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DC Blox Announces Secure Enterprise Cloud Storage
For providing large capacity cloud storage from local provider in Southeast of USA
2018.12.14 | Press Release
Portworx PX-Enterprise 2.0 to Solve Data Portability With Kubernetes for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Enterprises
Updated cloud native storage and data management solution for running stateful containers in production, including PX-Motion and PX-Central
2018.12.14 | Press Release
From Spinbackup: Availability of Office 365 Backup and Recovery Secure Cloud Storage on AWS and Google Cloud Platform With Multiple Storage Locations
$3/user per month with minimum of five licenses if paid annually, and $4/user per month with minimum of 20 licenses
2018.12.13 | Press Release
Cobalt Iron Assigned Patent
Presenting views of backup environment for organization on sub-organizational basis
2018.12.13 | In Brief
Three Reasons to Archive To Cloud
From DR service provider Comport
2018.12.11 | Press Release
HubStor Adds Continuous Backup and Version Control to Software-Based Cloud Storage Platform
Empowering organizations to capture file changes as they happen on network-based file systems and within VMs
2018.12.11 | Press Release
Cirrascale Cloud Services Adding NVMe Hot Tier Storage Offering Powered by WekaIO
Using Matrix file system to accelerate deep learning applications
2018.12.11 | Press Release
NetApp With Data Services and Solutions That Empower Customers to Innovate in Cloud
Offerings include expanded availability of Microsoft Azure NetApp Files preview, expanded availability of Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform and SaaS Backup for Salesforce.
2018.12.10 | Press Release
IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for i
Expands cloud storage options and provides new interfaces.
2018.12.07 | Press Release
AWS: Amazon EFS Infrequent Access Storage Class
Scalable, elastic file system for Linux-based workloads for use with AWS Cloud services and on-premises resources
2018.12.07 | Press Release
AWS DataSync Service to Simplify, Automate, and Accelerate Online Data Transfer
Automate movement of data between on-premises storage and S3 or Elastic File System.
2018.12.07 | Press Release
AvePoint Launches AVA Office 365 Item Restore Bot For End Users
Offered as freemium app in Microsoft Teams Store
2018.12.07 | Press Release
Sungard Unveils Managed Backup-AWS
For enterprises to protect and preserve data in cloud
2018.12.07 | Press Release
IBM Master Data Management on Cloud Managed
Helps retain BC with new DR solution.
2018.12.06 | Press Release
Amazon Object Lock Available in All AWS Regions
Feature that blocks object version deletion during customer-defined retention period ton enforce retention policies as added layer of data protection or for regulatory compliance
2018.12.06 | Press Release
AWS re:Invent: AWS Unveils Eight Storage Services
Including S3 Intelligent-Tiering, S3 Glacier Deep Archive, S3 Batch Operations, FSx for Windows File Server, FSx for Lustre, EFS Infrequent Access, AWS DataSync, and AWS Transfer for SFTP
2018.12.05 | Press Release
AWS S3 Features Simplifying Use of S3 Glacier Storage Class for Archival Workloads in All AWS Regions
Four features to reduce storage costs by making it easier to build archival applications
2018.12.05 | Press Release
Hybrid Cloud With IBM Cloud Private to Accelerate Journey
'As a service' offering delivers managed capacity with dedicated hosted private storage cloud.
2018.12.05 | Press Release
Nutanix Xi IoT Bring Intelligence to Edge
Service enables practice for edge computing: localize compute, data and applications for real-time value
2018.12.04 | Press Release
Nutanix: Availability of Xi Cloud Services for Multicloud Era
Helps companies operate multicloud Apps and eliminate cloud boundaries.
2018.12.03 | Press Release
AWS S3 Intelligent-Tiering, New Amazon S3 Storage Class
To optimize storage costs automatically when data access patterns change
2018.12.03 | Press Release
Amazon EBS Doubles Maximum Performance of Provisioned IOs SSD (io1) Volumes
From 32,000 to 64,000 IO/s and from 500MB/s to 1,000MB/s of throughput per volume when attached to Nitro system EC2 instances
2018.12.03 | Press Release
Pure Storage Cloud Data Services Suite of Cloud Offerings Running on AWS
For delivering unified hybrid cloud, turn data into value with application mobility
2018.11.30 | Press Release
Altaro Office 365 Backup for MSPs
Multi-tenant offering complete with storage infrastructure
2018.11.30 | Press Release
Cloud Daddy: Data Protection V.1.3 for Secure Backup Solution on AWS Marketplace
Incorporates Amazon GuardDuty threat detection capabilities and real-time cost estimation of backup jobs, as well as advanced restore features for instances, volumes and AWS databases.
