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Toshiba Assigned Eight Patents
Disk device, magnetic recording and reading, storage device, controller, hybrid-HDD policy, writing spirals with accurate slope on disk drive media, measurement circuit for microwave assisted magnetic recording, disk device and storing data, storage controller
2017.08.10 | In Brief
SP/Silicon Power Launches Diamond D30 Portable 2.5-Inch USB 3.1 Gen 1 HDD
500GB/1/2TB for D3S Diamond D30, and 2/3/4/5TB for D3L models
2017.08.03 | Press Release
How NAS and Surveillance Drives Differentiates From Desktop HDDs?
By Rainer Kaese, senior manager business development storage products, Toshiba
2017.08.01 | Press Release
Kanguru: TAA Compliant UltraLock External HDD USB 3.0 Series With Physical Write Protect Switch
Starting at around $89 for UltraLock HDD model, $199 for SSD model
2017.07.27 | Press Release
R&D: Pulses of Electrons Manipulate Nanomagnets and Store Information
Scientists use electron pulses to create and manipulate nanoscale magnetic excitations that can store data.
2017.07.24 | Press Release
WD Media Assigned Three Patents
HAMR medium, NiFeX-based seed layer for magnetic recording media, HDD double lubrication layer
2017.07.20 | In Brief
R&D: Thermal Response Time of Media in HAMR
Optimizing thermal properties of heat sink layer is key to reducing variations in transient thermal process resulting from changes in linear speed.
2017.07.17 | Press Release
Storeva/MacWay: DriveDock USB-C pour SATA 2.5/3.5-Inch HDD/SSD French
50€, compatible avec les Mac Thunderbolt 3
2017.07.13 | Press Release
R&D: Dependence of Predicted HAMR Areal Density on Common Optimization Strategies
Optimization of track pitch in absence of track mis-registration increases values to, for case of perfect recording, 5Tb per square inch.
2017.07.12 | Press Release
Best External HDDs to Buy – Business Insider
Western Digital Elements 2TB HDD top pick
2017.07.11 | In Brief
HPE: Goodbye to HDDs
But not yet for all PCs
2017.07.10 | In Brief
Adata Updated External 2.5-Inch HD710 Pro and HD650 HDDs
Up to 4TB and USB 3.1 port
2017.07.07 | Press Release
Western Digital My Passport Ultra 2.5-Inch USB 3.0 External HDD
$80/€120 (1TB), $99.99/€190 (2TB), $130/ €260 (3TB) and $140/€300 (4TB)
2017.07.06 | Press Release
RecoveryLab: Datenrettung von POS Kassen-System in Ludwigshafen erfolgreich abgeschlossen German
Völlig unvermittelt gab die eingebaute Festplatte vom Typ WD3200AAKS ihren Dienst auf.
2017.07.04 | Press Release
L2 Drive Assigned Patent
Active control of read/write head for reduced head-media spacing
2017.06.27 | In Brief
Game Drive for PS4: 2TB External 2.5-Inch USB 3.0 HDD From Seagate
2017.06.23 | Press Release
Seagate: 8TB External 3.5-Inch USB 3.0 HDD for Xbox With USB Hub
2017.06.22 | Press Release
Toshiba 15,000rpm Enterprise 2.5-inch HDD Up to 900GB
12Gb SAS interface
2017.06.16 | Press Release
HDD Makers to Expand in Thailand
Especially Western Digital
2017.06.15 | In Brief
Other HDD Manufacturing Equipments From Seagate in Malaysia for Sale
After closing facilities
2017.06.12 | Press Release
Seagate Game Drive for Xbox Special Edition 2TB-4TB 2.5-Inch HDD
$90 (2TB), $130 (4TB), including one-month (2TB version) or two-month (4TB version) Xbox Game Pass membership.
2017.06.07 | Press Release
HDD Crash at MCC’s Birth/Death Certificates Section
Led to delay in issuance at birth/death certificates.
2017.06.07 | In Brief
Record of 2.4TB by Seagate for 10K 2.5-Inch HDD
15mm, 4 disks, 8 heads, 12Gb SAS, 5-year warranty
2017.06.05 | Press Release
400 Blu-ray Movies Saved on Verbatim 10TB External HDD
2017.05.30 | Press Release
R&D: Measurement of Magnetic Property of FePt Granular Media at Near Curie Temperature
Present methodology will facilitate HAMR media testing.
2017.05.26 | Press Release
R&D: Adaptive Loop Shaping for Wideband Disturbances Attenuation in Precision Information Storage Systems
Evaluation of proposed algorithm performed by experiments on voice-coil-driven flexible positioner system.
