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R&D: Step Closer to Single-Atom Storage
Research in miniaturization of magnetic bits has focused heavily on magnetic bistability.
2018.07.17 | Press Release
Carnegie Mellon University Assigned Patent
L1.sub.0-ordered MnAl thin films with high perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
2018.07.17 | In Brief
R&D: Smallest-Ever Magnetic Vortexes Mark Step Toward New Digital Memory
Effect of size confinement on skyrmionic properties of MnSi nanomagnets
2018.07.16 | Press Release
R&D: Setting Write Spacing in HAMR
Demonstrated on spinstand and implemented into HAMR drives
2018.07.13 | Press Release
Toshiba Assigned Eleven Patents
Magnetic disk, using head amplifier circuit for pattern dependent write, disk device with stopper for movable member, controller, correcting mounting position of disk device on rack, accurate repeatable runout compensation in HDDs during seeks, calibration spiral to improve guide spiral placement, magnetic disk device and write method,control, head and HDD, magnetic disk and write processing
2018.07.13 | In Brief
History (1994): Maxtor MobileMax
PCMCIA HDD with first fluid dynamic bearing spindle motor
2018.07.12 | Press Release
ASM240 Degausser From ProDevice
Data deletion for disks, tape, floppy
2018.07.06 | Press Release
R&D: Dynamic Performance of Head-Disk Interface in HAMR
Using molecular dynamics simulation method
2018.07.06 | Press Release
Toshiba 14TB MG07ACA HDD Available on Select Supermicro Storage Servers
Following qualification
2018.07.05 | Press Release
R&D: Systematic Evaluation of MAMR
Signal-to-Noise Ratio compared under different recording media anisotropy field while maintaining same linear density
2018.07.04 | Press Release
Entrotech Assigned Patent
Laminate-wrapped HDDs
2018.07.04 | In Brief
R&D: Nanocavity Induced Light Concentration for Energy Efficient HAMR Media
Highly scalable for thinner FePt layers and shorter wavelengths to be used in future HAMR technologies.
2018.07.03 | Press Release
Williams Data Management Introcuces
Certified mobile document and HDD shredding service serving Southern California
2018.06.28 | Press Release
Allone Solution Assigned Patent
Handshaking method of hybrid HDD
2018.06.28 | In Brief
Hutchinson Assigned Patent
HDD suspension assembly
2018.06.27 | In Brief
Western Digital Purple 12TB Surveillance HDD With AllFrame AI Technology
$479 (12TB) and $399 (10TB)
2018.06.26 | Press Release
ECO Data Recovery in Florida Saves Customers HDDs
With confidentiality of data
2018.06.26 | Press Release
Dropbox Develops Future of Cloud Infrastructure With SMR Technology Deployment For Magic Pocket
Deploying SMR at exabyte scale, to provide open-source software enabling other enterprises to follow suit
2018.06.22 | Press Release
Dropbox Qualified Western Digital SMR 14TB Ultrastar s14 HDD for Magic Pocket Custom-Built Storage Infrastructure
SMR drive for exabyte scale
2018.06.19 | Press Release
R&D: Dynamic Performance of Head-Disk Interface in HAMR Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation Method
Formation height is smaller than breaking height, but these values closer when operational temperature is higher.
2018.06.15 | Press Release
R&D: Sources and Impact of Media Thermal Fluctuations in HAMR
Found to lead to sizeable jitter, whose amplitude is proportional to roughness amplitude and reduces at small roughness wavelengths
2018.06.14 | Press Release
Leidos Assigned Patent
Automated hardware compatibility testing of multiple SATA HDDs with multiple motherboards
2018.06.14 | In Brief
R&D: Microstructure Analysis on Size Distribution During Film Growth in HAMR Media
Experimental modeling study of depositing FePt on continuous carbon layer at elevated temperature was conducted to understand nucleation and growth process.
