 | Press Release
No One
No top news today
2010.08.31 | In Brief
No Top News Today
But plenty of news
2010.08.26 | In Brief
Six Things to Know About Object Storage
According to Caringo
2010.08.26 | Press Release
Index Engines Received U.S. and European Patents
For searching and discovering data across primary and secondary storage
2010.08.17 | Press Release
For 53% of U.S. Respondents, Complexity of Backup Systems Is Top Challenge
Reveals survey from Nimble Storage
2010.08.13 | Press Release
No Today’s Top News, Just News
No one deserving top rank
2010.08.11 | In Brief
More Peripherals From OWC for Apple iMac 27″
eSATA interface, SSD and larger HDD
2010.08.09 | Press Release
Report on Storage Device Manufacturing Industry
Revenues of $7.2 billion in 2009 with 33% gross profit
2010.08.03 | Press Release
Storage Used by 50% of Organizations With at Least One Cloud-Based Service
A survey conducted by Loudhouse for Mimecast
2010.07.29 | Press Release
SNIA Forms Cloud Backup and Recovery Special Interest Group
To focus on interoperability, solutions, best practices, and standards requirements
2010.07.27 | Press Release
Why IT Leaders Are Deploying Virtualized Storage?
A new research by Aberdeen
2010.07.09 | Press Release
Monty Widenius Appeals Against Sun-Oracle Merger
He is the founder of MySQL.
2010.07.07 | In Brief
Stampede Awarded Patent for AutoZip for Web Applications
"Achieving over 85% reduction"
2010.07.07 | Press Release
92% of U.S. People Risk Data Loss
Finds 3rd annual backup study by Harris Interactive on behalf of Backblaze
2010.06.24 | Press Release
Two-Thirds of Businesses Take Over a Day to Recover From Downtime
European survey conducted by Acronis and Vanson Bourne
2010.06.07 | Press Release
69% of Healthcare Organizations Expected Data Volumes Increasing This Year
A survey from BridgeHead Software
2010.05.31 | Press Release
Verbatim Persists With Floppy Disk
Not like Sony
2010.05.28 | Press Release
Delivering the Next Generation Active Video Archive
By Jeff Boles, analyst from The Taneja Group
2010.05.28 | Press Release
Five Tips for Adopting Gateways for Cloud Storage
According to Nasuni
2010.05.21 | Press Release
Plenty of Storage News Today
But no one deserving top rank
2010.05.20 | In Brief
Cloud-Based Consumer Backup Revenue to Increase Five-Fold by 2015
According to ABI Research
2010.05.18 | Press Release
Backup Recovery Time, Reliability and Cost as Causes for Concern for 90% of US & UK Businesses
A survey conducted by Double-Take
2010.05.13 | Press Release
Digital Information Created to Grow by a Factor of 44 From 2009 to 2020
According to "The Digital Universe Decade", an IDC report sponsored by EMC
2010.05.05 | Press Release
New Vendor Organization: the Active Archive Alliance
First members being Compellent, FileTek, QStar and Spectra Logic
2010.04.30 | Press Release
Shoden Endorser of European Code of Conduct on Data Centres Energy
To gain green credentials
2010.04.29 | Press Release | [with our comments]
“Creating Winning Strategies for Information Advantage”
Report from the Council for Information Advantage revealed by EMC
2010.04.28 | Press Release
Sony to End Floppy Disk Sales
Next March
2010.04.26 | In Brief
One in Five Europeans Unaware of Whether Their Personal Data Is Being Held
BSA poll on cloud storage
2010.04.23 | Press Release
14 Federal Agencies Recognized for CO2 Reduction
By implementing storage from 3par
2010.04.23 | Press Release
SNIA Engaged With US Environmental Protection Agency
For green storage initiative
2010.04.21 | Press Release
Cloud Data Management Interface Standard Approved by SNIA
For interoperable cloud storage
2010.04.20 | Press Release
Readers’ Reactions to Our Opinion: “Backup Is Dead”
Joke or nice article
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2010.04.19 | News
First Vendors Passing SNIA Tests for SMI-S V1.4
Brocade, EMC, HP, HDS and Hitachi
2010.04.19 | Press Release
Small-Molecule-Based Ternary Data Storage Device
"For huge increase in memory density"
2010.04.15 | In Brief
94% of CA European Partners Anticipate Spending on Recovery Solutions in 2010
Including backup, business continuity and DR
2010.04.06 | Press Release
IP SAN Market to Grow at CAGR of 66.7% Between 2008 and 2013
Pushed by video surveillance, according to IMS Research
2010.04.05 | Press Release