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Three Reasons Object Storage Analytics Is Complicated and Distant
By Chaos Sum
2018.04.20 | Press Release
Acronis To Help Yellow Ribbon Fund Increase Inmates Employability with IT Literacy
Aimed at helping ex-offenders and their families rebuild their lives
2018.04.19 | Press Release
Lite-On Electronics Assigned Two Patents
Optical disc drive with multiple optical pick-up heads, SSD using state prediction
2018.04.19 | In Brief
NAB: HighPoint Launches USB 3.1 Gen 2 and NVMe RAID Solutions
For OEM/ODM customers
2018.04.17 | Press Release
Hitachi Consulting Certified by British Standards Institution
For personal information management systems under GDPR
2018.04.02 | Press Release
Redstor Supports Local School for International Choir Competition
Taking place later this year in Tshwane, South Africa
2018.03.29 | Press Release
R&D: Random Access in Large-Scale DNA Data Storage
Demonstrate viable, large-scale system for DNA data storage and retrieval
2018.03.05 | Press Release
Codero Partner BEK Communications Offers Free Cloud Backup to Rural North Dakota
To rural North Dakota
2018.02.26 | Press Release
American Megatrends Assigned Two Patents
Performing on-demand data write through based on VM types, validating functionality of backplane controller chips
2018.02.23 | In Brief
MRS Bulletin
Publication with lot of articles on HAMR
2018.02.21 | Press Release
Avago Technologies General IP/Broadcom Assigned Five Patents
Devices for spin torque oscillator control and monitoring, reading magnetic media, peripheral component interconnect express controllers configured with NVMe interfaces, multi-track data readers with iterative inter-track interference cancellation, magnetic recording system with ternary pattern dependent write signaling
2018.02.21 | In Brief
IBM Assigned Eleven Patents
Data replication across servers, slice storage in dispersed storage network, microcode upgrade in storage system, storage capacity allocation using distributed spare space, disk management in distributed storage system, tape backup and restore in disk storage environment, implementing multiple RAID level in storage device, concurrent upgrade and backup of non-volatile memory, delaying programming requests in flash memory, minimizing data storage media fragmentation, prioritization of users during DR
2018.02.20 | In Brief
NEC Assigned Eight Patents
Magnetic tape device and maintenance, distributed storage, storage system, cache device, secure erasure of data, data replicating, disk array
2018.02.13 | In Brief
Verbatim Store’n’Go Secure Portable 1TB HDD and 256GB SSD With USB 3.1
Using AES 256-bit hardware encryption and built-in keypad for PIN code input, and including Nero Backup software for Windows
2018.02.08 | Press Release
R&D: University of California Riverside Research Advances Spintronics Technology
Discoveries will help realize promise of faster, energy-efficient spintronic computers and high-capacity storage.
2018.02.07 | Press Release
NVM Express Elects Promoter Board for 2018
Cavium, Cisco, Dell, Facebook, Intel, Microsemi and NetApp
2018.02.05 | Press Release
Thunderbolt 3 Integrated Products From OWC
Including ThunderBlade V4, Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3, ThunderBay 4 Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 3 Dual Display adapters, Thunderbolt 3 Dock (Windows and Mac)
2018.01.30 | Press Release
CES: Western Digital Consumer Storage Systems Solutions
Including 256GB SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1 flash key, My Passport Wireless SSD, SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD, and new functions for My CloudHome NAS
2018.01.18 | Press Release
R&D: Discovery Could Improve Brain-Like Memory and Computing
University of Minnesota researchers demonstrate new kind of magnetoresistance involving topological insulators.
