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New Triple Interface Hard Disk up to 1TB by LaCie
Designed by Neil Poulton
2008.04.04 | Press Release
WD My Book Studio Edition II for Mac
Dual drive with quad interface and RAID 0 or 1 at $600 for 2TB
2008.04.02 | Press Release
Latest Plextor PC-to-TV Media Player X-MPE750U
Capacity increased from 500GB to 750GB
2008.04.02 | Press Release
Iomega REV 120GB Available
Internal SATA unit at $480, removable disk at $75
2008.04.02 | Press Release
Surfing Photographer Robert Brown Secures Its Digital Images
On a 1TB Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus External HDD
2008.04.02 | Press Release
Huge Amounts of Data Storage May Be Possible Using Ultra-Small Needles
Demonstrated by Dutch researcher Alexander le Febre
2008.04.01 | In Brief
GIGA JUKE by Sony With Integrated Hard Disk Drive
Hi-fi system storing up to 40,000 songs
2008.04.01 | Press Release
Intevac Receives First Production Order for Its 200 Lean Gen II
A magnetic disk sputtering system
2008.04.01 | Press Release
QuickLogic Speeds HDD Transfers With New UDMA Block
It quadruples performance of reading data from a drive with PATA interface.
2008.03.26 | Press Release
WD Expands My Passport Elite Portable USB Drives
250GB capacity at $170 and 320GB at $200
2008.03.26 | Press Release
Record Capacity by Fujitsu for a 7,200rpm Notebook HDD: 320GB
It follows a 160GB unit launched last year.
2008.03.25 | Press Release | [with our comments]
SiliconSystems Announces Flash SiliconDrive II for OEM
Available in PATA, SATA and USB interfaces
2008.03.24 | Press Release
WD Will Reduce its Workforce by 800 Employees
Consequence of the cessation of selling disk media to external customers
2008.03.21 | Press Release
640GB 3.5-Inch HDD From WD on Two Platters at $140
The manufacturer already produces a 320GB drive with one magnetic disk. When a 3-platter platform approaching 1TB?
2008.03.20 | Press Release
Western Digital Spins Up
An analysis from iSuppli
2008.03.17 | In Brief
TrekStor Offers External HDD With Data Recovery Service at no Cost
But within 12 months of purchase and in Germany only
2008.03.17 | Press Release
Buffalo Debuts Debuts 500GB MiniStation TurboUSB
At $329
2008.03.12 | Press Release
IBM BladeCenter HC10 System Features 80GB HDD
2.5-inch 7,200rpm SATA unit
2008.03.12 | In Brief
LSI Buys Infineon HDD Semiconductor Business
Increasing its leadership in silicon for disk drive controllers
2008.03.11 | Press Release
Are Disks the Dominant Contributor for Storage Failures?
A study of storage subsystem failure characteristics by the University of Illinois and NetApp
2008.03.11 | In Brief
Fire Guts Historic IBM Building in San Jose
Destroying an IBM building in San Jose famed for being the birthplace of a precursor of the hard drive
2008.03.11 | In Brief
Samsung First to Ship 500GB Laptop Hard Drive
According the
2008.03.07 | In Brief
New External Pocket HDD From Plextor, the PX-PH320US
320GB, eSATA, password protection
2008.03.06 | Press Release
Seagate Shipping Cheetah 15K.6 Enterprise HDDs
3.5-inch, 450GB, 15,000rpm, SAS or FC interfaces
2008.03.05 | Press Release
Iomega REV From 70GB to 120GB in April
REV installed base of 350,000 drives and 2,000,000 disks
2008.03.04 | Press Release
Hitachi GST With a Notebook HDD at 160GB per Disk and Up to Two Platters
Following the competition
2008.02.27 | Press Release | [with our comments]
For the first time, a 1.8-Inch HDD at 5,400rpm, by Toshiba
At 80GB or 120GB
2008.02.26 | Press Release
Fujitsu Also at 500GB Into a 2.5-Inch HDD
Following Hitachi GST and Samsung
2008.02.25 | Press Release | [with our comments]
INCOM vertreibt Festplatten-Kopiersysteme
Mit Voom Technologies
2008.02.20 | Press Release
New Design for External 2.5-Inch HDD by Verbatim
With 120, 160, 250, or 320GB capacity
2008.02.18 | Press Release
Fantom Drives/Micronet Adds 1TB G-Force GF1000Q With Four Interfaces
USB 2.0, Firewire 400, 800 and eSATA
2008.02.13 | Press Release
Electron Beam Firm Crestec Promises Massive Hard Drives With Patterned Media
An article from
2008.02.07 | In Brief
Imation Odissey Becoming a Removable-Removable Drive
Data stored on the disk cartridge, now with an USB adapter, can be used without the docking station.
2008.02.06 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Third Generation of Iomega REV at CeBIT
What after 35GB and 70GB?
2008.02.05 | In Brief
WD Introduces My Passport Essential Portable USB Drives
