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Within 2 Years, Object Storage to Reach 90% Penetration Among Respondents – Western Digital/451 Research
For key big data use cases - even for newer use cases like IoT and analytics
2017.12.15 | Press Release
70% of Storage Buyers Miscalculating Needs When Planning New Capacity
Research conducted by Tintri
2017.12.15 | Press Release
All-Flash Array Market Revenue Increased 33% Y/Y in 3Q17 – Dell’Oro Group
Leaders in order: Dell EMC, NetApp, HPE, Pure Storage and IBM
2017.12.14 | Press Release
Complex I/O Workloads #1 Challenge for HPC Users – DDN
Flash alone insufficient
2017.12.13 | Press Release
52% of Respondents Consider Movement of Large Data Between Storage Systems, Storage Devices and Servers Significant Problem – NGD Systems/G2M Research
Need for 'intelligence storage'
2017.12.13 | Press Release
Majority of Small Businesses Don’t Necessarily Follow Mandatory Cloud Storage Security Regulations – Clutch
For storing credit card or medical information
2017.12.13 | Press Release
Oversupply of NAND Flash Market in 1Q18 – DRAMeXchange
Contract prices of SSD, NAND flash chips and wafer will finally drop.
2017.12.12 | Press Release
GPDR Readiness in UK, France and Germany – Proofpoint/Censuswide
Naïve optimism: 44% of businesses said now compliant, 30% before May 2018
2017.12.12 | Press Release
HDD and SSD Market From 2015 to 2021 – Statista
Shipments of HDDs falling to 395 million units and SSD shipments to increase to 190 million units in 2017
2017.12.11 | Press Release
Strong Hyperscale Market Dominates Lackluster OEM Storage Demand
HDD/SSD capacity shipped rises 8% Q/Q to 73EB, $5.7 billion.
2017.12.08 | Press Release
Global Consumer Cloud Storage Services Market to Reach $2.8 Billion by 2025 – Persistence Market Research
CAGR of 16% from 2017 to 2025
2017.12.08 | Press Release
Back to Growth for EMEA External Storage Systems, Up 10% in 3Q17 – IDC
All-flash arrays close to third of sales, all storage giants but Dell increasing revenue
2017.12.07 | Press Release
De-Dupe Backup Target Appliance Buyer’s Guide – DCIG
Dell EMC DD9800, Exagrid EX40000E/32000E, HPE StoreOnce 6600, NEC Hydrastor HS8-5000 and Quantum DXi6900 recommended
2017.12.06 | Press Release
Semiconductor Industry Toward Record Year – IHS Markit
Another record quarter for NAND growing 13% in 3Q17 with revenue at $14.2 billion
2017.12.04 | Press Release
People Too Often Fail to Properly Erase Personal Data in Used HDDs/SSDs – Kroll Ontrack
Putting personal information at risk
2017.12.04 | Press Release
WW Enterprise Storage Market Grew 14% in 3Q17 to $11.8 Billion – IDC
Dell leader for external systems but with revenue declining
2017.12.01 | Press Release
Best Practices in DR Planning and Testing – Axcient
Key elements necessary for plan to run efficient
2017.12.01 | Press Release
Storage Predictions for 2018
Spectra Logic gazes into crystal ball.
2017.11.30 | Press Release
Infiniband Most Used High-speed Interconnect on HPC
According to Infiniband Trade Association
2017.11.30 | Press Release
Five Cloud Storage Predictions for 2018 – FileCloud/CodeLathe
Where will to go from here?
2017.11.29 | Press Release
70% of Respondents Admit Miscalculating Storage Needs When Planning New Capacity
Tintri study
2017.11.29 | Press Release
Comtrade Software Goes Beyond AHV, Adds ESX Support
By DCIG analyst Jerome Wendt
2017.11.29 | Press Release
Global NAND Flash Revenue from Branded Manufacturers Up 14% Q/Q in 3Q17 – DRAMeXchange
Due to growing demand for smartphone and server
2017.11.27 | Press Release
Editor: WW Storage Industry Going Down
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.11.21 | News
90% of IT Organisations in UK and Germany Struggle to Ensure Business-Critical Data Protection
Survey conducted by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by Cohesity
2017.11.21 | Press Release
Majority of US Businesses at Risk Due to Sub-Par Data Protection Practices – StorageCraft
Mid-size enterprises exposed due to inadequate backup and recovery
2017.11.20 | Press Release
All SSD Segments Decline but Enterprise PCIe in 3Q17 – Trendfocus
NAND bits shipped grew 12% sequentially.
