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Ctera Networks Assigned Patent

Direct object to file mapping in global filesystem

Ctera Networks Ltd., Petah Tikvah, Israel, has been assigned a patent (12007952) developed by Brand; Aron, Hod Hasharon, Israel, and Goldstein; Amir, Tel-Aviv, Israel, for system and method for direct object to file mapping in a global filesystem.

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: “A method for storing a file in cloud storage service (CSS) having a blocks index indexing blocks each having a unique block identifier, the entries thereof indicating for each block identifier a location of the block within an object storage system (OSS), the method comprising: the CSS transmitting a list of block identifiers indicating respective blocks that are not in the blocks index but which are indicated by a received file map for the file; adding an entry into the blocks index to indicate a location of uploaded blocks within the OSS for each block of the list and that has been successfully uploaded to the OSS; and when all of the blocks have been successfully uploaded, concatenating all blocks of the received file map in an order specified by the received file map to form a file object corresponding to the file in the OSS.

The patent application was filed on 2021-12-14 (17/644196).