With encryption, 320GB, $200
2008.01.31 | Press Release
WiebeTech announces DriveBox
To store or carry hard disk drives
2008.01.29 | Press Release
TrekStor: 1.8-inch DataStation
With 20, 80 or 120GB capacities
2008.01.28 | Press Release
Half-Terabyte External Portable Drive by G-Technology
To be available in March
2008.01.28 | Press Release
Microsost Is Also Working to Reduce Disk Power Consumption
On enterprise HDDs
2008.01.23 | In Brief
Board of Patent in Favor Convolve Against Seagate
Concerning a dispute regarding patented motion control disk technology
2008.01.23 | Press Release
WD Shipping Its First 3.5-Inch HDD at 320GB Per Platter
An initial Caviar capacity point of 320 GB is now available.
2008.01.22 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Seagate Ships 250GB Notebook Drive
5,400rpm, two disk platters, 9.5mm thickness
2008.01.22 | Press Release
New HDD Motor Controller Chip From STMicroelectronics
For next-generation enterprise drives
2008.01.22 | Press Release
LaCie Launches Micro-Sized External Drives
They are based on Samsung's 1.3-inch HDDs.
2008.01.17 | Press Release
New Iomega’s eGo Portable Hard Drives
Up to 250GB, dual USB 2.0 and FireWire 400 interfaces
2008.01.15 | Press Release
Hitachi GST Enhanced its Audio-Visual Storage Manager
Including compatibility with Broadcom set-top box
2008.01.12 | Press Release
Version 1.1 of the CE-ATA Specification Adopted
And the version 2.0 is under development
2008.01.08 | Press Release
Sanyo, PortoMedia, and HarmanBecker Signs for Seagate’s D.A.V.E. Platform
D.A.V.E. is a proprietary mobile wireless storage technology.
2008.01.08 | Press Release
Seagate’s PipelineHD, New Family of Purpose-Built HDDs for Digital Video Recorders
With initial capacities planned up to 1TB
2008.01.08 | Press Release
Toshiba Enters 1.8-Inch External HDD Market
And also introduces a 2.5-inch external HDD at 320GB and $200.
2008.01.08 | Press Release
LaCie lance un nouveau d2 Quadra de vitesse plus rapide French
Il dispose de quatre interfaces eSATA, FireWire 800, FireWire 400 et USB
2008.01.08 | Press Release
Fabrik’s SimpleTech-Branded Signature USB 2.0 Portable Drives Designed by Pininfarina
They offer local backup software and online backup.
2008.01.08 | Press Release
160GB 1.8-Inch HDD Samsung Spinpoint N2 Shipping
For a $199 MSRP
2008.01.07 | Press Release
Samsung: Compact Flash Card With a 30GB/40GB 1.3-Inch Hard Disk Drive
The Spinpoint A1, already shipping and priced at $199, is competing with flash disk.
2008.01.07 | Press Release
Samsung Beats Hitachi GST With 500GB Notebook HDD Only 9.5mm Thick
9.5mm for Samsung, 12.5mm for HGST
2008.01.07 | Press Release | [with our comments]
HDD Industry Returns to Profitability
The HDD industry underwent a resurgence in profitability in the third quarter, signaling that the storage market finally is on firmer ground, according to iSuppli Corp.
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2008.01.05 | News
Seagate Joins the iVDR Consortium
Seagate to show concept removable cartridge-based hard drive solutions at CES based on iVDR standards.
2008.01.05 | Press Release
Verbatim Will Show SmartDisk External HDDs at CES
Following the purchase of SmartDisk's external hard drive assets in July 2007, Verbatim launched a whole new line of SmartDisk 2.5" Portable Hard Drives.
2008.01.05 | Press Release
LaCie Adds 320GB Capacity to Its Mobile Drives
LaCie announced increased capacity to 320GB for its Rugged All-Terrain Hard Disk, design by Neil Poulton and the 2.5-inch Little Disk, design by Sam Hecht.
2008.01.05 | Press Release
Western Digital Designed New GreenPower Version of its AV hard drives
WD lowers power consumption, further cooling and quieting operation for demanding audio and video markets.
2008.01.03 | Press Release
500GB, Record Capacity by HGST for a 2.5-Inch HDD, But on Three Platters
Hitachi rolls out half-terabyte hard drive for notebooks and other mobile devices.
2008.01.03 | Press Release | [with our comments]
One Terabyte 3.5-inch Hard Disk Drive From Samsung for Enterprise and Surveillance
Samsung announces new 1TB RAID class 3.5-inch hard disk drives for enterprise storage and surveillance
2008.01.03 | Press Release | [with our comments]
An Asus Notebook With 1TB on Two HDDs From Hitachi GST
Hitachi and ASUS collaborate to deliver the world's first one terabyte notebook PC (using two 500GB HDDs)
2008.01.03 | Press Release
Genetec Secured Orders for the HDD Industry