2018.01.18 | Press Release
European €3.4 Million MAGicSky Project Investigating Nano-Sized Particle-Like Topological Deformations
Known as skyrmions
2018.01.16 | Press Release
The Mitre Corporation Assigned Patent
Photonic quantum memory with time-bin entangled photon storage
2018.01.16 | In Brief
DDN Assigned Three Patents
Data migration, dual access memory mapped data structure memory, storage employing variable redundancy distributed RAID controller
2018.01.11 | In Brief
Quantum Assigned Two Patents
Efficient high/low energy zone SSD storage, clustered storage network
2018.01.10 | In Brief
Overland Storage/Sphere3D Assigned Two Patents
Tape library emulation with automatic configuration and data retention, handling file metadata
2018.01.09 | In Brief
14 Firms Visited During #25 IT Press Tour
What are they doing?
by Philippe Nicolas | 2018.01.05 | News
Editor:’s News for Free for Past 7 Days Only
Starting today
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2018.01.04 | News
Western Digital Revamps Service Approach
For enhanced customer experience
2018.01.04 | Press Release
Backup Vs. Disaster Recovery
Big difference
2018.01.02 | Press Release
Moore’s Law Realities for Recording Systems and Memory Storage Components: HDD, Tape, NAND, and Optical
Observation and Moore's law discussion demonstrated with data from 9-year storage trends, assembled from publically available industry reporting sources
2017.12.29 | In Brief
Facilis Technology Publishes New eBook
Not all network storage is same
2017.12.26 | Press Release
Hitachi Assigned Ten Patents
Storage system, storage system and data storing, computer system and cache control, storage management calculator, and storage management, computer system, storage and control, storage device and configuring RAID group
2017.12.26 | In Brief
EMC IP Holding Assigned Nineteen Patents
Tracking replica data using key management, cache consistency, intelligent backup model for snapshots, hybrid hyper-converged infrastructure and storage appliance, reading data from storage via PCIe fabric, optimization to permit block based incremental backup across system reboot or crash, creating consistent snapshots in virtualized environment, replication based security, unified framework for policy-based metadata-driven storage services, managing relocation of slices in storage systems, data retrieval, storing data and metadata in respective virtual shards on sharded storage, cluster file system with metadata server for storage, networked based replication of distributed volumes, managing multi-step storage management operations by using fault recovery policies, managing data placement based on flash drive wear level, storage management, archiving memory in memory centric architecture, four site data replication using host based active/active model
2017.12.25 | In Brief
NetApp Assigned Seventeen Patents
Migrating data between heterogeneous storage platforms, data migration preserving storage efficiency, cluster scale synchronization of producer consumer file access via multi-protocol nodes, de-duped host cache flush to remote storage, using predictive cache statistics in storage system, maintaining communications sessions among nodes in storage cluster system, resynchronization with compliance data preservation, online backup to object service using bulk export, restoration of erasure-coded data via data shuttle in distributed storage, drive wear-out prediction based on workload and risk tolerance, recovery of trapped storage space in extent store, maintaining block maps of clones of storage objects, dynamic transitioning of protection information in array systems, solid state device parity caching in hybrid storage array, policy-based data tiering using cloud architecture, optimized read access to shared data via monitoring of mirroring operations, access management techniques for storage networks
2017.12.22 | In Brief
HPE Assigned Twelve Patents
Regulating replication operation, storing indicators of unreferenced memory addresses in volatile memory, transforming source VM without copying of payload data, reading data on storage medium using magnetization map, clustered file system with data volume snapshot, concurrently taking snapshots of plurality of VMs, virtual storage pool, storage system with memory blade, resistive ratio-based memory cell, interleaving read and write requests to reduce latency, state-retaining logic cell, simultaneously achieving capacity balancing and data striping in storage system
2017.12.22 | In Brief
Fujitsu Assigned Seven Patents
Storage control, storage control and computer-readable recording medium, storage control and method of controlling storage system, storage system and allocating virtual volumes based on access frequency, driving assistance, controlling storage apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
2017.12.21 | In Brief
Microsoft Assigned Eleven Patents