2017.11.17 | Press Release
Gartner: Hype Cycle for Storage in 2017 – Part Two
34 technologies profiled, 7 mature, 7 emerging, 12 in early mainstream
2017.11.10 | Press Release
Gartner: Hype Cycle for Storage in 2017 – Part One
34 technologies profiled, 7 mature, 7 emerging, 12 in early mainstream
2017.11.09 | Press Release
3.3% CAGR of Consumer Storage Devices Market From 2017 to 2025 – Persistence Market Research
Reaching $18,8 billion at end of period
2017.11.08 | Press Release
Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Disk Arrays – Gartner
Leaders: HPE, NetApp, Dell EMC, Hitachi Vantara, IBM, Huawei
2017.11.07 | Press Release
Increasing Adoption of Cloud Storage Main Reason for Declining Thermal and Inkjet Disc Printing Market – Future Market Insights
Disc printers market in the U.S., Europe and Japan to decline at CAGR of -3% between 2016 and 2026
2017.11.06 | Press Release
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving
Leaders being Smarsh, Mimecast, Proofpoint, Veritas and Global Relay
2017.11.03 | Press Release
2018 Storage Trends and Predictions From Primary Data
By CEO Lance Smith
2017.11.03 | Press Release
69% of Organizations Export Full Responsibility for Data Protection, Privacy and Compliance Onto Cloud Service Providers
Vanson Bourne survey commissioned by Veritas
2017.11.02 | Press Release
Three Vendors Disrupting Integrated Secondary Storage and Data Protection – Forrester
Cohesity, Reduxio and Rubrik
2017.11.01 | Press Release
Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage
Status quo, same leaders, one exit and one entrance
2017.10.24 | Press Release | [with our comments]
NAND Flash Market to Regain Balance in 2018 – DRAMeXchange
With annual bit supply growing by 43%
2017.10.20 | Press Release
India External Storage Systems in 2Q17 – IDC
Growth of 8.6% Y/Y at $70 million, HPE displacing Dell as market leader
2017.10.17 | Press Release
Data Resiliency Solutions, 3Q17 – Forrester Wave
Commvault and Veritas leaders, in front of IBM, Actifio and Veeam
2017.10.13 | Press Release
WW Flash Storage Market Worth $9.97 Billion by 2023 – MarketsandMarkets
CAGR of 18.6% between 2017 and 2023
2017.10.13 | Press Release
HDD Shipments at 103 to 105 Million in 3CQ17, Up 7% to 9% Q/Q – Trendfocus
Short term revival ?
2017.10.12 | Press Release
In Kenyan Storage Market, Dell EMC Leader With 46.8% Share – IDC
Huawei ranked second.
2017.10.12 | Press Release
163ZB Global Datasphere Projected in Data Age 2025 – IDC/Seagate
Ten times 16.1ZB of data generated in 2016
2017.10.11 | Press Release
WW SSD Market to Increase by CAGR of 14.4% Through 2022 – BCC Research
To reach $52.5 billion from $26.8 billion in 2017
2017.10.10 | Press Release
WW HDD Market Declining to 395 Million Units Shipped in 2017 – Statista
SSDs to increase to 190 million that same year
2017.10.10 | Press Release
WW Cloud IT Infrastructure Revenue Grows 26% in 2Q17, Reaching $12 Billion – IDC
Driven by expansion in public cloud
2017.10.09 | Press Release
Decline of 4% Y/Y for Storage in Middle East and Africa in 1H17 – IDC
Value of flash space up 21% Y/Y vs. -37% for HDDs
2017.10.09 | Press Release
Software-Defined Storage Solutions to Generate Worldwide Revenue of $16.2 Billion in 2021 – IDC
Hyperconverged infrastructure fastest growing with 5-year CAGR of 26.6%
2017.10.05 | Press Release
2021 NVMe Market Size at $60 Billion – G2M Research
70% of AFAs to be NVMe-based by 2020
2017.10.04 | Press Release