2018.11.30 | Press Release
Healthcare IT Company Comport Explains Importance of Enterprise Storage Solutions for Hospitals
Why enterprise cloud storage is beneficial?
2018.11.30 | Press Release
Spatial Digital Systems Assigned Patent
Survivable cloud data storage and transport
2018.11.30 | In Brief
FileShadow macOS Desktop App for Archiving Local Files to Cloud File Assurance Service
Free of charge for up to 100GB, $15/month for 1TB with additional terabyte for $10/month
2018.11.29 | Press Release
Mobilatv Assigned Patent
Central utilization of remotely generated large media data streams despite network bandwidth limitations
2018.11.29 | In Brief
HPE Pointnext Introduced Operational Capabilities to Datacenter Care Services
Helps businesses run their IT operations by optimizing day-to-day tasks, integrating technology management and streamlining to more agile cloud-like model.
2018.11.27 | Press Release
X Development Assigned Patent
Preventing storage of prohibited data on ad hoc moving data network
2018.11.27 | In Brief
HPE InfoSight Cloud-Based AI Management Tool for ProLiant, Synergy and Apollo Systems
Select predictive analytics and recommendation capabilities to servers, enabling smarter, self-monitoring infrastructure
2018.11.26 | Press Release
Infinidat Neutrix Cloud 2.0 Improving Enterprise Cloud Storage
Adds cross-regional data replication, new interfaces and additional multicloud integrations.
2018.11.20 | Press Release
Rubrik Andes V5.0 Cloud Data Management Platform
Enabling enterprise to protect, automate, and govern mission-critical applications and data across hybrid clouds
2018.11.20 | Press Release
Rubrik: Accelerator for Microsoft Azure
Enterprise single solution to protect and manage data from on-premises to Microsoft Azure
2018.11.20 | Press Release
Cobalt Iron Adds VTL Feature to Platform of Adaptive Data Protection Accelerators
Priced in storage-capacity tiers based on maximum daily ingest of data
2018.11.20 | Press Release
Google Transfer Appliance in EU for Cloud Data Migration
Available in beta in EU in 100TB configuration with total usable capacity of 200TB
2018.11.19 | Press Release
Altaro Software WAN-Optimized Replication in VM Backup V8
Hyper-V and VMware backup solution enables continuous replication, and allowing businesses to be backup and running in minimal time should disaster strike.
2018.11.19 | Press Release
SkyFoundry: Automated Database Replication for SkySpark Everywhere Analytics-at-the-Edge
Automatically replicated to central server or cloud platform for backup and HA data access
2018.11.19 | Press Release
Practical Guide to Choosing Cloud Solution
That aligns with backup and disaster recovery needs
2018.11.16 | In Brief
Windstream: Always-On Wireless Internet Backup Solution for Kinetic Business Internet Customers
Delivers SLA-backed 99.999% internet uptime guarantee for $40/month.
2018.11.15 | Press Release
Green Cloud: Managed Backup for Microsoft Office 365
Powered by Veeam software
2018.11.15 | Press Release
Spinbackup Beta Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Microsoft Office 365
To secure cloud storage on AWS and GCP with multiple storage locations to comply with local regulations and GDPR
2018.11.15 | Press Release
ZeroStack: Storage Controls on Cloud Platform
Controls rein in storage hogs, protects shared resources.
2018.11.14 | Press Release
CloudAlly Introducing Backup Solution for Dropbox Business
In addition of Office 365, G Suite, and Salesforce
2018.11.12 | Press Release
Druva Cloud Platform on AWS Snowball Edge
Allows petabyte-scale workload mobility to cloud.
2018.11.06 | Press Release
NetApp Updates to Trident Automated Provisioner Solving Persistent Storage Challenge for Containers
Self-service resources for improved infrastructure utilization and flexibility, faster development cycles with advanced data services - spend more time developing and less time managing services
2018.11.02 | Press Release
Cloud Backup Service Provider Comport Keeps Business Running Efficiently and Secure
Chimes in on benefits of working with DR service provider.
