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NVMe Solutions for Professional ODM/OEM Clients From HighPoint
Including NVMe RAID controllers, pre-configured NVMe RAID storage and enclosures
2018.06.19 | Press Release
Broadcom Co-Sponsor for SFF-TA-1005 Universal Backplane Management Spec
With Dell EMC and HPE and 19 other participants to provide common management framework for SAS, SATA and NVMe devices
2018.06.18 | Press Release
Johns Hopkins University Researcher Leads Construction of Large Science Storage Networks at About 200PB
Receiving $1.8 million to build network that could transform how scientists store and access data
2018.06.14 | Press Release
Solo10G PCIe 10GbE Network Connectivity PCIe Card From Sonnet
2018.06.14 | Press Release
Teledyne LeCroy: Summit M5x PCIe Protocol Analyzer/Jammer
Platform to support PCIe 4.0 and next-gen PCIe 5.0 (32GT/s) spec
2018.06.13 | Press Release
Cypress EZ-PD CCG5 Two-Port Controller Qualified for Intel Thunderbolt 3 PCs and Peripherals
Minimizes BOM costs for two USB-C ports by integrating 20V regulators, sideband muxes, USB high-speed muxes, and high-voltage power FET gate drivers
2018.06.12 | Press Release
Smartrac Investment Assigned Patent
Providing and managing information linked to RFID storage media in network
2018.06.12 | In Brief
Buffalo Selected Aquantia
To deliver 10GbE for TeraStation WS5020
2018.06.11 | Press Release
VadaTech NVMe HBA AMC Modules With Dual/Quad M.2 SSDs
Available in air-cooled (MTCA.0 and MTCA.1) and rugged conduction-cooled versions (MTCA.2 or MTCA.3).
2018.06.07 | Press Release
HighPoint SSD7110 Hybrid NVMe RAID/SAS RAID Controller PCIe Card
$799, with three M.2 NVMe ports and four SFF-8643 connectors, can host up to 6TB of NVMe RAID storage, and up to 16 SAS or SATA HDDs, and 224TB of storage.
2018.06.01 | Press Release
Broadcom, NetApp and SUSE: Production Availability of End-to-End NVMe Over FC Solution Enabling Application Performance
Complete solution consisting of Emulex Gen 6 HBAs, Brocade Gen 6 switches, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3, and NetApp's AFF A800, A700, A700s and A300 all-flash arrays running ONTAP 9.4.
2018.05.22 | Press Release
Cavium Assigned Patent
Processing read and write requests
2018.05.22 | In Brief
Bay Microsystems Moves 1PB Across Country in 23 Hours With Penguin Computing
Across 2,800 miles
2018.05.21 | Press Release
HighPoint RocketStor 6661A I/O Adapter Series for Thunderbolt 3 Host Platforms
From $249s to $549
2018.05.17 | Press Release
Atto Shipping ThunderLink 3128 Thunderbolt 3 to 12Gb SAS/SATA Adapter
Interoperability tested with popular media and entertainment applications, HDDs, SSDs and LTO-8 drives
2018.05.16 | Press Release
Bespoke Network Solutions From Servnet
To design, plan, build, support and manage network infrastructure
2018.05.11 | Press Release
Cavium: FC-NVMe Protocol Unified Driver for Servers Running Enterprise Linux From Red Hat and SUSE
Works with QLogic 2690 family of 16Gb FC adapters, and QLogic 2700 family of 32Gb FC adapters.
2018.05.08 | Press Release
Penguin Computing Said to Set World Record for Speed and Access to Geographically Dispersed Data
Combined with FrostByte software-defined storage, performance computing solution, expert services and support
2018.05.08 | Press Release
Microsemi: Interoperability Validation Between Switchtec PAX Advanced Fabric Gen3 PCIe Switch and Samsung PM1725a Virtualization (SR-IOV) Drive
Enabling development of SR-IOV-capable NVMe SSDs with advanced fabric switch
2018.05.02 | Press Release
Cisco SAN Offerings Address Demands for Speed, Visibility and Simplicity
With MDS 32Gb FC fixed switches 48-port MDS 9148T and 96-port MDS 9396T
2018.05.01 | Press Release
Thunderbolt 3 DockingStation Icy Box IB-DK2501-TB3 by RaidSonic
€299, 1 Thunderbolt 3, 5 USB 3.0, 1GbE, 1 HDMI, 1 SD 3.0, and 1 headphone and microphone ports
2018.04.30 | Press Release
Broadcom: FC With NVMe Storage and SAN Automation Technology
With Brocade G630 switch and FC32-64 port blade for Brocade X6 director
2018.04.19 | Press Release
Qnap: 12-Port QSW-1208-8C and 8-Port QSW-804-4C 10GbE/NBASE-T Unmanaged Switches
For helping home and small businesss upgrade networks with 10GbE speed
2018.04.06 | Press Release
Nallatech: 250 Series Acelerated Storage Solutions
Featuring Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGA and MPSoC technology
2018.03.30 | Press Release
Mellanox Simplified Hybrid Cloud Connectivity
Between enterprises and Microsoft Azure
2018.03.29 | Press Release
OCP Summit: Cavium Collaborating With Microsemi and Marvell for Compute, Networking and I/O for JBOF/FBOF Solutions
Demonstrating reference architecture for accelerating and scaling out NVMe-oF
2018.03.29 | Press Release
Areca ARC-1884ixl 12Gb/s PCIe 3.0 SAS RAID Adapters
Featured with 8/12 internal + 4 external 12Gb SAS ports in low-profile form factor
2018.03.27 | Press Release
Microsemi: Adaptec Smart Storage Compatibility With AMD EPYC Processor
Interoperability between 12Gbp/s SAS/SATA HBAs and redundant array of independent disk (RAID) adapters Adaptec HBA 1100, SmartHBA 2100, and SmartRAID 3100, and AMD 's EPYC processor series.
