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Tehuti Networks and AMCC Demonstrate 10GbE Low Power and Cost Storage Application
With PowerPC 440SPe storage processor and NIC
2008.04.16 | Press Release
EXFO Expands Multi-Service Test Module With FC Suite
At up to 10 Gbs
2008.04.16 | Press Release
ATTO Multipathing Driver for Mac OS X
Demonstrated with integrator SAN Solutions for video applications
2008.04.16 | Press Release
FirmTek Announces SeriTek/SpyderHUB, Notably for MacBook Air
It provides USB and FireWire host connection options plus hardware RAID, eSATA Mac OS boot capability.
2008.04.16 | Press Release
Faster Ramp, Adoption of InfiniBand
According to IDC
2008.04.14 | Press Release
Broadcom Demonstrates 10 Gbps iSCSI
On its HBA, delivering 400,000 I/Os over an Ethernet Port
2008.04.11 | Press Release
Mellanox Announces FCoE Adapter With Hardware Offload
Enabling LAN and FC SAN consolidation over Ethernet
2008.04.11 | Press Release
Brocade With Intel to Deliver FcOE Solutions
For products to be available in early 2009
2008.04.11 | Press Release
Blade Network Technologies Equips Blade Servers for FCoE
The company teaming with Emulex and NetApp
2008.04.11 | Press Release
Chelsio Delivers TOE Supporting Microsoft TCP Chimney
By licensing Alacritech's patents
2008.04.11 | Press Release
PMC-Sierra and Seagate Achieve 6Gb SAS Interoperability
For next SAS-2 HDDs
2008.04.10 | Press Release
Reference Design Kit for the Storage Bridge Bay 2.0 Specification by AMD
With AMD Athlon X2 dual-core processors
2008.04.10 | Press Release
HDS Resells Ciena
For long-distance replication
2008.04.10 | Press Release
QLogic Introduces New Line of Converged Network Adapters
Compatible with Cisco Nexus 5000
2008.04.10 | Press Release
Cisco Unveiled Nexus 5000 Data Center-Class Switch
A product originated from Nuova Systems
2008.04.09 | Press Release
QLogic and NetApp Demonstrate 8Gb FC and FCoE
End-to-End 8Gb FC and 10GbE FCoE
2008.04.09 | Press Release
8Gb FC Target Emulation System by SANBlaze
A device testing configured with 2, 4, 8 or 10 FC ports running at 2, 4 or 8 Gbps
2008.04.07 | Press Release
Exinda Pursues WAN Optimization With its v5.0 Firmware
With 1,000 times more hard disk caching capacity
2008.04.07 | Press Release
Neterion Licenses Alacritech’s Patents
To accelerate TOE adoption in the 10Gb Ethernet market
2008.04.04 | Press Release
Microsoft Supporting Alacritech Accelerator Cards
In Windows Server 2008
2008.04.04 | Press Release
New SANRAD V-Switches
For virtual storage infrastructures, featuring four or eight 4Gb FC ports
2008.04.03 | Press Release
20% to 40% Rebate by IBM on Some Brocade, QLogic, Emulex and Cisco Products
Until June 30, 2008
2008.04.02 | In Brief
Mellanox Delivers 40Gb InfiniBand HCA
With a PCIe Gen2 host bus interface
2008.04.02 | Press Release
Mellanox Supports Citrix
ConnectX EN 10GigE NIC adapters now included with Citrix XenServer 4.1
2008.04.01 | Press Release
Emulex LightPulse 8Gb FC HBAs Supported by Oracle VM
For VM server virtualization software
2008.03.27 | Press Release
ATTO Receives Brocade Certification
For its Celerity FC-42ES FC HBA
2008.03.27 | Press Release
Supermicro Launches Blade and HPC Solutions with 20Gb/s InfiniBand
Based on Mellanox controllers
2008.03.24 | Press Release
Telum 210 SAS AdvancedMC Module From GE Fanuc
Providing onboard SAS HDD with LSI 1064E SAS/SATA 3 Gb/s controller
2008.03.24 | Press Release
NET Collaborates With QLogic
To provide InfiniBand
2008.03.21 | Press Release
BlueArc Chooses Fujitsu 10Gb Ethernet Switch
To power BlueArc Titan series
2008.03.21 | Press Release
QLogic Ships Virtual HBA Technology for Novell SUSE Linux
The two companies collaborate since many years.
2008.03.21 | Press Release
TPC Benchmark for IBM System x 3850 M2 Featuring Emulex FC HBA
With Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008
2008.03.19 | Press Release
EMC Also Chooses Brocade DCX Backbone Director
After HDS, HP, IBM, NetApp and Sun
2008.03.19 | Press Release
Gear6 Launches a New Entry-Level Caching Appliance, the CACHEfx G100
To increase I/O performance and priced at $149,000
2008.03.18 | Press Release
QLogic SANbox 5600Q, a Switch for the Mac
From 8 to 96 ports
2008.03.18 | Press Release
Brocade DCX Backbone to HP Portfolio
At CeBIT, the Brocade DCX director was demonstrated on the booth of IBM and HDS. NetApp and Sun also OEM the product.
2008.03.18 | Press Release
EMC Finally Expands Centera, But Software Only
New CentraStar 4.0 software doubles object capacity.
2008.03.13 | Press Release
WAN Optimization Market up 71% From 2006 to 2007 and Reaching $800 Million Last Year
According to Infonetics Research
2008.03.11 | Press Release
HP Shipping QLogic 8Gb FC Switches and HBAs
They are also now available for the distribution.
2008.03.11 | Press Release
eSATA Port Selector and Port Multiplier by Exar