2017.05.26 | Press Release
Western Digital Launched 10TB WD Red and Red Pro NAS 3.5-Inch Helium-Based HDDs
$494 for WD Red 10TB NAS, and $533 for WD Red Pro 10TB
2017.05.25 | Press Release
18 NAS HDDs Tested – The
Excellent: Seagate IronWolf 4TB/10TB, Western Digital Red 3TB/6TB/8TB
2017.05.24 | In Brief
R&D: Ultrahigh Index and Low-loss Silicon Rich Nitride Thin Film for NIR HAMR Optics
Thermal optic characterization shows thermal optical coefficient of 2.66 × 10-4 K-1 with stable optical absorption at temperature up to 200°C.
2017.05.24 | Press Release
Six USB External Drives Tested by Trusted Reviews
Winner is Buffalo MiniStation Velocity with SSD.
2017.05.22 | In Brief
DataLocker-Festplatten können via SafeConsole administriert werden German
Zentrale Verwaltung für verschlüsselte Festplatten
2017.05.16 | Press Release
Backblaze Updates Lifetime HDD Failure Rates in 1Q17
Among 17 drives, best result for HGST 4TB HMS5C4040ALE640, worst for WDC 6TB WD30EFRX
2017.05.11 | Press Release
Demartek Evaluates Seagate Enterprise Performance HDDs With Enhanced Cache
Cost effective, high performance alternative to pricey all-flash systems
2017.05.10 | Press Release
NAB: Seagate With Up to 2TB Portable HDD for Mavic Pro Drone
$120, with USB 3.1 Type-C interface
2017.05.02 | Press Release
Toshiba: 8TB Reliable Internal Consumer 3.5-Inch HDD Series for NAS
200MB/s (4TB), 210MB/s (6TB), 240MB/s (8TB), storage for personal, home office and small business use
2017.04.28 | Press Release
Western Digital Began Shipping 12TB Helium HDD
8 disks, 7,200rpm, 12Gb SAS or 6Gb SATA interface, 2.5 million hour MTBF
2017.04.27 | Press Release
diskAshur2 External and Portable Secure HDD/SSD With USB 3.1 by iStorage
PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted portable devics and desktop drives incorporating Enhanced Dual Generating Encryption technology
2017.04.27 | Press Release
NAB: ICS Media MASSter 102 HDD Duplicator From JMR
For on-set and studios needing fast transfer data duplication
2017.04.26 | Press Release
G-Drive USB-C 3.5-Inch External HDD From Western Digital/G-Technology
$450 (10TB), $350 (8TB) and $200 (4TB)
2017.04.21 | Press Release
HDD Manufacturing Equipment From Seagate in Malaysia for Sale
After closing manufacturing facilities
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.04.19 | News
Toshiba 8TB 3.5-Inch MG Series 6Gb SATA HDD Available
For business critical servers and shared storage systems
2017.04.13 | Press Release
Platinum MyDrive mit einer intern verbauten Hitachi 5K500 B-500 mit Head-Crash und Oberflächenschaden German
Datenrettung durch RecoveryLab
2017.04.13 | Press Release
WDC Purple 10TB HDD for Surveillance Applications
2017.04.11 | Press Release
DataLocker senkt Preise für die hardwareverschlüsselten Festplatten der DL3-Produktlinie German
Von 449€ mit 2TB Speicher
2017.04.11 | Press Release
Externe Festplatte WD Scorpio Blue nach Sturz repariert und Daten gerettet German
Von RecoveryLab Magdeburg
2017.04.06 | Press Release
Best External Desktop HDD – engadget
Seagate 4TB Backup Plus Desktop ($160)
2017.03.31 | In Brief
HGST Assigned Eleven Patents
Laminated film-packed HDD for hermetic sealing, read path compensation for SNR and signal transfer, hermetic sealing with high-speed transmission for HDD, HAMR media, anti-reflection waveguide for HAMR recording, suspension, vertically and horizontally weakly coupled perpendicular small grain media, actuator limiters for multiple disk-stack, actuator, producing smooth Ru side gap of damascene writer pole, multi-sensor reader structure having current path with increased size to reduce noise, perpendicular HAMR medium with perovskite oxide intermediate layer
2017.03.27 | In Brief
Toshiba Assigned Eleven Patents
Magnetic disk and method for accessing data sector, and write control, magnetic storage device, storage apparatus, controller, hybrid HDD with improved data retention and limiting dirty data in NAND, R/W control, spiral pitch correction based on micro-jog variation, contact-detecting, manufacturing of HDD, servo writing, head position control
2017.03.24 | In Brief
Curvature to Distribute HDDs in EMEA
SAS drives from 300GB to 4TB "up to 70%" off OEM list pricing
2017.03.23 | Press Release
Drive Duplicator and Eraser by StarTech
$797, for USB flash drives and 2.5/3.5-inch SATA drives
2017.03.23 | Press Release