2018.03.26 | Press Release
Open Compute Project: Microsemi Enhancement for Switchtec PCIe Switch for Fabric Connectivity and Composability of Multi-Host GPU and NVMe SSD Systems
Provides performance fabric connectivity and composability for multi-host graphics processing unit and NVMe SSD systems.
2018.03.23 | Press Release
SuperMicro 25GbE Networking for Server and Storage Systems
Selection of network interface card and top-of-rack switch solutions
2018.03.16 | Press Release
Qnap QXG-10G1T 5-Speed PCIe 10GBASE-T NIC for NAS or PC
Equipped with Aquantia's AQtion AQC107 NIC that supports 10/5/2.5/1G/ps and 100Mb/s speeds
2018.03.08 | Press Release
Universal Flash Storage IP Solution Compliant With JEDEC UFS v3.0 Standard by Synopsys
DesignWare UFS IP solution consists of UFS controller v3.0, MIPI UniPro controller v1.8, silicon-proven MIPI M-PHY v4.1, verification IP and IP prototyping kit.
2018.03.06 | Press Release
Raidon 5.25-Inches iT4300-U6 Internal JBOD Module For Four 2.5-Inches HDD/SSD
Using SFF-8643 12Gb SAS connector
2018.03.02 | Press Release
illumos Support for Atto 16Gb and 32Gb Celerity HBAs
Open community project to develop reliable and scalable OS
2018.03.01 | Press Release
Expanded Connectivity for IBM SAN Volume Controller, FlashSystem V9000 and Storwize
Two 25GbE iSCSI adapter cards with iWarp RDMA or RoCE protocol support
2018.02.28 | Press Release
Combined Cable and Device Integrators’ List by InfiniBand Trade Association
As well as RDMA over Converged Ethernet interoperability list
2018.02.27 | Press Release
Sonnet Technologies Shows Thunderbolt 3 and PCIe Solutions
With Holdan, at BVE 2018 show
2018.02.12 | Press Release
Amfeltec AngelShark Internal M.2 PCIe SSD Carrier Card
For Apple Mac Pro
2018.02.06 | Press Release
Cavium FastLinQ 10/25GbE Ethernet NICs Power Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions
Meets challenging networking demands of HPE SimpliVity, Windows Storage Spaces Direct and VMware vSAN while delivering predictable performance and scalability.
2018.02.02 | Press Release
Big Switch Networks: Big Cloud Fabric SDN-Based Data Center Network Switching Fabric
Supports hyperconverged solutions, including VMware vSAN, Dell EMC ScaleIO and Nutanix.
2018.01.30 | Press Release
Cisco MDS 9132T 32G Fabric Switch for IBM Storage Networking
Provides high-speed FC connectivity from server rack to SAN core.
2018.01.30 | Press Release
Eidetic Communications Collaborate With Broadcom on NVMe-oF With TCP/IP Transport Solutions
Using NoLoad NVMe accelerator to be accessed and shared across network using standard TCP/IP transport protocols and BCM58800 NetXtreme S-Series storage target SoC
2018.01.26 | Press Release
Microsemi Storage Solutions Assigned Patent
SAS open address frame processing in SAS expanders
2018.01.22 | In Brief
Mellanox Ceased 1,550nm Silicon Photonics Development Activities
Reduction in force of 100 people
2018.01.16 | Press Release
Mellanox Shipping BlueField SoC Platforms and SmartNIC Adapters
BlueField NVMe-over-Fabrics demonstrating 7.5 million IO/s during initial testing
2018.01.10 | Press Release
Microsemi and American Megatrends Collaborating
Enabling NVMe-oF storage solutions based on Intel RSD
2017.12.28 | Press Release
Node Pro Professional PCIe Thunderbolt 3 Box by Akitio
$360, one PCIe (x16) slot, four lane PCIe 3.0 compliant interface, 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports and o1ne DisplayPort
2017.12.22 | Press Release
Apposite 100Gb/s Network Emulator
To validate storage migration to cloud
2017.12.19 | Press Release
Accusys Storage Assigned Patent
Transmitting data
2017.12.14 | In Brief
IOI Technology Assigned Patent
Storage module installed with multiple M.2 SSDs
2017.12.04 | In Brief