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Westell Launches Homecloud (Introductory Price: $180)
Enables backup and sharing of content across devices using Windows, Mac OS and iOS.
2012.09.21 | Press Release
KineticD Certified for Windows Server 2012
With KineticCloud Backup for Servers
2012.09.20 | Press Release
Wuala Secure Cloud Storage Leaves Beta Phase
With sync, and business version (€389/year for 100GB and 5 users)
2012.09.19 | Press Release
Nasuni Introducing Mobile Access to Enterprise Storage
From Apple and Android devices
2012.09.19 | Press Release
VaultLogix Launches Online Backup for SMBs
Advantage Private Cloud
2012.09.19 | Press Release
Personal Adds Secure Files and Notes to Data Vault
For safer cloud, mobile storage and sharing
2012.09.19 | Press Release
Acronis Invests in Cloud Backup and Mobile Working for Enterprises [Updated]
Adding more recently GroupLogic
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2012.09.18 | News
Zadara Virtual Private Array Features NAS
In cloud storage
2012.09.18 | Press Release
Symform Online Backup at $0.15/GB/Mo.
Or unlimited for free if user contributes local drive space to network
2012.09.17 | Press Release
AIS Phoenix DR Vault Starts at $299/Mo
For accelerating implementation of DR plans in Phoenix data denter
2012.09.17 | Press Release
CX Bringing Out bizcloud, Cloud Storage for SMBs
$450/mo. for 1TB and for 30 users
2012.09.14 | Press Release
Datrix Cloud Backup Services Powered by Asigra in UK
Replacing Dell AppAssure and Vembu
2012.09.14 | Press Release
IDriveSync Introduces Back to School Promotion
Free 10GB account
2012.09.14 | Press Release
New EMC Secure Cloud On-Boarding Solution
Combines Intel Trusted Execution Technology, RSA Archer and VPLEX.
2012.09.13 | Press Release
Attunity Expands CloudBeam Data Replication SaaS Solution
For Amazon S3
2012.09.13 | Press Release
Pogoplug Cloud Storage Services With Amazon Glacier
Starting at $19 for 5 users and 1TB of offsite cloud storage
2012.09.13 | Press Release
Beta of Latest ownCloud Community Edition
Faster, enhanced control options for sync and share
2012.09.13 | Press Release
Novosoft Updates Handy Backup
Supporting Amazon Glacier
2012.09.13 | Press Release
StorSimple Cloud-Integrated Storage Achieves Up to 5x De-Dupe
Reducing costs "by 60%"
2012.09.13 | Press Release
Dropbox Integration Into Samsung Galaxy Note II And Camera
Automatic sync for photos and videos
2012.09.13 | Press Release
DreamHost Launching DreamObjects Cloud Storage Service ($0.07/Mo./GB)
Object storage accessible via API or third-party apps
2012.09.12 | Press Release
ownCloud Teams With Standing Cloud
Cloud-based file sync and share on public cloud providers ($129/mo. for 50 users)
2012.09.11 | Press Release
Amazon Launched Cloud Storage Service in UK
But "they don't take into account additional needs of businesses," Qubic said.
2012.09.11 | Press Release
Subscription Bundles TwinStrata CloudArray and Google Cloud Storage
Starts at $0.19/GB/mo. including appliance and cloud storage.
2012.09.07 | Press Release
ClearDATA Provides Cloud-Based Archiving of Medical Images
Based on HP servers and storage
2012.09.07 | Press Release
New MagnaStor Website For File Archival System Product
Online backup as alternative to ... magneto-optical drive
2012.09.07 | Press Release
Netwise Launches Online Backup Service
To cater for working business environments requiring multiple workstations and servers
2012.09.07 | Press Release
Japan’s Vision Inc. Released Online Storage Application
For Android
2012.09.06 | Press Release
SpiderOak Rolls Out Blue Private Cloud
Maintaining physical control and ownership of data in cloud for enterprise
2012.09.06 | Press Release
Mozy Mobile App 1.4
With new security features
2012.09.05 | Press Release
Avaya to Accelerate Collaborative Cloud
With solutions featuring EMC arrays and VMware
2012.09.04 | Press Release
Cloud Migrator Service From CloudBerry Lab
Transfers files between Amazon S3, Azure and Rackspace accounts.
