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Toshiba NAND Chip Sale
Consortium led by Bain Capital hit impasse over timing of payments.
2017.08.14 | In Brief
Toshiba Wants to Close NAND Chip Business Sale by End of March
According to CEO
2017.08.11 | In Brief
Toshiba Revives Talks With Foxconn Over NAND Chip Business
Japanese-led consortium no longer preferred bidder
2017.08.11 | In Brief
Toshiba Closer to Brink of Delisting
As NAND memory sale stalls.
2017.07.27 | In Brief
Merger of Brocade With Broadcom Delayed
To give US government inter-agency committee more time to go over proposed deal
2017.07.20 | In Brief
Western Digital CEO Met Japan Officials Over Toshiba
To resolve dispute over Japanese company's planned sale of NAND chip business
2017.07.19 | In Brief
Toshiba NAND Chip Sale Doubts as US Court Ruling
Giving Western Digital two weeks' notice before completing sale of prized chip division
2017.07.17 | In Brief
Why Western Digital About to Stop Toshiba Memory Sale?
Legal case is watertight.
2017.07.17 | In Brief
Why Jim Cramer Believes Western Digital Will Get Toshiba’s Flash?
Video from TheStreet
2017.07.14 | In Brief
Western Digital Gets Restraining Order on Toshiba Over Blocking of Access
To information about joint ventures
2017.07.12 | In Brief
Toshiba Shares Jump as NAND Chip Sale Takes Another Turn
That could see Western Digital emerge as preferred buyer.
2017.07.12 | In Brief
Toshiba Revived Negotiations With Western Digital, Foxconn
And other potential buyers
2017.07.12 | In Brief
Western Digital Could Resolve Toshiba Dispute Before Friday’s Court Hearing
According to Stifel
2017.07.11 | In Brief
Western Digital Says to Match Rivals’ Bids for Toshiba
Ahead of court hearing on Friday
2017.07.11 | In Brief
Toshiba Under Pressure to consider ‘Plan B’ as Chip Sale Falters
Including picking new buyer
2017.07.10 | In Brief
Dropbox Seeking to Hire Underwriters for IPO
That could come later this year.
2017.07.06 | In Brief
Broadcom Got U.S. Antitrust Consent to Buy Brocade
With conditions
2017.07.06 | In Brief
SK Hynix Proposes Financing Toshiba NAND Chip Deal
Via convertible bonds
2017.07.04 | In Brief
Western Digital Resubmitted Bid With KKR
For Toshiba NAND chip business
2017.06.27 | In Brief
SK Hynix Involvement Complicates Top Toshiba NAND Chip Bid
As being Korean company
2017.06.26 | In Brief
Western Digital Won’t Consent to SK Hynix Participation
In Toshiba NAND chip unit
2017.06.26 | In Brief
Toshiba Wants to Talk to Western Digital Over NAND Chip Sale
Despite naming Bain-led consortium as preferred bidder
2017.06.23 | In Brief