2018.06.13 | Press Release
Helium Factor and HDD Failure Rates – Backblaze
Slightly lower for helium than for air-filled drives
2018.06.11 | Press Release
Tshinghua Unversity Assigned Patent
Magnetic head, hard disk and method for transferring two-dimensional atomic crystal layer to head slider of magnetic head
2018.06.08 | In Brief
Sonic and Ultrasonic Attacks Damage HDDs and Crash OSs
By playing sounds over low-cost speakers
2018.06.01 | In Brief
CeBIT: Toshiba MG07ACA Series 14TB 3.5-Inch 6Gb SATA Server HDD
9-disk helium-sealed design with conventional magnetic recording (CMR)
2018.05.31 | Press Release
Seagate and HTC VIVE Unveil Virtual Reality Power Drive
1TB, with integrated MicroB cable, USB-C adapter and built-in battery
2018.05.30 | Press Release
Commercial Records Center Makes HDD Data Unrecoverable
Through destruction service in El Paso, TX
2018.05.25 | Press Release
IBM Cloud Object Storage 12TB HDD Available
For Cloud Object Storage Slicestor 2584
2018.05.07 | Press Release
Backblaze Stats for 1Q18: 98,046 HDDs Tested
10TB Seagate, 6TB WD, 5TB Toshiba and 4TB HGST units with no failures at all
2018.05.04 | Press Release
Toshiba Unveils 10TB S300 Video Surveillance HDD and 3TB Video Stream HDD Series
Up to 7,200rpm with maximum data transfer speed of 248 MB/s, and up to 180TB/year for S300 Surveillance HDD
2018.04.27 | Press Release
R&D: Scientists Introduce Storage of Future
New molecule magnet design that would bring high-density, nanoscale storage into realm of possibility
2018.04.26 | Press Release
Toshiba: 10TB N300 NAS and X300 Performance Internal HDDs, and 2TB L200 Laptop and 3TB P300 Desktop HDDs
Including color labeling for each HDD: N300 in gold NAS label, X300 in silver performance label, and both P300 and L200 in red desktop/laptop PC label
2018.04.25 | Press Release
R&D: SMRC, Endurable SSD Cache for Host-Aware Shingled Magnetic Recording Drives
Experimental results show that SMRC can reduce SSD write traffic and improve system performance.
2018.04.25 | Press Release
Adata 2.5-Inch HV300 and HD330 USB 3.1 External HDDs
1TB to 5TB with HDDtoGO software including AES-256 encryption
2018.04.19 | Press Release
NAB: LaCie (Seagate) Announced Rugged RAID Pro (4TB, $349)
As well as Collective, creative professional community
2018.04.13 | Press Release
NAB: OWC Showcased Several Thunderbolt 3 Products
Including ThunderBlade, Envoy Pro EX (VE), ThunderBay 4, Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 3 Dock (Windows and Mac), Mercury Elite Pro Quad, and Mercury Helios FX eGPU
2018.04.12 | Press Release
64 3.5-inch HDD Compared
From Seagate, Toshiba and WD
2018.04.11 | In Brief
OCP Summit: Seagate Unveiling 14TB Helium-Based ExosX14 3.5-Inch HDD
Same record capacity already reached by Toshiba and Western Digital
2018.03.29 | Press Release
66,500 People Affected by Crashed HDD
Containing driver's licensing programs
2018.03.28 | In Brief
OCP Summit: Seagate MACH.2 Multi Actuator Technology With Throughput Record
2018.03.27 | Press Release
Overland-Tandberg With RDX 5TB Removable Disk Media
Starting at €635/$739
2018.03.26 | Press Release
Datarecovery: Der Winter ist zurück German
Vorsicht vor Datenverlust durch Kondensat
2018.03.26 | Press Release
Enterprise Line of Data Destruction HDD/SSD Devices From Security Engineered Machinery
Includes shredders and disintegrators.
2018.03.15 | Press Release
Myths About IBM RAMAC, First HDD
One ton and 5MB of data: both values are incorrect.
2018.03.08 | Press Release
Tosbiba MQ04 Series 2TB 2.5-Inch 6Gb SATA HDD for Notebooks
2 disks, 9.5mm height, 5,400rpm
2018.03.08 | Press Release
Magnecomp/TDK Assigned Patent
Head suspension assembly having PZT damper with non-uniform thickness
2018.03.06 | In Brief
SAE Magnetics and Headway Assigned Patent
ABS design with soft bumper pads for mitigating media damage and thermal erasure in HDD
2018.03.02 | In Brief
Best External Hard Drives
According to Amazon's hyperenthusiastic reviewers
2018.02.22 | In Brief
Minebea Assigned Patent
HDD and pivot assembly bearing device
2018.02.22 | In Brief
R&D: Swirly Skyrmions Could be Future of Data Storage
Scientists electrically detect magnetic swirls called skyrmions for first time.