Resource arbitration for shared-write access via persistent reservation, file storage system including tiers, backup and restore strategies for de-due, secure storage and sharing of data by hybrid encryption, block storage by decoupling ordering from durability, managing replicated virtual storage at recovery sites, storage device management, Re-TRIM of free space within VHDX, block-level access to parallel storage, power control for use of volatile memory as non-volatile memory, use of volatile memory as non-volatile memory
2017.12.21 | In Brief
DriveSavers to Aid Southern California Wildfire Victims
With free data recovery, 50% discount for NAS and SAN
2017.12.20 | Press Release
Dell Assigned Fifteen Patents
Dynamic changes to virtual disk stripe element sizes on storage controller, protect storage systems from discontinuity due to device misconfiguration, intelligent QoS for replication, rebuild of storage devices in redundant array of independent disks, consistent binding of shared storage across clustered servers, RAID-6 for storage system employing hot spare drive, performing system memory save in tiered/cached storage, providing RAID plus copy model for storage network, storage tiering, normalizing R/W cache allocation pool for virtual desktop infrastructure workloads, cloud remediation of client with non-bootable storage medium, dynamically cleaning R/W head, optimized copy of VM storage files, improving read performance of distributed parity RAID solution, managing NAS within management subsystem
2017.12.20 | In Brief
Huawei Assigned Eleven Patents
Magnetic storage and information storage, storage, recovery, erasing data in flash, transmission path, controller, and system for service flow control in object-based storage, flash memory, for identifying data block stability, operating logical operation array of resistive random access memory, storage system, multi-layer protocol encapsulation or decapsulation operation requests, controller for managing array, write apparatus and magnetic memory
2017.12.19 | In Brief
Oracle Assigned Twelve Patents
Rotary actuator with coil winding portions, simultaneous pivoting and translation of robot arm of storage library, management of robotics assembly and cartridge access port, managing cache on storage devices supporting compression, implementing workload management by monitoring disk utilizations, block movement offload to storage systems, manipulating power switch of electronic device located in remote position within storage cabinet, quadrature track error signal for optical recording media and devices, storage and retrieval of fragmented data using pseudo linear dynamic byte array, vertical pass-through for storage library, policy-based file management for storage delivery network, universal cache management
2017.12.19 | In Brief
R&D: Accelerating Self-Assembly of Nanoscale Patterns for Next Generation Materials
Using polymer blends generated highly ordered patterns that could be used in fabrication of microelectronics, antireflective surfaces, magnetic storage systems and fluid-flow device
2017.12.18 | Press Release
R&D: Towards Storage at Single Molecule Level From Kiel University
Proof of concept, reversible and selective nature of switching used to build two-molecule memory
2017.12.14 | Press Release
MiiCs and Partners Assigned Two Patents
Control system for hard disk, electronic device with detachable data storage device
2017.12.08 | In Brief
Toshiba Memory Corporation Assigned Seven Patents
Storage device and server, data transfer, and non-transitory computer readable medium, memory system and data control, semiconductor storage device and controller, memory system, non-volatile memory device, cache memory for particular data
2017.12.07 | In Brief
Western Digital Moves to RISC-V Processors, Open and Scalable Compute Architecture
Company consumes over one billion processor cores on annual basis.
2017.12.04 | Press Release
R&D: Clustering Billions of Reads for DNA Storage
Algorithm achieves higher accuracy and 1000x speedup on three real datasets.
2017.11.29 | Press Release
25th IT Press Tour in Silicon Valley
14 participating companies on week of December 4
2017.11.23 | Press Release
R&D: Efficient Sequential Data Migration Scheme Considering Dying Data for HDD/SSD Hybrid Storage Systems
Proposed scheme can perform better than existing data migration schemes not aware of dying data under various benchmarks.
2017.11.22 | Press Release
Seagate Assigned Fifteen Patents
Band rewrite optimization, HAMR NFT materials with improved thermal stability, writer pole formation, selective write power variability for magnetic recording, storage loadbeam stiffening feature, HAMR drive, dual writer design in interlaced magnetic recording, selective data writer coil, write current parameter selection for magnetic recording, providing redundancy after reducing memory writes, sector translation layer for HDD, storage media performance management, enlarged substrate for magnetic recording medium, damping controlled composite magnetic media for HAMR, three dimensional storage medium with tuned recording layer
2017.11.20 | In Brief
Milestone: 50,000 News Published on
Since inception just ten years ago
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.11.08 | News