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Dell: Fiscal 2Q18 Financial Results
Storage orders declined in mid-single digits and similar during last three quarters
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.09.11 | News
HPE: Fiscal 3Q17 Financial Results
Storage finally back to growth: +21% in revenue Q/Q, best percentage since at least 5 years
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.09.08 | News
IBM: Fiscal 2Q17 Financial Results
Second consecutive quarter of storage revenue growth: 8% Y/Y
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.07.20 | News
Dell: Fiscal 1Q18 Financial Results
$3.7 billion in storage, down 33% Q/Q
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.06.09 | News
HPE: Fiscal 2Q17 Financial Results
Lowest storage revenue since more than 4 years even if all-flash sales grew 33%
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.06.02 | News
IBM: Fiscal 1Q17 Financial Results
Storage revenue up Y/Y, for first time since 4FQ11 !
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2017.04.19 | News