$5 to $7 per unit in Q1,000
2008.03.10 | Press Release
ATTO Will Have 8Gb FC HBA in May
Announced the company at CeBIT
2008.03.07 | Press Release
LSI to Sample 6Gbs SAS Expanders to OEMs
With 36 ports
2008.03.06 | Press Release
ATTO Supports Windows Server 2008
For FC, SAS, SCSI host adapters and software
2008.03.04 | Press Release
Finisar Demos 850 nm VCSEL for the Emerging 16G FC Standard
And announces over 70 million VCSELs deployed.
2008.02.29 | Press Release
FC HBAs From QLogic Available for Windows Server 2008
For virtualized environments and Hyper-V hypervisor technology
2008.02.29 | Press Release
NetApp to OEM Brocade DCX Director
To complement its FAS3000 series and FAS6000 series
2008.02.28 | Press Release
Emulex FC HBAs Support Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008
Also support for MSI and MSI-X
2008.02.28 | Press Release
Emulex HBAs Integrated With VMWare ESX Server 3i
Available for use with existing 4Gb and more recent 8Gb LPe12000 HBAs
2008.02.27 | Press Release
FCIP Entry-Level SAN Router From Brocade
Enabling cheaper remote disk replication; also available at OEM HDS
2008.02.27 | Press Release
InfiniBand Products From QLogic Validated With IBM DB2 Data Server
Authorizing InfiniBand networking to interconnect with clustered DB2 databases
2008.02.25 | Press Release
FCoE Standard Adopted
By the FCIA T11 Technical Committee
2008.02.15 | Press Release
5×1 eSATA External Port Multiplier by Addonics
For attaching five external eSATA drives to a computer via a single eSATA host port
2008.02.13 | Press Release
8Gb FC HBAs Available From Emulex
Already capturing 13 design wins
2008.02.08 | Press Release
ServerEngines Reveals 10Gb Ethernet and iSCSI SAN Card for HP Blade Servers
Priced at $799
2008.02.05 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Mentor Graphics Updates Serial ATA Host and Device Controllers
Adding support for the commonly used features in the latest SATA specification, Revision 2.6.
2008.02.04 | Press Release
BitBand Increases Network Storage for Greek ON Telecoms
Enabling increased storage space and reduced traffic load in ON’s network
2008.01.30 | Press Release
Integration of the Xsigo VP780 I/O Director With VMware Infrastructure 3
Allowing to manage VMware virtual machines and virtual I/O resources from a single console
2008.01.30 | Press Release
Cisco Delivers a Data Center Switching Platform
Combining Ethernet, IP, and storage capabilities across one unified network fabric
2008.01.29 | Press Release
Expand Networks Delivers WAN Optimization for 3com
On the new 3Com MSR Series Multi-Service Router platform
2008.01.29 | Press Release
Emulex Teams With Cisco and VMware
For a storage networking solution that runs on VMware virtualization infrastructure and incorporates Emulex 4Gbs HBAs), Cisco MDS FC switches and VMware ESX Server 3.5
2008.01.28 | Press Release
Emulex HBA with 8Gb FC and FCoE
The product will be demonstrated at Cisco Networkers Conference.
2008.01.23 | Press Release
Brocade DCX: The Chairman of Directors
An intelligent multi-protocol FC 8Gb director; Cisco will have to react.
2008.01.23 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Silicon Image Upgrades its SATA Controllers
Enhanced controllers support pre-boot port multiplier features and advanced Apple storage features for SATA.
2008.01.07 | Press Release
Emulex HBA Supports HP Integrity Servers
Emulex Corporation announced that its PCI Express I/O Controller-based HBAs from HP are now supported for use with HP Integrity mid-range rx7640 and rx8640 servers and the high-end Integrity Superdome servers to provide Fibre Channel SAN connectivity.
2007.12.22 | Press Release
Intel Pushes FCoE With a Software Initiator for Linux
Intel Corporation has released a software initiator package to drive the development of Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) solutions for the Linux operating system.
2007.12.22 | Press Release
LeCroy Upgrades 6Gbs SAS/SATA Emulators

2007.12.21 | Press Release
8Gb/s SFP Optical Transceivers for FC by Avago

2007.12.20 | Press Release
4Gb HBA From ATTO Qualified for HP EVA

2007.12.19 | Press Release
Speed of FireWire to Quadruple at 3.2Gbs

2007.12.18 | Press Release | [with our comments]
WAN Optimization for VMware by NetEx

2007.12.17 | Press Release
Riverbed and NetApp Show Advanced Data Replication

2007.12.17 | Press Release
QLogic’s FC HBA for OpenSolaris

2007.12.15 | Press Release
QLogic Enables HBA-Level Virtualization From VMware

2007.12.15 | Press Release
QLogic Enables HBA-Level Virtualization

2007.12.12 | Press Release
Emulex HBAs Selected by Sun

2007.12.04 | Press Release
Fujitsu Adopts Emulex FC-to-SATA Bridges

2007.12.04 | Press Release
IOGEAR’s New eSATA PCI-Express Card

2007.12.04 | Press Release
End of Availibility for Brocade’s WAFS Appliances and Software

2007.11.30 | In Brief | [with our comments]