2018.02.19 | Press Release
Availability of Media MASSter Solo-102 Pro Forensic by Intelligent Computer Solutions/JMR
Duplication system for forensic investigations, with acquisition/transfer speeds up to 70GB/min ($1,995)
2018.02.15 | Press Release
Adata HD710M and HD710A Pro External HDDs
Safeguard data with military-grade protection that surpasses IP68
2018.02.14 | Press Release
Toshiba Assigned Seven Patents
Magnetic disk device and high-frequency assist recording, disk, controller and control, disk and manufacturing, spiral write launch while servoing on reference guide spirals, magnetic disk, low-overhead storage of hibernation file in hybrid disk drive
2018.02.14 | In Brief
R&D: Distribution-Based Recording Model for HAMR
Investigation of how different parameters impact recording performance
2018.02.09 | Press Release
Verbatim Store’n’Go Secure Portable 1TB HDD and 256GB SSD With USB 3.1
Using AES 256-bit hardware encryption and built-in keypad for PIN code input, and including Nero Backup software for Windows
2018.02.08 | Press Release
R&D: Concatenated Coding Schemes for High Areal Density Bit-Patterned Media Magnetic Recording
Proposes new concatenated error correction coding scheme for 2-D magnetic recording (TDMR).
2018.02.08 | Press Release
R&D: Antiferromagnetically Coupled Media for MAMR
Investigates AFC media for MAMR, compares them with single-layer media, and examines prospects for multiple-layer recording system.
2018.02.05 | Press Release
R&D: Application of Updated Landau–Lifshitz–Bloch Equations to HAMR
Analysis of macro-spin magnetization dynamics described by LLB equation to issues in future magnetic recording which combined HAMR with bit-patterned media.
2018.02.01 | Press Release
R&D: Segmented Media and Medium Damping in Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording
Methodology of segmented media stack design for MAMR
2018.01.31 | Press Release
R&D: Scientists Catch Light Squeezing and Stretching Next-Gen Storage Material
Combining X-ray and electron data from two cutting-edge SLAC instruments, researchers observe rapid atomic response of iron-platinum nanoparticles to light, which could help control future magnetic storage devices.
2018.01.30 | Press Release
Western Digital Expand Mid-Range Series 3.5-Inches Air-Based HDDs
With 8TB Ultrastar 7K8, and 4-6TB Ultrastar 7K6 models
2018.01.23 | Press Release
4-Bay HDD Eraser for 2.5- or 3.5-Inch SATA Drives by
Meets DoD (5220.22-M) standards.
2018.01.23 | Press Release
Canvio Premium, 2.5-Inch Portable HDDs Up to 3TB From Toshiba
€136 for 2TB Canvio Premium,  €126 for 2TB Canvio Advance, €116 for 2TB Canvio Basics
2018.01.19 | Press Release
Seagate Joy Drive 1TB Portable 2.5-Inch HDD With in China
$99, for Android devices
2018.01.19 | Press Release
CES: Seagate Unveils LaCie Mobile HDD/SSD Solutions
Including DJI Copilot HDD ($349/2TB), Joy Drive ($99/1TB), Fast SSD ($99/250MB, $169/500MB and $349/1TB) and secure 2.5-inch HDD ($139 /2TB)
2018.01.18 | Press Release
CES: SecureData Launches USB 3.0 Hardware Encrypted SecureDrive Line
FIPS compliant design, military grade full disk 256-Bit AES hardware encryption, brute force destruct feature and data at rest protection
2018.01.12 | Press Release
CES: OWC Launches Thunderbolt 3-Integrated Products
Including ThunderBlade V4 external drive, Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 mobile drive, ThunderBay 4 Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 3 Dual display adapters, and Thunderbolt 3 Dock for Windows and Mac
2018.01.11 | Press Release
R&D: Magnetisation Switching of ECC Grains in MAMR
Investigated using planar write head and exchange-coupled composite media
by Francis Pelletier | 2018.01.05 | News
R&D: Impact of Radius and Skew Angle on Areal Density in HAMR HDD
Study aims to investigate impact that factors such as skew, radius, and transition curvature have on areal density capability in HAMR HDD.
by Francis Pelletier | 2018.01.05 | News
R&D: Effects of Head Field and AC Field on Magnetization Reversal for MAMR
Investigated effects of head field and AC field on magnetization reversal using micromagnetic simulator
by Francis Pelletier | 2018.01.04 | News
Sound Waves Introduce Mechanical Vibrations Into HDD
Create resonance effect.
