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Dell Return to Public Market
Shares starting at $46, valuation of $16 billion
2018.12.31 | In Brief
Forget Western Digital: Seagate Better Storage Stock
Tumbling memory prices will hurt former more than latter.
2018.12.27 | In Brief
Capital World Investors Sold 10,627,544 Shares of Western Digital
Owned 0.69% of storage company worth $117,080,000.
2018.12.26 | In Brief
Why You Don’t Want To Buy Western Digital?
While leader in HDD, doesn't have similar market share in terms of SSD.
2018.12.25 | In Brief
Swiss National Bank Has $6.68 Million Stake in Pure Storage
Owned 0.11% of AFA company worth $6,682,000.
2018.12.03 | In Brief
Company’s Profile: Silicon Motion Technology
In NAND flash controllers for SSDs and other solid-state storage devices
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2018.11.27 | News
HPE Launches Dedicated North America Storage Business
With 550 employees, hoping to grow business at 25% in current fiscal year
2018.11.22 | In Brief
Seagate: Late to Party on SSD?
Stock trading at only $42 per share
2018.11.15 | In Brief
Cnex Labs Accuses Huawei of Trying to Steal Semiconductor Technology
Lawsuits centered on solid-state disk storage technology found in thumb drives, smartphone or sleeker laptops
2018.10.22 | In Brief
Company Profile: Macronix
Taiwanese manufacturer of NOR, NAND Flash and ROM products
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2018.09.18 | News
Samsung, SK Hynix to Defer Expansion Plans
As slowdown in demand dragging down DRAM and NAND flash memory prices through 1H19
2018.09.07 | In Brief
Twin Capital Management Increased Stake in Shares of Western Digital by 3.1%
Having now $6 million position in storage company
2018.09.07 | In Brief
Seagate, Western Digital Shares Plunge
Due to pricing pressure
2018.09.06 | In Brief
ValueAct Buys $50 Million in Seagate Stock
Being fourth-largest holder
2018.08.03 | In Brief
Western Digital to Close Factory in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, by End of 2019
After over 20 years in operation
2018.07.19 | In Brief
Company’s Profile: SANS Digital Technology
Offering scale-out storage solution Scala Storage with proprietary file system and software suite
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2018.07.16 | News
Computer Storage Devices Stock Outlook
Witnessing exponential rise
2018.07.04 | In Brief
Dell About to Go Public Again?
Planning to announce acquisition of publicly traded tracking stock that mirrors performance of VMware
2018.07.02 | In Brief