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Revenue for Media and Entertainment Storage to Increase 1.7X from 2011 Through 2016
Reports Coughlin Associates.
2011.09.01 | Press Release
Best VMware Storage Vendors According to Wikibon Survey
≠1 EMC, 53%, ≠2 NetApp, 29%, ≠3 Dell, 6% …
2011.08.31 | In Brief
20% of UK Virtualisation Projects Fail to Reach Storage Stage
Study commissioned by NetApp
2011.08.31 | Press Release
70% of Respondents Planning to Deploy SSDs
Survey from Storage Strategies NOW co-sponsored by SNIA
2011.08.11 | Press Release
Active Archiving Key Strategy for Accessible, Online Archive Data
Aberdeen Group research available from Active Archive Alliance
2011.08.11 | Press Release
Can Seagate’s Thin Hard Drive Stave Off Threat of SSDs?
A report from IHS iSuppli
2011.08.09 | Press Release
WW SSD 2010-2014 Market Forecast by IDC
MLC to dominate SLC in enterprise
2011.08.05 | In Brief
Feedback Survey on 300 ExaGrid Customers
Net Promoter Score of +74, nearly same level produced by Apple
2011.08.05 | Press Release
NAND Flash in Video Game Platforms to Climb
More than 40% in 2011, projects IHS iSuppli.
2011.08.02 | Press Release
3.5 Million Blu-ray 3D Discs Sold in the US in First 12 Months
IHS Screen Digest report
2011.07.28 | Press Release
Half of American Small Businesses Have Lost Data
Research from Carbonite
2011.07.27 | Press Release
Usage of Smartphones and Backup
Plaxo's study conducted by MarketTools
2011.07.26 | Press Release
WW SSD Market to Expand 3X From 2010 to 2015
IHS iSuppli reports.
2011.07.26 | In Brief
WD Number 1 on IW 50 Best Manufacturers
In front of Apple
2011.07.21 | In Brief
Nexsan Customers Satisfied
TechValidate customer research
2011.07.21 | Press Release
June Was Backup Awareness Month
4th annual Backblaze study finds 94% of people risk data loss.
2011.07.20 | Press Release
11,000 Laptops and Smartphones Left at U.S. Airports Last Year
Credant survey finds.
2011.07.19 | Press Release
Enterprise Storage Revenues to Climb 13% in 2H11
Boosted by new microprocessors, according to IHS iSuppli
2011.07.19 | Press Release
83% of UK Businesses Rely on Tape
Survey conducted by Vanson Bourne, commissioned by Overland
2011.07.19 | Press Release
Apple Accounts for 30% of NAND Flash Memory Market
"But will iCloud bring an end to local NAND storage?", asks IHS iSuppli
2011.07.18 | Press Release
Brand Leaders in SSDs: HP, EMC, Intel, Pliant, SanDisk, and Smart Modular
According to June 2011 survey from IT Brand Pulse
2011.07.12 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Increasing Focus on Protecting Branch Location Data
Survey from Sepaton
2011.07.12 | Press Release
Compliance Cost Associated With Storage of Unstructured Information
Report of Ponemon Institute sponsored by Novell
2011.07.11 | Press Release
NAND Flash Race Heats Up in 1Q11: Toshiba Close to Samsung
According to Michael Yang, IHS iSuppli
2011.07.08 | Press Release
92% of U.S. People Risk Data Loss Not Doing Regular Backup
Study conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Backblaze
2011.07.08 | Press Release
eMMC Memory Shipments to Climb 62% in 2011
Courtesy of tablets and smartphones
2011.07.07 | Press Release
33% Average Shortfall in Storage Virtualization, Reveals Symantec Survey
Disappointments in agility, scalability and reducing expenditures
2011.07.05 | Press Release
37% of Respondents Don’t Use or Plan to Use Public Cloud Storage
Research of InformationWeek Analytics
2011.07.04 | Press Release
SMBs Consider Disk Encryption a Priority
Shows DigitalPersona survey.
2011.07.01 | Press Release
External Disk Storage Capacity Sold in CEMA Doubles From 1Q10 to 1Q11
According to IDC
2011.06.30 | Press Release
WW Data More Than Doubling Every Two Years
1,800,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes created or replicated in 2011, IDC says
2011.06.29 | Press Release
WW Storage Software Market to Increase 8% in 2011
CommVault and HDS fastest growing firms, said IDC.
2011.06.28 | Press Release
2011 Symantec ‘s Virtualization and Evolution to the Cloud Survey
Disparities between expectations and reality
2011.06.22 | Press Release
Adoption Of Open Storage To Outpace Legacy Solutions
Asserts Nexenta report.
2011.06.22 | Press Release
Market of Midrange Storage Segment
≠1 EMC, ≠2 NetApp, ≠3 IBM, etc., reports RBC Capital Markets
2011.06.21 | Press Release
USA Leads UK in Disaster Recovery Planning on Virtual and Cloud Platforms
Neverfail survey
2011.06.17 | Press Release
Embedded NOR Flash Market to Grow 8% in 2011 for IHS iSuppli
Pushed by tablets and e-books, HDDs largest segment
2011.06.16 | Press Release
62% of U.S. Enterprises Without Backup Policy for Laptops
Druva survey
2011.06.16 | Press Release
Disaster Recovery Tips by Acronis for Businesses
To prepare for hurricane season
2011.06.16 | Press Release
Security Issues for 43% of Enterprises With Cloud Service Providers
Survey conducted by Trend Micro
2011.06.14 | Press Release
User Spending on Enterprise Storage Systems Reached $31 Billion in 2010
18% growth over 2009, said IDC
2011.06.13 | Press Release
Under $10K NAS Appliance Market at $421 Million in 2010, +50% From 2009
Netgear ≠1, Qnap ≠2, according to Infonetics Research
2011.06.13 | Press Release
HDD Industry Needs to Transform Itself
IDC says.
2011.06.10 | Press Release
British Office Workers Can’t Find Files on Their Computers
Research conducted by YouGov on behalf of Iron Mountain
2011.06.10 | Press Release
+34% for NetApp, -39% for Oracle in WW External Disk
Global market growing 14% from 1Q10 to 1Q11, says Gartner
2011.06.08 | Press Release
37% UK Office Employees Taking Risks With Work Data
Research by Fasthosts Internet
2011.06.07 | Press Release
85% of U.S. Businesses Ready to ‘Weather the Storm’ Due to Planning
AT&T study
2011.06.07 | Press Release
NetApp Only Top 5 Company Growing Sequentially in 1Q11
In WW disk systems market, according to IDC
2011.06.06 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Top 5 Growing in WW Storage Software in 1Q11 – but NetApp
2011.06.06 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Most Functions Outsourced to MSPs Are Storage/Recovery
Reveals Nimsoft survey conducted with EMA.
2011.05.23 | Press Release