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Nearline Demand Hot, Is It More Smoke Than Fire? – Trendfocus
13.8 million units shipped and over 97EB of capacity in 1Q18
2018.05.24 | Press Release
Considerations When Selecting Fabric for SANs
White paper from Atto/G2M Research
2018.05.24 | In Brief
WW All-Flash Array Market in 2017 – IDC
Pure Storage, Dell EMC, HPE and IBM leaders in order
2018.05.24 | In Brief
Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure – and Now Nutanix Xi Cloud Services?! DCIG
Delivering cloud services both on- and off-premise
2018.05.22 | Press Release
Prices of Enterprise SSDs May Fall by 10% in 2Q18 – DRAMeXchange
Suppliers' aggressive price strategy and pressure to consume production capacity
2018.05.18 | Press Release
Majority of Businesses View GDPR as Opportunity to Improve Data Privacy and Security – IBM/Harris Poll
80% cutting down on amount of personal data they keep
2018.05.18 | Press Release
Consumers Vow to Punish Businesses That Fail to Safeguard Their Data – Veritas/3GEM
And reward those that put data protection first.
2018.05.18 | Press Release
2018 Continues Growth in Near Line Hard Disk Drives
Even if HDD shipments in 1Q18 down 10.7% compared with 4Q17
2018.05.17 | In Brief
Only 14% of Organizations Fully Prepared for GDPR – HyTrust
Despite enforcement next May 25
2018.05.15 | Press Release
Broadcast Pros Shows Growing Use of Hybrid-Cloud Storage and AI/ML Tools to Manage Media – Cloudian
Metadata-based search leading solution for finding and retrieving media assets
2018.05.14 | Press Release
94 Million HDDs Sold in 1Q18 – Trendfocus
Down 11% Q/Q, but 204EB shipped up 3%, Seagate number one now surpassing WD
2018.05.11 | Press Release
Six Best Practices for Implementing All-Flash Arrays – DCIG
Focus on accelerating applications, mind failure domain, use SoS features and multi-tenancy to consolidate confidently, pursue automation, realign roles and responsibilities, conduct PoC implementation
2018.05.01 | Press Release
Cool Vendors in Storage Technologies in 2018 – Gartner
CloudLanes, Excelero, Pavilion Data Systems, StorReduce and WekaIO
2018.04.30 | Press Release
75% of Organizations Lost Mission- or Business-Critical Data Past 2 Years – Druva/Forrester Consulting
With 50% from ransomware attack
2018.04.27 | Press Release
Huge Growth Potential for Solid-State in EMEA – ESG
Italy at top of range with 57%, Russia at bottom with 35%
2018.04.26 | Press Release
Seven Significant Trends in All-Flash Array Marketplace
By Ken Clippertonn, DCIG
2018.04.25 | Press Release
State of Object Storage 2018 Report – Chaos Sumo
Emergence of AWS S3 data lake
2018.04.24 | Press Release
NAND Flash Prices to Decline – DRAMeXchange
As slight oversupply continues in 1Q18.
2018.04.23 | Press Release
In Cloud IT Environments, Spending on Storage Platforms to Grow 6% in 2018 – IDC
Total spending on IT infrastructure products (server, enterprise storage, and Ethernet switches) in cloud environments expected to total $52.3 billion next year up 11% Y/Y
2018.04.12 | Press Release
Less Than Half of European SMBs Prepared for GDPR – IDC
Fewer figure for non-European firms
2018.04.10 | Press Release
2018 Brand Leaders for Networking and Storage – IT Brand Pulse
Cisco leader in 4 product categories, Dell EMC in 3, Arista, Google, NetApp and Red Hat in 1
2018.04.09 | Press Release
WW Converged Systems Revenue Up 9.4% Y/Y in 2017 at $ $12.5 Billion – IDC
4Q17 ranking in hyperconverged systems: 1/VMware, 2/Nutanix, 3/Dell, 4/HPE
2018.04.06 | Press Release
Revenue From Infrastructure Products (Server, Storage, and Ethernet Switch) for Cloud IT Grew 27% Y/Y in 4Q17 – IDC
Top vendors: Dell, HPE, Cisco, Huawei, IBM in order
2018.04.04 | Press Release
External Storage Market in India Declined by 4.7% Y/Y
Stood at $74.1 million in 4Q17, led by Dell, HPE, IBM, NetApp, Hitachi
2018.04.04 | Press Release
Sharp Decline of WW HDD Market in 1Q18 – Trendfocus
Forecast of 94-95 million vs. 105 million former quarter, or -9 to -10%
2018.04.03 | Press Release
Few IT Professionals Realize How Often IO/s Play Into Application Performance
Taneja Group research
2018.04.03 | Press Release
Semiconductor Industry Topped $429 Billion in 2017, Highest Growth Rate in 14 Years – IHS Markit
NAND grew 46.6% and 2018 could still be record revenue year
2018.03.30 | Press Release
Predictive Analytics in Enterprise Storage – DCIG
More than just "highfalutin mumbo jumbo"
2018.03.26 | Press Release
HDD vs. SSD – Backblaze (Part Two)
What does future for storage hold ?
