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Dell “Leaning Against” Idea of Buying Portion of VMware
It doesn't already own.
2018.04.18 | In Brief
Microchip Receved Antitrust Clearance in USA for Acquisition of Microsemi
Also subject to clearances from China's Ministry of Commerce, Japan Fair Trade Commission, Taiwan Fair Trade Commission, Philippine Competition Commission, German Federal Cartel Office and Federal Competition Authority in Austria
2018.04.16 | Press Release
Why Technology Industry Opposed Broadcom-Qualcomm Deal
Because competitors alleged Broadcom threatened to hike prices or pressured them to sign exclusive sales deals
2018.04.12 | In Brief
Hong Kong Activist Argyle Street Management Says Toshiba NAND Chip Unit Worth $40 Billion
Twice price agreed with Bain-led consortium
2018.04.09 | In Brief
Update on Signing of Share Purchase Agreement for Sale of Toshiba Memory Corporation
Closing of transaction now anticipated in April 2018 or thereafter
2018.04.02 | Press Release
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Acquires Belkin International
For $866 million in cash
2018.03.28 | Press Release
Veritas Acquires German fluidOps
To orchestrate, integrate, manage and optimize structured and unstructured data sources housed in silos across on-premises, private, public and hybrid cloud environments
2018.03.28 | Press Release
Sale of Toshiba Memory Uncertain
Failing to gain approval from Chinese anti-trust authorities
2018.03.28 | In Brief
Toshiba Entered Into Share Purchase Agreement for Sale of All Shares of Toshiba Memory Corporation
Intends to close transaction by end of March, 2018.
2018.03.27 | Press Release
Three New Potential Buyout Targets for Broadcom
MediaTek, Cirrus Logic and Xilinx
2018.03.22 | In Brief
Paul Jacobs Offers to Buy Qualcomm
Company's director and former CEO and chairman
2018.03.20 | Press Release
Carbonite Closes Acquisition of Mozy From Dell
At $146 million in cash
2018.03.20 | Press Release
Marvell Shareholders Approve Acquisition of Cavium
$6 billion transaction to close mid-2018
2018.03.19 | Press Release
Cloudian Acquiring Other Start-Up Infinity Storage
In software-defined file storage solutions
2018.03.16 | Press Release
Broadcom Withdraws Offer to Acquire Qualcomm
Supposed to cost $117 billion and ending long battle
2018.03.15 | Press Release
Nutanix Acquires Netsil
In application discovery and operations management
2018.03.14 | Press Release
VMware Investor Jericho Capital Calls Potential Dell Merger “Terrible Deal”
In letter sent to IT giant company
2018.03.14 | Press Release
Broadcom Redomiciliation in USA
Now expected to be completed by April 3, 2018
2018.03.14 | Press Release
Trump Blocks Broadcom Bid for Qualcomm …
On grounds of US national security
2018.03.14 | In Brief
… Broadcom Disagrees That Proposed Acquisition of Qualcomm Raises National Security Concerns
As US president Donald Trump said
2018.03.14 | Press Release
Why Cisco Should – and Should not – Acquire Pure Storage ?
Higher than the $4.55 billion market capitalization it has
2018.03.13 | In Brief
Toshiba Expects to Complete NAND Chip Unit Sale by June
Awaiting antitrust regulatory approval from China
2018.03.09 | In Brief
Jungle Disk Acquires TeamPassword
To expand security suite
2018.03.08 | Press Release
Broadcom Bid for Qualcomm Investigated by Federal Government Committee
And Western digital to complaint about Broadcom
2018.03.08 | In Brief
Broadcom Disappointed Will of Qualcomm Stockholders to Be Deferred
Qualcomm secretly filed voluntary request with CFIUS to initiate investigation, resulting in delay of Qualcomm's annual meeting .
2018.03.06 | Press Release
Microchip to Acquire Microsemi
For $8.35 billion
2018.03.05 | Press Release
Qualcomm Should Know Broadcom’s Hock Tan Has Been Successful
By being aggressive with customers like Amazon and HPE
2018.03.05 | In Brief
Dell Working on Reverse Merger With VMware
IPO seen as less likely
2018.03.02 | In Brief
Nutanix to Buy Minjar
Providing unified cost control and enhanced visibility into workloads running in public clouds
2018.03.02 | Press Release
Broadcom Offers Now $79 Per Qualcomm Share
$57 in cash and $22 in Broadcom shares
2018.02.23 | Press Release
Sphere 3D Selling Data Protection and Archive Business (Overland/Tandberg) for $45 Million
To Silicon Valley Technology Partners controlled by Eric Kelly
2018.02.22 | Press Release
Qualcomm Raising Offer for NXP Semiconductors
To avoid to be acquired by Broadcom
2018.02.21 | Press Release
$2.3 Billion OpenText Acquires Hightail, in Online File Sharing
Start-up getting $83 million in financial funding
2018.02.16 | Press Release
Carbonite Paid $146 Million to Buy Competitor Mozy, Dell Subsidiary
In cash
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2018.02.14 | News
Broadcom and Financing Sources Sign Binding Financing Commitments to Fund Cash Component of Qualcomm Acquisition
To provide up to $100 billion
2018.02.13 | Press Release
Thoma Bravo Completed Acquisition of Barracuda
For $1.6 billion as expected
2018.02.13 | Press Release
Broadcom Offers to Meet With Qualcomm
On Friday, Saturday or Sunday
2018.02.09 | Press Release
Rubrik Absorbs Start-Up Datos IO
In backup and recovery for NoSQL databases and big data file systems
2018.02.07 | Press Release | [with our comments]
dinCloud Acquired by Premier BPO
Getting cloud platform for hosted workspaces and cloud infrastructure
2018.02.07 | Press Release
Broadcom to Raise Qualcomm Bid
From $100 to $120 billion
2018.02.06 | In Brief
Broadcom Offers $82.00 Per Each Qualcomm Share
Representing 50% premium over closing price of Qualcomm common stock on November 2, 2017
2018.02.06 | Press Release
AgreeYa Solutions Acquires Site Administrator, Recovery Manager for SharePoint
From Quest Software
2018.02.01 | Press Release
Intuit Absorbed Applatix Silently
In open source workflow engine for Kubernetes
by Philippe Nicolas | 2018.01.31 | News
Rumor: VMware Would Take Over Dell
Rise in VMware share price complicated things.
2018.01.31 | In Brief
Marvell-Cavium Deal Set to Close
As HSR waiting time
2018.01.31 | In Brief
Broadcom Receives Second Request From FTC Under HSR Act
For proposed acquisition of Qualcomm
2018.01.22 | Press Release
Oodrive rachète Orphea French
Spécialiste du digital asset management
2018.01.19 | Press Release
Qualcomm Refused to Engage With Broadcom
And instead elected to remain standalone company.
2018.01.17 | Press Release
Veeam Acquires Fast Growing N2WS for $42.5 Million in Cash
In IaaS data protection providing cloud-native backup solution AWS workloads
2018.01.16 | Press Release
Acquisition of Kilopass by Synopsys
Acquired firm in one-time programmable non-volatile memory IP
2018.01.15 | Press Release