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DriveSavers Offers Free Data Recovery for Residents Affected by Northern California Fires
In Sonoma, Napa and Lake counties, CA
2017.10.18 | Press Release
Zadara Offers Storage-as-a-Service Disaster Relief
To businesses impacted by hurricanes Irma, Harvey and Maria
2017.10.18 | Press Release
Chapter on Phase-Change Memory Materials
Description of present and emerging applications of class of chalcogenide materials
2017.10.18 | In Brief
Magnetic Properties: From Traditional to Spintronic
Reviews basic concepts used in traditional macroscopic magnetism to understand current and future developments of submicronic spin-based electronics.
2017.10.18 | In Brief
Chapter on Magnetic Information-Storage Materials
Reviews current status of magnetic materials used in storage.
2017.10.17 | In Brief
Lyve Minds Assigned Two Patents
Blended storage allocation on storage agent, management of storage in storage network
2017.10.16 | In Brief
Pure Storage Assigned Ten Patents
Utilizing non-repeating identifier to encrypt data, performance improvements in storage system, resharing of split secret, masking defective bits in array, writing data and performing copies in storage system, managing I/O queues in storage system, self-describing data format for DMA in non-volatile SSD, intelligent refresh of 3D NAND, reservations over multiple paths on NVMe over fabrics
2017.10.12 | In Brief
Google Assigned Seven Patents
Storing semi-structured data, distributed storage system, efficient reference counting in CAS, efficient data reads from distributed storage systems, remote storage auditing, platform for cloud application software, non-volatile memory operations
2017.10.05 | In Brief
Gree Assigned Two Patents
Storage medium storing game program, providing game, recording medium and server
2017.10.05 | In Brief
NetApp’s Insight Conference Delayed
Following tragic event in Las Vegas, NV, at Mandalay Bay
2017.10.03 | Press Release
Exclusive Interview With Three SNIA Leaders
Swordfish, new flagship effort from association
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.10.02 | News
Quantum StorageCare Program
To assist customers impacted by by hurricanes Harvey and Irma
2017.09.27 | Press Release
NetApp Assigned Ten Patents
Selective de-dupe, cache management in storage systems, data management agent for selective storage re-caching, configuration inconsistency identification between storage virtual machines, location-based device naming, global de-dupe across data centers with minimal coordination, centralized graphical user interface, snapshot creation workflow, just-in-time remote data storage allocation, managing storage in storage cluster with distributed zones based on parity values
2017.09.26 | In Brief
Report on Veritas Vision 2017
2,000 attendees representing 52 countries for 33 sponsors and exhibitors
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.09.25 | News
Veritas Advanced to 360 Data Management Portfolio
Innovations in NetBackup deliver data protection for multi-cloud, virtual, physical and modern big data workloads.
2017.09.25 | Press Release
Free Data Recovery for Victims of Hurricane Harvey Extended by DriveSavers
To September 22, 2017
2017.09.22 | Press Release
Kroll Ontrack Extending $500,000 Data Recovery Service Donation
To help those impacted by hurricanes Harvey and Irma
2017.09.21 | Press Release
Intel Assigned Ten Patents
Extending capabilities of existing devices, variable caching structure for managing physical storage, providing rule patterns on grids, protecting secure boot process against side channel attacks, computing method associated with context-aware management of file cache, communicate timestamp to storage system, power management and monitoring for storage devices, cloud storage location monitoring, supply-switched dual cell memory bitcell, computing method with persistent memory
2017.09.21 | In Brief
Amazon Assigned Ten Patents
Server-side, variable drive health determination, implementing calable storage service, providing distributed transaction information storage service, metering data in distributed storage environments, replication snapshots for persistent storage using operation numbers, secure deletion of data, data protection using active data, local networked storage linked to remote networked storage system, storage auto delete, data retrieval from datastores with different data storage formats, layered keys for storage volumes
2017.09.20 | In Brief
Report on SNIA Storage Developer Conference 2017
Surfing on trends with hot topics and dense program
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.09.18 | News
Huawei Cloud: Six Solutions Innovations in Hardware, Software, Data, Connection, Architecture, and Hybrid Cloud
Including intelligent cloud hardware platform
2017.09.15 | Press Release
Ace Data Recovery Offering Professional Non-Profit Data Recovery Services for Hurricane Victims
Applied to all types of media damaged by water including HDDs, RAIDs, SSDs, flash drives, and tapes