2018.03.23 | Press Release
SSD Market Predicted To Reach $25.5 Billion By 2025 – Grand View Research
CAGR of 15% from 2014
2018.03.23 | Press Release
HDD vs. SSD – Backblaze (Part One)
HDDs will continue to be primary drives of choice for foreseeable future.
2018.03.22 | Press Release
WW Integrated Systems Revenue to Grow 18% in 2018 From 2017 – Gartner
To reach $12 billion
2018.03.22 | Press Release
IT Pros Vote 2018 Brand Leaders for Storage
Dell EMC in 5 categories; NetApp, IBM take in 2; Pure Storage, Datos IO, Seagate and Zadara also selected
2018.03.21 | Press Release
UK Organisations Moving to Cloud Without Evaluating Impact of Cloud Outage
Study by Veritas/Vanson Bourne
2018.03.20 | Press Release
SSD Price Drop Will Drive Adoption Rate of Flash Disks in Notebooks to 50% in 2018 – DRAMeXchange
SSD suppliers will continue to expand capacity of 64/72-layer 3D in 2Q18.
2018.03.19 | Press Release
NVMe: Setting Realistic Expectations for 2018
By Jerome Wendt, DCIG
2018.03.19 | Press Release
Top Fastest Growing Storage Companies in 2017
600% for Cohesity and then ...
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2018.03.16 | News
NAND Flash Revenue Rose by Just 7% Q/Q in 4Q17 – DRAMeXchange
Market share: Samsung 38%, Toshiba 17%, WDC 16%, Micron 12%, SK Hynix 11%, Intel 6%
2018.03.14 | Press Release
Growth Persists in 4Q17 EMEA External Storage Market, Fueled by Flash – IDC
Value increased by 12% Y/Y at $2.1 billion
2018.03.13 | Press Release
Office 365 Saturation Low Among Rural Telco Customers
According to survey from Codero, in managed hosting services and technology enablement
2018.03.13 | Press Release
EMEA Backup and DR, Fragmented Picture – Barracuda
66% do not protect Office 365 environment.
2018.03.12 | Press Release
164 Million SSD Units Shipped in 2017, Up 11% From 2016 – Trendfocus
Annual exabyte growth was 21%.
2018.03.09 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Three Features that Matter on All-Flash Arrays
And one that matters not so much
2018.03.09 | Press Release
Interesting Dynamics in Cloud Demand for HDDs and SSDs in Asia – Trendfocus
Report analysts after their trip.
2018.03.08 | Press Release
WW Enterprise Storage Market Grew 14% in 4Q17 – IDC
Reaching $13.6 billion, and more hybrid sales than all-flash subsystems
2018.03.06 | Press Release
More Flashy Than We Thought? – Quantum
Industry survey reveals four key flash adoption insights for video production.
2018.03.05 | Press Release
Market for Software-Defined Storage Products and Services Reached $8.5 Billion in 2017
CAGR of 16% during 2017-2022
2018.03.05 | Press Release
Top Storage Companies in 2017
In order Micron, WD, Seagate, Dell, NetApp, Broadcom, HPE and IBM
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2018.02.28 | News
Statistics on Global Flash Market – Statista
Flash memory, NAND bits and SSD vs. HDD
2018.02.28 | Press Release
HDD Shipments Fell to 404 Million in 2017 – Trendfocus
Third consecutive year of lower annual shipments
2018.02.23 | Press Release | [with our comments]