2018.11.02 | Press Release
Rackspace Managed DR-as-a-Service for Zerto
DRaaS for on-premises, colocation and multi-cloud environments
2018.11.01 | Press Release
NetApp Vision to Support Every Cloud, Everywhere
Applications across hybrid cloud and multicloud environments, including Cloud Insights, Azure NetApp Files, Cloud Volumes Service, Cloud Volumes Ontap, HCI, SaaS Backup for Office 365 and Data Availability Services
2018.10.31 | Press Release
Prysm Assigned Patent
Confidentiality-based file hosting
2018.10.31 | In Brief
NetApp Insight: Talon FAST for Cloud Volumes NetApp Ontap
With global access to centralized, resilient, secure Cloud Volumes ONTAP storage repositories regardless of user geography or location, and without need for distributed file servers, replication or synchronization
2018.10.29 | Press Release
Desktop App to Enhance FileShadow Cloud File Assurance Service
App aggregates files stored in Apple iCloud files, and local and DAS, including Drobo direct attached appliances.
2018.10.26 | Press Release
Ctera Networks Assigned Patent
Routing data flows in cloud storage system
2018.10.25 | In Brief
Level 3 Communications Assigned Patent
Data mobility with cloud architecture
2018.10.23 | In Brief
Huawei Connect: Huawei Update Next-Gen Business-Critical Cloud Storage FusionStorage
Accelerating cloud transformation of critical business
2018.10.22 | Press Release
Exoscale ermöglicht S3-kompatiblen Object-Storage-Service German
In Österreich
2018.10.22 | Press Release
Ten Benefits of Scale-Out Infrastructure for Secondary Storage – Commvault
By 2020, 92% of workloads processed by cloud data centers
2018.10.19 | Press Release
SIS Launches Six Cloud Solutions Delivering Protection Vs. Network Threats Such as Ransomware
TruResiliency automated DR services, TruBackup data protection solutions, TruCompute self-service VMs, TruNetwork advanced network and security solutions, TruStorage, TruManage managed services
2018.10.19 | Press Release
Huawei Connect: Huawei Unveils FusionCloud 6.5 Full-Stack Private Cloud Solution
And introduced new-gen mission-critical cloud storage FusionStorage.
2018.10.19 | Press Release
CloudEndure DR Available as SaaS Solution
In Microsoft Azure Marketplace
2018.10.19 | Press Release
Commvault GO: Commvault Backup and Recovery as-a-Service Portfolio
Includes 3 cloud-based services: Complete B&RaaS, for VMs and for native cloud applications.
2018.10.17 | Press Release
Komprise Available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace
With streamlined deployment and management
2018.10.16 | Press Release
Google Cloud Storage Updates
Dual-regional option for replication, nearline and coldline data geo-redundant in multi-regional locations
2018.10.15 | Press Release
Cheapest Cloud Storage Options in 2018 – expertreviews
Cheaper options from Microsoft, Apple and Google
2018.10.12 | In Brief
Cloud Daddy: Data Protection Update for Secure Backup Solution for AWS
Extends functionality further in backup/restore/DR and security.
2018.10.11 | Press Release
Microsoft Ignite: Cohesity Unveils Integration With Office 365 and Support for Azure Data Box
To deploy multiple secondary apps and data on hybrid cloud architecture
2018.10.05 | Press Release
OwnBackup Archiver and Fall ’18 Release
With OwnBackup ICE powered by Blockchain
2018.10.05 | Press Release
ALSO Enhances Backup Offer by Partnering With Dropsuite to Add Office 365 Backup to Cloud Marketplace
Dropsuite's European data centers allow customers to store Office 365 backup and archived data locally for performance, legal or preference reasons.
2018.10.05 | Press Release
Cygate Offers Customers Swedish Cloud Services for Secure Storage of Files Through Storegate
For storing, sharing, accessing and collaborating with files
2018.10.05 | Press Release
AWS Amazon EC2 High Memory Instances for Large In-Memory Databases
Deliver 6, 9, and 12TB of memory, with 18 and 24TB instances in 2019.
2018.10.04 | Press Release
Archive360: Archive2Azure Supporting Azure Data Box
To transfer large data volumes to Azure with no impact on bandwidth or network resources
2018.10.04 | Press Release
Continuum: Cloud Capabilities Across IT Management Platform
Expands cloud capabilities in remote monitoring, backup and security with Azure monitoring and backup capabilities.