2017.09.14 | Press Release
Hosting Provider Codero and Partners Provide Support to Firms Hit by Hurricane Harvey
By providing virtual cloud space and physical space in Dallas datacenter
2017.09.14 | Press Release
6,200 Registered Attendees at Flash Memory Summit 2017
Up 6% over 2016
2017.09.13 | Press Release
1,200 Attendees at China Flash Market Summit
CFMS 2017: event beyond expectations for storage industry
2017.09.12 | Press Release
Kroll Ontrack offre ses services de récupération de données aux habitants de Saint Martin et Saint Barthelemy French
Touchés par l'ouragan Irma
2017.09.12 | Press Release
VMworld: Dell EMC Delivers Data Protection Performance, Governance and IT Management for VMware Environments
To simplify IT administration, increase transparency across operations and execute automated data protection and governance in VMware environments
2017.09.07 | Press Release
VMworld: Dell EMC Drives Levels of Cross-Portfolio Integration and Support for VMware Customers
Spanning hyperconverged infrastructure, hybrid cloud platforms, data protection and all-flash storage arrays
2017.09.07 | Press Release
DriveSavers Offers Hurricane Harvey Victims Free Data Recovery of Wet Phones and HDDs
Until September 15, 2017
2017.09.07 | Press Release
Complete Report on VMworld US 2017
Ubiquity of multi-cloud approach
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.09.06 | News
Huawei Technologies Assigned Thirteen Patents
Write apparatus and magnetic memory, storage unit, system for pooling, partitioning, and sharing network storage, data migration, storage server, cache management for non-volatile storage device, storage, data recovery, controller for managing storage array, network storage, metadata updating and apparatus based on columnar storage in distributed file system, storage device processing data, migration of hot and cold data, partition extension
2017.09.06 | In Brief
DataCore unterstützt Stiftung Schneekristalle German
Golfen mit Michi Gerg für den guten Zweck
2017.09.06 | Press Release
DriveSavers Data Recovery for New Apple File System
Ability to recover macOS High Sierra data
2017.08.31 | Press Release
Cisco Assigned Two Patents
Implementing exchange management for virtualization of storage within SAN, shared virtualized local storage
2017.08.31 | In Brief
Three Years After Initial Setup, SoftRAID Saves Crucial Data at Futureproof Records and Promotions
UK music distribution company
2017.08.30 | Press Release
New Book Written by Storage Veteran Greg Schulz
"Software-Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials"
2017.08.30 | Press Release
Quanta Computer Assigned Two Patents
Identification of storage device for trouble shooting, hard disk assembly
2017.08.23 | In Brief
How Kroll Ontrack Recovered 99% of Data From Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster
Media was partially shredded and burnt beyond recognition.
2017.08.22 | Press Release
Western Digital Joined Hands With ‘A Gentleman, Sundar Susheel Risky’
As digital storage partner of Fox Star Studios
2017.08.18 | Press Release
Booth Fire Shuts Down Flash Memory Summit Show Floor
Exhibit hall closed
2017.08.11 | In Brief
Hitachi Assigned Four Patents
Storage system, backup management, disaster recovery virtualization
2017.08.04 | In Brief
Cisco Assigned Two Patents
Bifurcated control and management planes for FC networks, loop detection and repair in multicast tree
2017.07.25 | In Brief
Spark Summit 2017 Recap
Apache Software Foundation continues to incubate new projects to address big data challenges.
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.07.24 | News
Bio-IT World 2017 Recap
169 exhibitors with 25 storage players
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.07.20 | News
What Happens to Twelve Companies Visited by 23th IT Press Tour in California
Innovative firms in IT infrastructure
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.07.14 | News
HDS Assigned Five Patents
Multi-node hybrid de-dupe, fixed content storage, improving MTDL in fixed content distributed storage, content class for object storage indexing system, content selection for storage tiering
2017.07.11 | In Brief
Corning Assigned Patent
Quantum memory and repeater systems
2017.07.04 | In Brief
SAS Institute Assigned Three Patents
Distributed data set storage and analysis reproducibility, retrieval and analysis, creating bootable image in cloud-based computing environment
2017.07.03 | In Brief
Nutanix Assigned Four Patents
Architecture for implementing erasure coding, implementing distributed operations log, leveraging hypervisor functionality for maintaining application consistent snapshots in virtualization environment, architecture for managing I/O and storage for virtualization environment
2017.06.30 | In Brief
Lenovo Expands ThinkSystem Server, Storage and Networking Platforms
Span across scalable mission critical servers, rack and tower servers, dense optimized, and blade servers, mid-range and AFA storage, and FC and Ethernet network switches
2017.06.29 | Press Release