2018.01.03 | In Brief
R&D: Iterative Decoding of SOVA and LDPC Product Code for Bit-Patterned Media Recording
Proposed iterative decoding of iterative 2-D SOVA and LDPC product codes for BPMR
by Francis Pelletier | 2018.01.03 | News
R&D: Solid State Dewetting of Thin Plasmonic Films Under Focused cw-Laser Irradiation
Investigated effect of solid-state dewetting in Au thin films, as function of local temperature, film thickness and substrate adhesion
by Francis Pelletier | 2018.01.02 | News
Never Exceed 80% HDD Usage. But Why?
By consultant Roger Beck
2018.01.01 | Press Release
Defective External HDD
Vendor informed me that to avoid losing data, I would need to go to third party to retrieve the information stored on the disk.
2017.12.29 | In Brief
R&D: Noise Reduction in HAMR of Bit-Patterned Media by Optimizing High/Low Tc Bilayer Structure
Different configurations of soft magnetic material and amounts of hard and soft magnetic material tested and discussed.
2017.12.26 | In Brief
Seagate Innovates With Multi Actuator for HDD for Better Performance
Any interest?
2017.12.25 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Showa Denko Starts Shipping 3.5-Inch 1.5-1.8TB PMR Rigid Disk Media
For Toshiba 14TB 9-disk helium HDD with conventional magnetic recording
2017.12.25 | Press Release
Toshiba Sampling 2.5-Inch Enterprise 12Gb SAS HDD Up to 2.4TB
Rotating at 10,500rpm
2017.12.21 | Press Release | [with our comments]
HDD Stolen From Law Faculty in Delhi University
Compiling attendance of faculty members and over 7,000 law students
2017.12.15 | In Brief
Echostreams Innovative Solutions Assigned Patent
Hard disk quick release unit and replacement module
2017.12.13 | In Brief
Toshiba Following Western Digital/HGST With 14TB 3.5-Inch HDD
9 disks, helium based, 6Gb SATA, 7,200rpm, CMR and not SMR
2017.12.11 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Transcend USB StoreJet 200 Portable HDD for Mac
2TB, pre-formatted with HFS+ file system
2017.12.11 | Press Release
Riken Assigned Patent
Magnetic storage media and device
2017.12.11 | In Brief
Toshiba MD06ACA-V Series 3.5-Inch 6Gb SATA 10TB HDD for Surveillance Applications
6, 8, 10TB models, 7,200 rpm, 256MB buffer memory, 237MB/s data transfer rate
2017.12.07 | Press Release
Toshiba 10TB 3.5-Inch HDD for NAS
2017.12.06 | Press Release
Addonics Jasper II Portable 1:3 SATA HDD/SSD Duplicator
2017.11.30 | Press Release
Purchasing HDDs From China
May not be good idea.
2017.11.23 | In Brief
Recyling Storage Devices
iNEMI working with Seagate, IBM and several academics to develop ways to extending working life of HDDs and components
2017.11.23 | In Brief
HDD Shredder for Confidential Destruction From Harden Industries
Versatile HDDs shredders with different capacity
2017.11.23 | Press Release
New HDD for IBM SAN Volume Controller and Storwize
2.4TB 10,000rpm 2.5-inch SAS unit
2017.11.22 | Press Release
SP/Silicon Power A75 2.5-Inch USB 3.1 Slim Portable HDD
1TB and 2TB, 12.2mm height
2017.11.16 | Press Release
Seagate SkyHawk AI 3.5-Inch HDD for AI-Enabled Surveillance
$450 (10TB) and $350 (8TB)
2017.11.10 | Press Release
Seagate HAMR Vs. WD MAMR
Laser vs. microwave field
2017.11.10 | In Brief
WD HDD Manufacturing Equipment in Singapore to Be Sold
By GoIndustry DoveBid
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.11.10 | News
Best External HDDs for Mac – PCMagazine
CalDigit Tuff, LaCie 5big Thunderbolt 2 and Western Digital My Book best rated
2017.11.02 | In Brief
Backblaze HDD Stats for 3Q17
Zero failure for 1,240 10TB and 12TB drives recently added
2017.10.31 | Press Release
Addonics Sapphire Cipher II Snap-In External Removable Drive System With Hardware Encryption
$179 with USB 3.1
2017.10.30 | Press Release