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ProphetStor Assigned Patent
Data protection for cloud-based service
2019.01.14 | In Brief
USAA Assigned Patent
For enabling failover support with multiple backup storage structures
2019.01.11 | In Brief
Two Great Cloud Storage Alternatives To Dropbox and Popular Services in Terms Of Security
PCloud and
2018.12.19 | In Brief
Update SaaS Backup Market Offerings
More and more players in fast growing market segment
by Philippe Nicolas | 2018.12.18 | News
Cobalt Iron Assigned Patent
Presenting views of backup environment for organization on sub-organizational basis
2018.12.13 | In Brief
Spatial Digital Systems Assigned Patent
Survivable cloud data storage and transport
2018.11.30 | In Brief
Mobilatv Assigned Patent
Central utilization of remotely generated large media data streams despite network bandwidth limitations
2018.11.29 | In Brief
X Development Assigned Patent
Preventing storage of prohibited data on ad hoc moving data network
2018.11.27 | In Brief
Practical Guide to Choosing Cloud Solution
That aligns with backup and disaster recovery needs
2018.11.16 | In Brief
Prysm Assigned Patent
Confidentiality-based file hosting
2018.10.31 | In Brief
Ctera Networks Assigned Patent
Routing data flows in cloud storage system
2018.10.25 | In Brief
Level 3 Communications Assigned Patent
Data mobility with cloud architecture
2018.10.23 | In Brief
Cheapest Cloud Storage Options in 2018 – expertreviews
Cheaper options from Microsoft, Apple and Google
2018.10.12 | In Brief
Fortinet Assigned Patent
Secure cloud storage distribution and aggregation
2018.10.03 | In Brief
Alcatel Lucent Assigned Patent
Scheduling background synchronization of application data
2018.09.28 | In Brief