2012.08.30 | Press Release
New Online Backup Service: Mowbie in UK
Pro Suite at $99/year
2012.08.30 | Press Release
Dane-Elec Assigned Patent
On NoLimit technology to backup files
2012.08.30 | Press Release
Quantum Rolls Out Cloud Backup and DR Subscription Service
Q-Cloud at one cent per GB de-duped per month
2012.08.28 | Press Release
Bitcasa Adding Google Chrome Support
Plug-in using patent-pending de-dupe
2012.08.23 | Press Release
TLT Communication Launches Backup and Telephony Solutions
Geotell home, SME and cloud services
2012.08.23 | Press Release
Amazon Glacier, Archive Storage Solution by AWS
$0.12/GB for data transfer out up to 10TB/mo.
2012.08.22 | Press Release
Vaultize Combines Endpoint and Google Apps Backup
For enterprise and business customers
2012.08.22 | Press Release Launching Online Backup in Ireland With Free Trial
It has 40,000 Irish customers.
2012.08.22 | Press Release
Backupify Launching Migrator for Google Apps
Able to transfer data between accounts
2012.08.21 | Press Release
Soteria Online Backup Adding Three Services in South Africa
Sign-up guide, payment by debit order, new program for resellers
2012.08.21 | Press Release
Probox, UK Enterprise Online File Storage Service by Proact
With 20GB per employee
2012.08.17 | Press Release
Afore: CloudLink 2.0 with Secure Virtual Storage Appliance
Active storage encryption solution for Amazon VPC, VMware vCloud director and CA AppLogic
2012.08.15 | Press Release
Databarracks Supports Doyenz Online Backup Customers
After discontinuation of UK rCloud service
2012.08.15 | Press Release
TwinStrata CloudArray Available as In-Cloud Gateway
To support progressive organizations with cloud-based infrastructures
2012.08.14 | Press Release
VirtualDCS Offers 10% Off on DR Services
Inclusive of CloudCover service
2012.08.14 | Press Release
GFI Software Debuts MAX MailArchive
Archives email to geographically distributed data centers.
2012.08.10 | Press Release
Strategic Thinking Profile of Geminare myVault Email Archive
By THINKstrategies
2012.08.10 | Press Release
Storage Strategies NOW Reports on
Use of the WebDAV protocol is distinct advantage.
2012.08.08 | Press Release
Australia’s Cloud Bucks Launching Automatic Online Backup Technology
2012.08.07 | Press Release
NitroBackup Offers Unlimited Online Backup Storage at $12/Year
For sign-ups during Olympics Games
2012.08.02 | Press Release
Protect and Access Data While on Vacation With Carbonite Business
Starting a $229/year for 250GB
2012.08.01 | Press Release
KineticD to Certify SMB Cloud Backup Portfolio
For Windows 8
2012.08.01 | Press Release
BayArea Systems to Provide Online Backup Service
Starting August 1, 2012
2012.07.30 | Press Release
Futur Telecom lançe Futur Office 2.0 French
Une offre cloud pour TPE/PME
2012.07.27 | Press Release
PRA pour TPE-PME chez Easy Service Informatique French
A l'aide de ShadowProtect de StorageCraft
2012.07.27 | Press Release
Pro Softnet Redesigned IDriveSync to Beat Google Drive
Facebook integration, visual sharing and new pricing
2012.07.26 | Press Release
Perimeter E-Security Introducing Archive Anywhere
Cloud-based service to access archived email on Internet
2012.07.23 | Press Release
Wuala se lance dans le stockage cloud pour entreprise French
Le pack pour 100Go et 5 utilisateurs coûte 389€.