by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2008.01.02 | News | [with our comments]
Hitachi GST to Stop 1.8-Inch HDDs
To read this article from, click on...
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2007.12.31 | News | [with our comments]
Quick Connection for SATA Disk Drives by Sharkoon
The Sharkoon SATA QuickPort is an USB docking station provides direct access to "naked" or uninstalled SATA hard drives, and compatible with 2.5" and 3.5" drives.
2007.12.29 | Press Release
Samsung and Hitachi GST Sign HDD Cross-Licensing Agreement
Samsung Electronics wrote in a filing on the Korean Stock Exchange that it signed a cross-licence agreement with Hitachi GST.
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2007.12.24 | News
Samsung Shipping 320GB 2.5-Inch HDD
The Spinpoint M6
2007.12.21 | Press Release
New SAS/SATA Removable HDD Enclosure by CRU-Dataport

2007.12.21 | Press Release
New Products Launched Next January 3, 2008 by HGST

by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2007.12.20 | News
Compatibility of MicroNet/Fantom Drives With Leopard

2007.12.18 | Press Release
STMicroelectronics Samples 65nm HDD Iterative Decoding Channel

2007.12.17 | Press Release
Toshiba Expands 1.8-inch Line of HDDs With Five New Models

2007.12.14 | Press Release | [with our comments]
From LaCie, External Hard Disk Drives Designed by Neil Poulton

2007.12.07 | Press Release
1.3-inch Disk Drive for CE Coming From Samsung

by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2007.12.07 | News | [with our comments]
1TB SATA II Disk Drive Option for IBM DCS9550

by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2007.12.04 | News
Crypto-Module for Disk Drives by STMicroelectronics

2007.12.04 | Press Release
WD Passport Now Available at 320GB

2007.12.04 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Samsung Shipping One Terabyte HDD Using Only Three Platters

2007.12.01 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Eng Teknologi Increases Production of Hard Disk Drive Plates

2007.12.01 | In Brief
To Save Energy, Spinning Down Hard Disk Drives Is Not Without Challenges

2007.11.29 | Press Release
Toshiba Adds 80GB Automotive Hard Disk Drives

2007.11.28 | In Brief
320GB 2.5-inch HDD by Fujitsu

2007.11.28 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Western Digital Shipping Caviar GreenPower 500GB Hard Drives

2007.11.27 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Start-up Rebit Launches “Just-Plug-It-In”, Backup Disk Drive for Windows

by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2007.11.25 | News | [with our comments]
From WiebeTech, SATA Drive Enclosure Makes Inserting HDDs As Simple As Old Floppy Disks

2007.11.25 | Press Release