2018.10.03 | Press Release
Expedient Enterprise Cloud With Full VMware Stack of Products
Including VMware vCloud Director, VMware NSX, VMware vSAN, and the VMware vRealize Suite, provides single ecosystem that simplifies management, monitoring and support of cloud environments.
2018.10.03 | Press Release
Fortinet Assigned Patent
Secure cloud storage distribution and aggregation
2018.10.03 | In Brief
BackupAssist 365 Software Cloud-to-Local Solution
Beginning at $1/user/month
2018.09.28 | Press Release
Alcatel Lucent Assigned Patent
Scheduling background synchronization of application data
2018.09.28 | In Brief
Thomson Digidisk French
Pour la sauvegarde des données sur des serveurs français sécurisés avec l'aide d'Oodrive
2018.09.28 | Press Release
Archive360: Archive2Azure With Support of Immutable Storage for Microsoft Azure Blobs
Data management solution for Azure ensures financial service firms can meet storage requirements.
2018.09.27 | Press Release
Insight Adding Cohesity to OneCall Support and Managed Services Offerings
Provides monitoring and problem resolution for hyperconverged secondary storage solution.
2018.09.14 | Press Release
Ctera Networks Assigned Patent
Device for allowing synchronized access to cloud storage based on stub tracking
2018.09.11 | In Brief
VMware Cloud on AWS Expanding to AsiaPac (Sidney) Region
a2z, Audience View, Black Mountain Systems, Ceridian, ConnectWise, GenPro, Kemba Credit Union, ME, and Stagecoach customers
2018.09.06 | Press Release
Razer Assigned Patent
Cloud-based file system surpassing device storage limits
2018.09.03 | In Brief
ClearSky Data: Cloud-Based Backup for VMware Cloud on AWS
Solution delivers unlimited, cost-effective backup and recovery.
2018.08.31 | Press Release
Dropbox Dropping Support For All Linux File Systems
Except unencrypted ext4
2018.08.29 | Press Release
ClearSky Data Assigned Patent
Write back coordination node for cache latency correction
2018.08.29 | In Brief
DigitalGlue: //Deus EX 24-Bay Hybrid NVMe SSD and HDD Storage Addition to Platform
Starting monthly rate at $1,995 for 200TB HDD and 4.8TB SSD
2018.08.24 | Press Release
Cohesity Achieved AWS Storage Competency Status
For integrated storage solutions (backup and recovery, archive, and DR)
2018.08.23 | Press Release
Zettaset Assigned Patent
Cloud storage encryption
2018.08.23 | In Brief
DBSync: Cloud Copy Data Management for Salesforce
Empowering developers and admins to support ability to perform full Salesforce snapshot data creation for testing or data migration, backup and recovery.
2018.08.17 | Press Release
BridgeHead Software Available on G-Cloud 10
UK government's public sector cloud procurement framework
2018.08.14 | Press Release
Security First Corp. Assigned Patent
Gateway for cloud-based secure storage
2018.08.14 | In Brief
Amazon Elastic Container Service Integrated With Portworx PX-Enterprise
Expanding container data management options
2018.08.13 | Press Release
Zeepin GalaBox G1 Crowdfunding on Way
Own mining machine for distributed encryption storage
2018.08.10 | Press Release
FMS: ScaleFlux Launches CSS 1000 Solution Through Packet Bare Metal Cloud
To provide computational storage in cloud
2018.08.08 | Press Release
Dropbox Adds 1TB to Professional and Business Standard Subscriptions
For cloud storage
2018.08.07 | Press Release
GalaCloud Distributed Encryption Storage Network
By Zeepin
2018.08.07 | Press Release
Sharing Economy Storage Platform Debuts With Blockchain Technology From XnBay
With devoting to IPFS decentralized storage platform development as well as Blockchain 3.0 technology, it will deploy transparent economic incentive crypto token reward program and target to consolidate tens of thousands people to strengthen Taiwan's first sharing economy storage platform.
2018.08.03 | Press Release
al+ stack Distributed Personal Storage Platform From Japanese alt. Inc.
Capable of securely and perpetually saving personal data
2018.08.02 | Press Release
Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition Available on Google Cloud Platform
To drive enterprise-grade backup and protection
2018.08.02 | Press Release