2012.07.23 | Press Release
Global Cloud Platform/S5 by Fujitsu Also Available From Western Japan
And introduction of Backup Construction/Operation support
2012.07.20 | Press Release
Arkivum Launches Click Try Buy
Free 30-day trial of cloud archiving solution
2012.07.18 | Press Release
Geminare myVault Email Archive Azure
Powered by Microsoft Windows Azure
2012.07.18 | Press Release
SICL Protects Client Data With Cloud Backup
Powered By Asigra
2012.07.12 | Press Release
On-Demand Cloud Service From UK MSP ControlCircle
Using NetApp, VMware, Citrix and Brocade
2012.07.11 | Press Release
Varsity Cloud Offering Cloud Backup Plans
For personal use and small business, up to £2,000/year for 10TB
2012.07.06 | Press Release Launching Online Backup Service
Pro plan: 1TB at £7.50/month
2012.07.06 | Press Release
One Safe Place Media Offers Payment Card Industry Compliant Backup
Firm originally in offsite tape storage
2012.07.06 | Press Release
Latest ownCloud 2012 Business and Enterprise Editions
Enabling integration with existing enterprise environments
2012.07.05 | Press Release
Document Collaboration, Sharing and Cloud Storage With Docuter
25GB for free, from Accusoft
2012.07.05 | Press Release
Vaultize Private Cloud Deployment Option Powered by OpenStack
For enterprises
2012.07.04 | Press Release
Estimated Cloud Storage Costs With CloudBerry Backup V2.9
For backuping on S3, Azure and Google Storage
2012.07.03 | Press Release
KineticD Delivers Online Backup With Windows Certified Open File Driver
For SMBs, ISVs and service providers
2012.07.03 | Press Release
OnApp Storage Beta Tested
By 340 cloud providers and enterprises
2012.06.29 | Press Release
TeamDrive Delivers iOS and Android Apps
To sync and store confidential data, 2GB for free
2012.06.29 | Press Release
Memup lance un stockage en ligne pour le grand public French
MemupCloud, "powered by YuuWaa"
2012.06.26 | Press Release
Another Online Backup Service: in UK
Unlimited space at £150/year for 20 PCs
2012.06.22 | Press Release
BackupAgent Offers Free Online Backup
For first 500 LAMP developers who register
2012.06.22 | Press Release
Cloud Operator Interoute Adding Virtual Data Centre DR Service
Includes free data transit between company's VDC zones.
2012.06.21 | Press Release
AltDrive Expands Secure Online Backup Service
To home users and businesses
2012.06.21 | Press Release
eFolder Public Cloud Service for Backup and DR Services
With Dell AppAssure software, for MSPs
2012.06.21 | Press Release
StorageCraft Will Offer Cloud Services Later This Year
Offsite backup and failover in the cloud
2012.06.21 | Press Release
Alliance Between and
To expand site to help consumers find best cloud storage solutions
2012.06.21 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Dell Expands Cloud With VMware vCloud Datacenter Services
Into Canada and Europe
2012.06.20 | Press Release
Hondo Software Founder Launches Email-Based File Backup Service
2012.06.20 | Press Release
Amazon S3 Reached One Trillion Objects
2012.06.19 | Press Release
Cloud privé de sauvegarde chez Beemo French
86% de marge pour 100 clients pour les revendeurs
2012.06.18 | Press Release
Norway’s Norman Announces Security-as-a-Service Solution
Cloud-based secure email, Web surfing and backup
2012.06.15 | Press Release
Datalink Expands Services With Managed Backup
For Symantec NetBackup environments
2012.06.15 | Press Release
Start-Up Ziptr: Secure Messaging, File Backup, Sync and Sharing
For financial and accounting professionals
2012.06.14 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Online Storage Company Adding Cloud Backup Solution
Aimed at VARs
2012.06.14 | Press Release
European Launch of Mozy Data Shuttle
For initial backup, £175 for 1.8TB
2012.06.13 | Press Release
Ikoula lance une offre de stockage en ligne French
Baptisée iKeepinCloud, €24.50ht/mois pour 100Go
2012.06.12 | Press Release
Doppelte Datensicherung per Online-Backup German
"Wie gut sind die Unternehmenswerte geschützt?" Eine Frage der CEMA
2012.06.12 | Press Release
50GB of Online Storage for $1 for Good Cause
Offering by on July 14
2012.06.08 | Press Release
CloudAlly Unleashes Online Daily Backup for Amazon DynamoDB NoSQL
To unlimited S3 secure storage, $17/mo. for each 1GB
2012.06.07 | Press Release
Swedish CloudMe Said to Go Into Competition with Dropbox
100GB at $150/year
2012.06.06 | Press Release
Box Unveils Content Management Tools
Centralizing view of operations, and enterprise licensing agreement
2012.06.04 | Press Release
Kiwi Backup lance de nouvelles offres de sauvegarde en ligne French
A partir de 0.60€/Go/mois
2012.06.04 | Press Release
Cloud Provider USA Brings Out All-SSD Cloud
On pay-as-you-go platform ($180/mo. for 50GB on SSD)
2012.05.31 | Press Release